Let the memory of Samuel be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on October 3, 1956 .
  • Passed away on January 7, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Samuel Correa, 55, born on October 3, 1956 and passed away on January 7, 2012. We will remember him forever......

Posted by Mayra Correa on 7th January 2018
I can’t believe it has been six years! Forever in our ♥️ RIP
Posted by Raquel Marin-Oquendo on 7th January 2018
Will never be forgotten. RIP Raquel
Posted by Noemi Hernandez on 7th January 2018
It's been 6 years that God call my brother home. . Sometimes I can't believe he's gone. .My heart has been broken for a long time. In the midst of my brokenness God has been there for me. I find peace and comfort in my faith that God is taking care of Samuel, but I still miss him so very much. I will forever love you my dear brother.......Noemi
Posted by Milca Correa on 7th January 2018
Another year without my brother. A day like today our heavenly father call you home to paradise, where there is no more pain & no more tears to rest and be surrender by angels. But still ever since you went away, Life has never been the same yet, it comforts me to know that one day we'll meet again. I love you and missed you so much.. Your sister for ever Milca
Posted by Milca Correa on 21st November 2017
Is that time of the year again, another Thanksgiving with out you. so many memory, so many years we spend it together. I missed you so much, especially this time of the year. I remember that you will be so happy waiting for me to pick you up and bring you over to my house for the thanksgiving dinner and coffee. As I write this I can not stop the tears from falling down my face. I missed my dear brother so much. Your sister forever Milca
Posted by Mayra Correa on 3rd October 2017
Never forgotten ❤️❤️
Posted by Raquel Marin-Oquendo on 3rd October 2017
May you continue to rest in peace. You are in God's glory now. We will meet again. Raquel
Posted by MELISSA LEON-FIGUEROA on 3rd October 2017
Sammy it's been six years and all I can say is that I miss the times of seeing you and grandpa together you guys were one till we meet again till we meet again Rest in peace love your niece melissa
Posted by Noemi Hernandez on 3rd October 2017
Today my brother Samuel would had turn 61 years old if God wounld’nt had taken him home. I know he is in a better place we’re there no more tears and no more pain. I give thanks to God to have given me such a pure soul for a brother and also to had been able to love him with all my heart. I miss Samuel so very much. He was a big part of my life but It was God’s will to take him home.
Posted by Milca Correa on 3rd October 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven my dear brother, I wish you were here today so I can take you the birthday cake and ice cream I always brought to you on your birthday and at the same time see your loving smile. they is a saying that said there is a reason why things happened, and that time will heal, But neither time nor reason Will change the way I feel, you're so wonderful to think of, But so hard and sad to be without. I Love You & Missed You so much.... your sister forever Milca
Posted by Noemi Hernandez on 3rd August 2017
My brother how much I miss you!!!! Everyone deal with grief differently. My brother a 55 year old with a mental compacity of a 3 year old died on 1/7/12. Ever since his death I have my good days and my bad days. On my goods days I tried to block the pain away as best as I can. On my bad days I cried like a baby. . I know my brother is in heaven but I miss him so very much. I wanted my brother to still be here but God needed him more.
Posted by Milca Correa on 26th June 2017
My mind knows you are in a better place, where there is no pain. you are in peace. I understand that, I just wish I could explain that to my Heart because It's hard to forget someone that gave you so much to remember. You are always in my mind & Forever in my heart. your sister forever Milca
Posted by Milca Correa on 5th April 2017
My dear brother Samuel.. If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane. I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you and Mami back home, I am 100% sure you are both together in the same place in paradise, I missed you both so much. My heart still aches with sadness, and secret tears still flow. Only God knows how much I missed you, Your sister forever Milca
Posted by Milca Correa on 23rd March 2017
Today like everyday, I was thinking of you and of how special you was, I wish I can turn the clock back and have you here with me again. I missed you so much. your sister forever Milca
Posted by Saul Correa on 12th January 2017
Samuel my uncle was an angel who lived on earth and went straight to heaven when God called him on January 7, 2012 and told him "Samuel my son is time to come home". and that's when the angels picked him up and brought Samuel to God. For me he was an angel on earth because mentally he had no sin or any malice thoughts or any negative feelings towards anyone. He was laid to rest next to another angel that was his mother Juaguina Correa in which I am more than proud to say she was my grandmother. Samuel was and will always be a special person to all of us one way or another. Even though 5 years has passed by, the pain and wounds are still fresh in our hearts and I don't think is going to go away anytime soon. Now Samuel is in Heaven with God, a place where there is no more death, no more crying, no more mourning and no more pain and God will come back one day for all us and make everything new again. When that time comes we will see Samuel again waiting for us to reunite with him again. For now I just have to say Samuel even though God was very happy to see you in heaven we all cried and missed you here on earth. Rest in Peace Samuel !!!
Posted by Raquel Marin-Oquendo on 11th January 2017
Fond memories for my uncle Samuel. He was a kind gentle soul. May he rest in peace. Raquel
Posted by Kathy Ramos on 7th January 2017
Five years ago today all your pain left and you went with our Heavenly Father, God. Heaven became your new home. I miss you and wish you were here with us but I know where you are now, you are eternally happy. Rest In Peace Samuel.
Posted by Milca Correa on 7th January 2017
A day like today 5 years ago was one day I don't wish to on nobody. It was a very sad day. my precious brother was call to paradise to be with the Lord..To me it was a day of pain, a day of tears a day of confusion a day I will never forget, a night I was up all night crying and asking God to give me strength till I couldn't cry anymore. God know how much I love and missed my brother. My love for my brother is so deep that not a day go by that I don't think about him. Samuel I love you and will always love you and I know that some day we will be together again, I understand that you can not come to me that now I have to go to you but I am serving the Lord and i know that I will see you again because I believed in God Promise that we will be together again for a eternity. I Love & Missed You Your sister forever Milca
Posted by Mayra Correa on 7th January 2017
Posted by MELISSA LEON-FIGUEROA on 7th January 2017
Jesus called Sammy unto him, when I think of the angels lifting his soul I rejoice as I know that now he is in perfect hands. Until we meet again Sammy. R.I.P Love Melissa
Posted by Noemi Hernandez on 7th January 2017
I can't believe It's been 5 years that my brother went to be with the Lord. First of all I want to Thank God for comforting me through out these years. My brother will always live in my broken heart. The heart doesn't seal back up. It's like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly- that still hurts when the weather gets cold but you learn to dance with the limp. Samuel I miss you so very much. My comfort is that you are no longer in pain and is rejoicing with the Lord. RIP my dear brother....
Posted by Milca Correa on 29th November 2016
January 7, 2017 will be 5 years that you when to paradise, 5 long, long years that I have not seen you. Not a day go by that I don't think of you, you are always in my mind and forever in my heart. I know that I am going to see you again and that bring me comfort. I love you and missed you so much. I have so much memory of you and I. memories that are with me day and night. Christmas will never be the same without you, it bring me back memories of you waiting for me to bring you the special holiday meals and a stuffed animal. I thank God for giving me you as my brother for 55 years and for the opportunity to always be able to help you and be with you. I love you Your sister forever Milca
Posted by Noemi Hernandez on 20th November 2016
It's going to be 5 years my brother went with the Lord. It seem like it was not that long. God has everything written. I have memories bury inside of me that only God knows my pain. It's hard for me to put it in pen and paper. Thank God for my faith that consoles me. I pray as time and years past the pain will lessen. I will forever love you dear brother.
Posted by Karen Berdecia on 17th November 2016
Samuel, deep in my heart are memories of you that will never go away. Memories that make me cry. You were such a sweet and gentle soul. I love and miss you. You are in God's care now and one day He will bring us back together for eternity. What a glorious day that will be.
Posted by Kathy Ramos on 17th November 2016
This time of the year is particularly hard because like me, Thanksgiving was Samuel’s favorite holiday. What gives me solace is knowing that he is in heaven. Although Samuel will forever be missed, God knew it was his time to join Him. He is no longer in any pain, but instead in an eternally peaceful and happy place. While I wish he was still here and going to my mom’s house on Thanksgiving next week, I know God knows best and knew it was time for one of his angels to return home to Him. RIP Samuel.
Posted by MELISSA LEON-FIGUEROA on 16th November 2016
To Sammy, I remember all the times I use to bring a cake to Pops house. We always made sure we gave him the first BIG piece. When he use to get tired of us he would start touching Celine's hand with his stuff animal on his hand. I would had never thought that he would meet with the King soo soon. One thing I know for sure is that he is in heaven. As I write this with tears rolling down my face, until we meet again Sammy. R.I.P. Melissa
Posted by Mayra Correa on 16th November 2016
To My Beloved Uncle Samuel It was the shocking news that brought tears to my eyes. And you made me remember what it was like to cry. On that dreadful day, God decided it was your time, your time to go, So He took your life away. And everyone felt the pain, the pain that you had been suffering for so long. We all miss you I know that in death it is when we enter enteral life.. Until meet again.. Mayra
Posted by Milca Correa on 16th November 2016
Words are hard to describe feelings,Yet writing down how much I miss you, Seems to give me more tranquility, My heart will never heal, my pain will never go away, Oh God I Love him and missed him so much.Thanksgiving was your favorite holiday and for many years we spend it together, just thinking that you are no longer here bring tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart. I love you your sister forever Milca .

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