his Life

Brother, Boyfriend, and Friend... to everyone.

It was a bright, sunny morning in the UK when young Sam O'Neil was born. The entire hospital room in awe of the beautiful baby boy that lie before them. And from the first moment he laid his two feet on god's green earth to the second our Lord took him away from us, he had just that effect on others. Sam was an amazing, talented boy. He could play sports, make good grades, get the ladies, and most of all, be a true honest friend and brother. Never in my life have I been so appreciative to have a friend like Sam.

At first, he was a quiet boy. He did whatever he was told. He was loyal, and everyone knew him as such. A dependable kid that did what he had to do to get ahead in his life. At the same time though, he knew the defintion of a good time. All his friends absolutely adored being able to be around him. Just ask them, a moment with Sam was a moment worth treasuring.

It was a sad August day when Sam was told he had to leave all of that behind and move to a completely new location... New Zealand. But it was okay. Sam had the grit and intregrity to move to a new place and make a name for himself. And that he did. His new friends came to love him just as much as his old ones. It was at this time, Sam found his new passion and goal: Proffesional gaming.

And it was just that one goal that propelled Sam to even greater heights. He became so talented at this that he went onto to win prizes and gain even more attention. The most surprising part though was his humility throughout all of it. Not once did he brag or boast about his abilities, and he always had the most sincere gratitude toward his competitors. If you were ever looking for the sole defition of a good person, it was this young man.

Like all good things though, it had to come to an end. And it was his drive to become the best that led him to this demise. On December 31st, 2010 Sam had been playing his computer games so much that his brain just gave out, and he collapsed onto his desk. Paramedics tried everything they could to save him, but his brain just gave in. God had decided that Sam was too precious to leave on this Earth for us. So we have to deal with that.

We'll miss you, friend. Your company can never be replaced, but you will ALWAYS have a place in our hearts.