My beloved Tonton Samson

Shared by Vidushi Keenoo on October 30, 2010

In the path of service, he would not fear to approach strangers. I remember how In St Aubin , he would gather children playing on the streets and affectionately initiate casual conversations with them. Later on, he would visit the parents and invite their children for classes. The responses were mostly positive and while the classes were done, Tonton Samson, together with some Baha’i friends would visit the parents and share insights with them. This is how Ruhi and regular home visits started.He was of moral support to many teachers and would accompany them in their classes, always optimistic, encouraging and believing firmly in Divine assistance and blessings.

He would always say "tout korek la" <3 Samson had a charisma which attracted our hearts; his smile reached his eyes for they had a soft glow in them while his sincere words reached your soul. His warm hugs made you forget all your worries and his thumps up and five would encourage you to go forward and never lose faith in God. 

Love you Tonton Samson<3

My spiritual Father

Shared by Natacha Juste-Poinapen on October 28, 2010

He taught me everything,  how to be a good tutor, a good coordinator, a good Bahai taking everything, even trials with a smile. 

Once he told me Abdu'l Báha said ' be happy' and so he was... always happy.

My story is during a summer school where Samson was tutoring a study on the covenant.  We went into small groups to read and work on the questions and then come back to discuss in big groups.

Johann and I (just married then) were in different group and as expected we always had different opinions which we were voicing out and debating.

Our dear Samson was just standing in front of the mike ...not too sure what to do or which side to take but ALWAYS with that special smile of his that would melt our heart .......................

Oh well I have many more stories of him since he was sooo part of our life......  Gone too soon that is well said but God has a plan.








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