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Shared by Alex Snyder on August 30, 2021
When we first met was cause of my best friend. You were like a sister to him and quickly became one to me.I was the little shit head brother lol. I enjoyed our group calls or when we played video games as a group. We didn't get super close but always made me feel included when I was around. I have my regrets but I'm happy to have had the chance of having you in my life Sammi. I'm proud to call you my family even if we aren't related by bloodblood. I miss you a lot. I love you.

Momma Wolf/Auntie/Best Friend

Shared by Michael Evans on August 16, 2021
Hey Momma Wolf I miss you very much you were always there for me when I needed someone nobody would talk to me at first but you noticed me and started talking to me which is how we met. You were and always will be my favorite Auntie we clicked so well and Im so honored to know you and bond while we still could. You had such a big heart for everyone while you had alot going on but you always made time for us and I just wanted to thank you for everything and your time you spent on us. I love you My Momma Wolf I will always be your little Wolfy and will never forget about our inside joke with twee you left us way too soon.

Best friend/soul sister

Shared by sara Blockinger on August 16, 2021
Sammi when we first met we instantly clicked and we became so close we finished eachother sentences and knew what eachother was thinking .I never would have thought i would lose you almost 7 yrs after meeting eachother . I miss you so much and think about you everyday , i miss our deep late night chats about everything and anything ,i miss our all day calls ,laughing so hard we cry . you will forever be my #1 best friend /soul sister . I love you sista  . 

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