Celebrate the memory of Sam with adventures to newfound places and gatherings with friends.
  • 78 years old
  • Born on May 23, 1936 in Southampton, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on October 13, 2014 in Eagan, Minnesota, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sam Meddaugh, 78, born on May 23, 1936 and passed away on October 13, 2014. We have to say goodbye too suddenly and too early, but will remember the way he touched our hearts forever.

Sam left behind 4 children, Anne (Dean) of Auburn, WA, Scott (deceased), Mark (Janessa) of Hinkley, MN, and Lynne of Seattle, WA.  He left 5 grandchildren, Megan, Ashley, Lauren, Jonathon and Dylan; 1 great grandchild, Hunter; and 2 sisters, Joan of Sacramento, CA and Gail (Don) of Williamsport, PA.  He also had a slew of nieces, nephews and other family members and many friends.  Sam stayed very active for many years with the Northstar Ski Touring Club and the MN Orienteering Club.  Unfortuately a rare heart disorder took his energy away too early.  As his desires for activity remained, his body just couldn't keep up.  He died in his home in Eagan where he lived for 27 years, surrounded by the woods he loved so much.

Please join us for a Celebration of Life gathering with friends and family on Sunday, October 26th at 1PM at Dad's home and Kay's home (next door).  We'll have an outdoor memorial service at 1:30 with an informal sharing of stories followed by a lunch/social.  You are welcome to come anytime after 1:00 and stay for as long as you like.  We'll be gathered til early evening or until the last guest leaves.  

Address: 1740 and 1750 Kyllo Lane, Eagan 55122
What to bring: Lawn chair, a dish or dessert to share (optional) and stories of Sam.  
Parking: On the streets nearby.  Somewhat limited, so consider carpooling.
Dress: Casual 
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Posted by Paul Smith on 13th October 2018
Well Sam, soon it will be Thanksgiving and we will b e toasting, here at Sunrock, our friendship with you and all the good times and memories that you have given us over the many years. Miss you my friend!
Posted by J S on 8th July 2018
I never met Mr. Meddaugh, but there is a bench in his name at moonshine park and many an early morning a great horned owl perches on the back. After reading about the mans love for the outdoors, How absolutely fitting.
Posted by Paul Smith on 14th October 2017
Think of you often Sam and all the good times we had together and your kind and pleasant presence. With our annual Thanksgiving get together coming up soon we will all miss you and will certainly make a toast to you. thanks Sam for your influence on all of us. Paul Smith, October 14th, 2017
Posted by Arne Stefferud on 23rd May 2017
My best memory of Sam was a joint celebrations of our May birthdays on a sea-kayak trip to the Apostle Islands in May 1993. Linda Johnson made and transported her delicious apple pie for our cake all the way to Outer Island. The crust had an "S" for Sam and "A" for me. It was a wonderful trip. May Sam continue to have wonderful trips in the hereafter.
Posted by Jeanne LaBore on 23rd May 2017
Have been missing Sam lately. Hiking, orienteering,.. the memory of him sharing the trails with us will last the rest of my life.
Posted by Lucy Osojnicki on 23rd May 2017
Happy Birthday, Sam. You were missed at the 50th anniversary banquet and so many other North Star events.
Posted by Lucy Osojnicki on 14th October 2016
Sam - I think of you every time there is a North Star gathering. I miss your quiet, kind presence.
Posted by Jeanne LaBore on 13th October 2016
Miss Sam on these fine bright Autumn days, when I expect to come around the bend on the orienteering trail and see him. I know his spirit is there.
Posted by Lucy Osojnicki on 23rd May 2016
Sam - you would be 80 years old today! We miss you and we'll be thinking of you as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NSSTC next year.
Posted by Judy Dickerson on 13th October 2015
Sam is in our thoughts today
Posted by Paul Smith on 23rd May 2015
Sam, Lynn was kind enough to save the birthday card we passed back and forth for so many years. I'll always treasure it. Miss you a great deal as we all do. Thanks for all the good memories!
Posted by Jane Norman on 4th November 2014
What a gentle man Sam was. I was on numerous North Star trips with Sam and enjoyed his company and sense of humor. He will be missed, It is my prayer that he's now pain free enjoying the comforts of a higher place. May you Sam , rest in peace. Jane
Posted by Janet Gabor on 29th October 2014
I knew Sam for a long time and went on many trips. I remember him solving a rope puzzle in less than a minute that my late husband had brought home from the Science Museum. It had stumpted everyone else. At Summerfest, I remember being surprised seeing Sam dancing on Peavy Plaza before the concert. A quiet man who once in a while demonstrated his hidden talents.
Posted by Fran Howley on 27th October 2014
I feel a loss in my life, in the North Stars Ski club and in the Wednesday Wanderers (NSSTC sub group). It was great to catch up on what was happening in Sam's world since I didn't see him as often as I would have liked. My memories are especially strong with kayak adventures. I remember 2 events in particular. When kayaking in Lake Huron, Sam (who is a rock solid paddler) got too close to a waterfall and we all watched with great humor as Sam was flipped over! NO danger, but many laughs resulted. Another time, at the end of a local weekend river kayak venture, I carpooled with Sam. When we got back to the cars after an hour drive, I realized that I was missing a dry bag (containing all my clothes). He patiently drove me back an hour and we couldn't find my bag at the landing. So another hour drive back to my car occurred still with great patience on Sam's part. When loading my kayak on my own car, much to my horror I discovered the bag tucked way back in a corner of the kayak. I was so grateful that Sam dealt with the whole ordeal with a smile, a chuckle and never mentioned it again! I miss your gentle spirit, Sam.
Posted by Audry Nordwall on 26th October 2014
Audry and I spent many times with Sam over the years,skiing in Switzerland..hiking in the north woods after Thanksgiving with Paul Smith's group. Sam and I developed a special greeting over time. When we meet "Oh It's Sam". It became just "Samagain" and his reply to me became "Thorsomemore". We will miss his quiet presence on our hikes but we will remember him. Thor and Audry
Posted by Melanie Nelson on 24th October 2014
Sam and I danced in Barcelona in a dance gazebo when the North Stars tripped to Toulouse, France. We had so much fun exploring the city...Al, Sam and I danced, just walked the city eating pastries and drinking coffee and enjoying the ambiance. Sam was a joy to see at North Star meetings! Always a happy man!
Posted by Colleen Cavell on 22nd October 2014
Sam Meddaugh -- what a gentle man. His stature, his voice, laugh, sense of humor and quiet competence will surely be missed. And he was a good cook! Always brought something homemade to our potlucks. I feel lucky to have known him. We will all miss him.
Posted by Veronica Jaralambides on 22nd October 2014
I feel lucky to have met Sam. I always enjoyed catching up with him at orienteering meets, always greeting everyone with a smile and helping out. I remember one of the last times I saw him at an event, he had just gone to the park to volunteer, even though he wasn't going to run the course himself. I also enjoyed the homemade treats he'd bring for potlucks! You will be missed, but not forgotten, Sam!
Posted by Arne Stefferud on 21st October 2014
Sam's steady and sure hands on a ski pole, canoe or kayak paddle, compass, hiking pole or bicycle handle bar along with his dry sense of humor will be missed. My best memory of Sam is sharing a birthday apple pie made by Linda Johnson. We celebrated our May birthdays on a Memorial Day weekend kayak trip in the Apostle Islands in 1993. We miss your physical presence Sam, but we will always have your spirit with us.
Posted by Darryn Kozak on 21st October 2014
I suppose I met Sam about 1985, when I first joined the Minnesota Orienteering Club. We set courses together once or twice, so I got to spend a little time with him. Most important though was his familiar presence at the club meets. The number of people active in the club that long can be counted on one hand. Seeing him at meets and being able to say hi was a welcome connection across, what is now, three decades. I'll miss seeing him, but will remember him each time I enter the forest.
Posted by Lucy Osojnicki on 20th October 2014
Thank you, Lynn, for creating this loving tribute to your father. I met Sam in 1982 when I joined the North Star Ski Touring Club. I remember biking, skiing, and hiking with Sam over the years. As a matter of fact, I was just planning to tell him that I no longer need his help finding my way at Lebanon Hills now that the trail signage has improved. Guess I should’ve joined the Orienteering Club too. Sam was a quiet, intelligent, kind and patient man and will be sorely missed.
Posted by Jim And Kathi Mullin on 19th October 2014
It was always a good day when we met up with Sam at an orienteering event. Sam and I (Kathi) had a friendly competition on the brown courses. His long legs and orienteering skill most often beat me. I loved discussing the course with him, he was gracious and kind. We will miss him dearly.
Posted by Gwen Daniels on 19th October 2014
I've been touched by Sam's steady and gentle presence at orienteering meets over the years. I too have been crossing paths (literally) with Sam on the brown course in recent years and was always so happy to see a familiar, kind face as I was learning the sport. He will be missed by so many. My sympathies.
Posted by Paul Smith on 18th October 2014
I first met Sam in October of 1982 when he came to Ely for trail clearing with the Sierra Club. He came back at New Years with some North Stars. The next year had him coming back for Thanksgiving here at Sunrock along with fellow North Stars. That annual Thanksgiving tradition has remained right up to now. It's always been good to have him here along with other North Stars. Over the years Sam and I have done several trips together. Countless kayak trips to Lake Superior and then to the Thousand Islands of Lake Huron and up to explore Lake Nipigon. Glen Canyon saw us many times with its awesome high cliffs. A great backpacking trip in the Beartooth mountains in 1986 and then up to see the polar bears at Churchill on Hudson Bay back in 2000 It was always good to have his adventuresome , but gentle spirit with us. Needless to say, Sam will be missed by all who knew him. Keeping his great spirit alive is our legacy. Thanks you Sam for all the great memories!
Posted by Connie Campbell on 18th October 2014
Steve and I remember many great trips with Sam. On the water, in the snow or hiking down a trail. Sam was always happy to be there. He was always fun to be with.
Posted by Jim McWethy on 18th October 2014
Sam was a wonderful, caring, sharing friend, a quiet but very capable leader. He will be missed, and remembered.
Posted by Inez Wick on 17th October 2014
Having known Sam for many years, it's hard to pick just a few special moments. Walking around the village after a full day of skiing with our ski bunch in Leautasch, Austria in the evenings with the white lights and snowy streets; in Kimberly, B.C. with 5 of the NSSTC skiers skiing in waist deep snow, sharing the padded floor of the loft in the small lodge and always getting our blue/ black socks mixed up in the morning as I'd find a sock that was the length of my arm, "Oopps, guess this must be Sam's" and he showed Linda and I how to "Crotch Plow" in the snow to get down the very steep mountains every day- it was a tough trip; and of course all the ski trips to Camp Northland with the ski marches back to the camp an hour after dark. You have a place in many, many of the NSSTC hearts. You were special, Sam.
Posted by J Bohnen on 17th October 2014
I'm enjoying seeing and reading about other parts of Sam's very full life. We knew him as a member and officer in the MN Orienteering Club. Unless he was on one of his other many adventures he was at our events. He was always generous with his time helping with registration, starts, and could for sure be relied on to help at the end of the day with picking up controls. And he kept the finances of our club in order for many years now. Even in the last few months while he was ill, Sam would show up at a business meeting or a meet. He didn't go out on a course for the last few months, but he still came to help out. That is the kind of dependable guy Sam was. I'm sad that Sam's quiet manner and calm presence will no longer grace my orienteering weekends. He will be missed out in the forests and prairies.
Posted by Jeanne LaBore on 17th October 2014
Can't believe Sam is gone. I was delighted to enjoy his company at Orienteering meets and at Northstar ski club gatherings. He was a sweet and generous man. We will miss you, Sam!

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