Let the memory of Samantha be with us forever
  • 13 years old
  • Born on April 3, 1991 .
  • Passed away on November 20, 2004 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Samantha Colwell 13 years old , born on April 3, 1991 and passed away on November 20, 2004. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dawn Vanarsdale on 20th November 2018
Good morning babiegurl. I just wanted to say that i love and miss u!!! I often think about who u would be today. What choices u would have made. Which college, what job, boyfriends, husband, children. Questions left to the unknown. The pain never goes away. U just learn to deal with it. And some days are a little harder than others. Like today. I can close my eyes and see that whole day and night play all over again, as if it was right now. Getting that call, the fear, the fear that took over my body on the way to the hospital. Not knowing what i was walking into. And then seeing u lying there with all the tubes and all the marks on ur precious body. The cardiac arrest that i watched u go thru. Ill never ever get the images out of my mind. And all because a mother did not respect my rules. My rules!!! That one decision to ignore me, changed the world of so many, especially mine and Nikki's. U know, if u are responsible for another mothers child, please respect the mother and her rules. It can make one hell of a difference for many hearts. Ur sister misses having a sister. But she is doing great!! Ur niece and nephew would make u soooo proud!!!! Savannah was the only one that u got to meet and love like no other. Now she is almost 16. Where does time go??? And Ian, i still believe u had a part in that creation, lol. He is an amazing football player. They are following in ur footsteps!! Well, until we meet again, I love u!!!!! I miss u!!!!!!! Another year has passed but ur memory never fades. Forever in our hearts!!!!!!
Posted by Dawn VanArsdale on 20th November 2015
My dearest Samie, I can't believe it has been 11 years ago today. I seem to manage daily, but today always knocks me down. I get back up, but the pain is like no other and every moment of that day on November 19th comes wailing in....... I had you pack your bags and put them in my car for the weekend that was suppose to be so much fun for you. I dropped you off at school, and then I picked you up from school and took you back to my work. Your dad came and got you from there and I waved my last good bye to you as we joked while you walked across the parking lot to get in your dads truck. And I told you for the last time that I loved you. You were so excited that day to go to Indiana. And boom, something happened and you didn't get to go. I bought blinds for your bedroom and I was going to surprise you when you returned. I was hanging them when I got that God aweful call. And my life changed forever. I love you and I miss you soooooo very much! You may be gone from here on earth but you are forever in my heart!!!!! Rest in heaven my angel, until we meet again.
Posted by Dawn VanArsdale on 3rd April 2015
Happy 24th birthday my babiegurl !!! I love and miss you dearly. Until we meet again, Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. RIP
Posted by Ashlynn Lear on 20th November 2014
I remember when mom called and told me your funeral was that day. She asked if I wanted to go. I didn't I was scared I'd never been to a funeral before. Now ten years later I wish I had. I miss you. You taught me a lot like how to make little ice cube Popsicles. We always played outside. I hope I get to see you again and we can talk about riding our bikes across the street at the truck gas station, or the time we got in so much trouble for sneaking up the street to play with the neighbor kids new soccem boppers lol. I only have good memories of you but I wish I had more memories.
Posted by Dawn VanArsdale on 20th November 2014
I love you babigurl. And miss you like crazy. 10yrs ago today, you became God's angel. I love and miss you more than words could ever express!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP, gone but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts. Til we meet again, I love you,
Posted by Ashley Ramirez on 20th November 2014
Can not believe it really has been 10 years since I've actually seen you. Still feels just like yesterday. They were right when they said it'll never get easier, you just learn to deal with the heart ache. I know you're with us each and every day watching over us! Love and miss you so much it hurts! Continue to watch and guide us! Forever on our mind & forever in our hearts, love you. Till we meet again babygirl ❤️ 11.20.04
Posted by Kendall Bahan on 20th November 2014
10 years... doesn't seem real at all. Even though it's been that long I don't think this ever gets any easier... I've been replaying that whole week in my head for days now just getting more angry at the situation. I have sooo many years of good memories with you that I'll never forget... I love you Sam an I miss you something terribly. ... forever an always R.I.P
Posted by Dawn VanArsdale on 10th February 2014
Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and that call that changed my life forever. I was hanging blinds in your room to surprise you. You were my baby girl and our life had just begun in our new home, then 16 days after my birthday, you were gone forever. I still see you skipping across my work parking lot. You were laughing and so very happy that day. I told her, my rules. No riding in cars with teenagers. If she would have just granted my rules and followed them, I would have gotten to watch you grow up and have a family of your own. Instead, she fed that boy alcohol and knowing he had no drivers license, she put you in his car to go get dinner. The dinner that you never got to eat. Your room is painted. Just like you wanted it. Your clothes and your stuff still remain there. I hope that you like it. I miss you, I love you. Never is such a long time here on earth. RIP my babiegurl.
Posted by Dawn VanArsdale on 2nd February 2014
To my angel in heaven, I love and miss u so. Gone but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts.

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