This tribute was added by Natacha Juste-Poinapen on February 4, 2017
Always in my mind for.every step I take on the path of service. Cannot help myself remembering his exemplary service as a tutor and such honesty and gorgeous, genuine smile. You would have loved Fiji Samson. Miss you
This tribute was added by Laby Mootoosamy on October 22, 2016
Dearest Amour Big Brother "6 years already STILL MISS YOU A LOT.Pray for us in the Abha Kingdom. Now our Dearest Brigitte is among you.Love you so much...
This tribute was added by Homa Mungapen on October 22, 2015
Beloved Samson,
As I mark 5th anniversary of your death, it always brings up so many emotions about our past and what our future may have been. People have asked me over the years if I have “gotten over” your death. I am quick to share that I will never get over the loss, but I have reconciled myself to it.
Every 22nd October I approach this anniversary day with trepidation. I wonder why the reality that you are no more in this material world doesn't lose some of its sting after 1,825 days.
And yet, you aren't. I still feel you in the warmth of love. I feel your determination and steadfastness when I want to quit; your confidence in me when my own wanes.
Thank you for being with me,
This tribute was added by Bahati Malungu on February 25, 2012
Dearest Papa Samson,
I met you when I was still a Child and Anis still a baby in Bukavu,we again met after more than 30 years in Haifa,me and Anis already Married men.I left in April 2010.
I would wish to now Show you my Kids,but you have left so soon,Pray for us in Abas Kingdom.
This tribute was added by Vidya Gappy on February 4, 2012
Today is your birthday and we still miss you dearest Samson. I know you are praying for us up there and please keep praying for us so that we have the same energy and joy that you had to serve this Blessed Faith. We love you tons and miss you a lot. The Gappys
This tribute was added by Chantal Kitoko on October 24, 2011
Très Cher Samson ,
Tu restera gravé dans nos memoires pour ton courage, ton amour por la foi, tes services... que ton âme repose en paix auprès de la Beauté Benie, dans le Royaume d'Abha.
This tribute was added by Laby Mungapen-Mootoosamy on December 13, 2010
Samson My Lovely Brother...You missed me so much You will be in my heart for ever. LUV YOU. Your Sister
This tribute was added by Levine Mungapen on December 1, 2010
Levine Mungapen lit a candle on 1ST December 2010
"My beloved brother. You are the most humble.warm.special person on Earth.You are a brother who always have good words. guidance even in bad moments we had.YOU MISSED ME SO MUCH BROTHER"
This tribute was added by Jane Ragoo on November 1, 2010
Dearest Samson, yes you went too soon. We will all miss you, please do pray for us. Life must be wonderful in Abha Kingdom.........
This tribute was added by Sohail Azadi on October 31, 2010
Dear Uncle Samson, Although we never met, I will always remember the stories that aunt Homa has told me about you. You kind and gentle spirit, your devotion to the Faith and perseverance during hard times. I am honored to have had you as my uncle. Love, Sohail
This tribute was added by Josian Dholah on October 31, 2010
my dearest true brother missing you so much so much Samson
This tribute was added by Keshaven Curpen on October 29, 2010
samson...i don`t find the words...but i know what will make u happy...we must continue serving the cause of God..
This tribute was added by Shaku Bagabo on October 29, 2010
"I beleive your soul will be richly rewarded in the Abha Kingdom"
This tribute was added by Nathalie Appasamy-Bookare... on October 29, 2010
Words fail to express the sadness we feel. Samson was dear to everyone. We will miss your warmth and smile that made anyone you talk to feel special. We shall never forget you and we will miss you dearly.
This tribute was added by Cat Carver on October 28, 2010
un grand homme avec toujours son beau sourire ,aimable et généreux,je garderai toujours un bon souvenir de lui,il a fait beaucoup avancé la foi sur notre petite ile,mille merci
This tribute was added by Lua Olaghere on October 28, 2010
A very humble, dedicated servant of God. The light of humility and joy always radiated through your eyes. Thank you for all your contributions and may He enable you to continue guiding us all.
This tribute was added by Vidushi Keenoo on October 28, 2010
My Beloved Tonton Samson...a father, a guide, a friend whose warm hugs made you forget all your worries and whose words touched your soul♥ i love you and miss will always be in my heart♥
This tribute was added by Ian Ungamootoo on October 28, 2010
We all miss you Tonton Samson.You will be in our hearts forever...
This tribute was added by Carver Eddy on October 28, 2010
Unforgettable Samson you will be in our hearts always and forever. God bless your family for all you did for us.
This tribute was added by Natacha Juste-Poinapen on October 28, 2010
Someone very dear to me left for the spiritual world. For me he was humility personnified and the true example of service. I will NEVER forget his smile and laughter. Until we (hopefully) meet again... have a nice journey Samson Mungapen.
This tribute was added by Abhi Keenoo on October 27, 2010
we all miss u tonton Samson...please continue to send ur warm blessings from above...
This tribute was added by Nancy Meetun on October 27, 2010
Samson, we are missing you so much but we are very very sure that you are extremely happy where you are. Please continue to look after us ...
This tribute was added by Ravi,Anjanee,Poon,Rach&me... on October 27, 2010
"Our dear Samson, you will live in our hearts forever.This great person in you can be felt by all of us here.... Your sudden departure taught us a lot of how life is really short... God bless you and your family for all you did for us....."
This tribute was added by Vidya Gappy on October 27, 2010
Samson: my spiritual father, my friend, my counselor, we love you tons and we will try our best to fulfill your dreams. Keep encouraging us from the Abha Kingdom
This tribute was added by Baillache Chantale on October 27, 2010
Our Dear Unforgettable Samson,will be in our hearts forever.
This tribute was added by Brian Dholah on October 27, 2010
Words won't come out! WE LOVE YOU ALL!
This tribute was added by Shellen Monien on October 27, 2010
simplicity, humility, dedication,words aren't enough to descride how wonderful a human being u were and for me a perfect example of true bahai.I'm very happy to have met someone like u and like everybody else i'm missing u too.We shall never forget u coz u will be always in our hearts and prayers....
This tribute was added by Neema Goorchurn on October 27, 2010
Miss u... But we know... u`ll always be here to guide us and Pray for us....... Ur Quartier!!! ur presence will always be felt!!
This tribute was added by Pina Delfin Lim on October 27, 2010
We haven't met in person but met your lovely wife Homa in New Delhi,India in 1996 during the 10 year anniversary of the Baha'i House of Worship. I got in touch with her again via facebook. You surely are always in the hearts and minds of your loved ones and the Baha'i Community. May this friendship continue in the worlds of God. Allah'u'Abha! Your Baha'i sister, Pina

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