His Life


About SJK

Mr. Samuel Joseph Konigbage Lewis was born on January 09, 1931, to Mr. Evelyn Lewis the son of the Late Sir Samuel Lewis and Nadie Kolleh Lewis.  He was the eldest of six children.

Samuel spent time with the family at The Aberdeen road Byrne Lane residence, where he tended to the family business of agriculture in an estate commonly known as “Bottom” .The estate had a potpourri of fruits, animal farm and spanned all the way to the Aberdeen estuary, where fishing was also part of the early life of Boysam; observing his dad usually called “daddy” by the whole neighborhood and “mammy Nadie” as the matriarch of the neighborhood.

Early Life

Boysam attended the Murray Town Primary school and later attended the St. Anthony primary schoo,l before going on to St. Edwards Secondary school.


Boysam  married to Ransolina Lewis in 1964, commonly known as Dowu to her peers and Aunty Dowu to the rest of the family.  He is endowed with 5 children The Late Donald Lewis (murdered in the January 6 invasion in Sierra Leone, and lost Valona Lewis his only daughter in her teenage years.  His surviving children are Alfred Lewis (known as Dudley), Samuel Lewis III  (known as Kwame or chief), and Dr. Evelyn Lewis.

He is also survived by his sister Mrs. Ernestine Gondor (Nesther), his brother Alfred Lewis and younger brother Moses Lewis.

He has several grand-children in Kwanette Lewis, Kwardel Lewis, Samuel Lewis IV, Joshua Lewis and Julian Lewis.  Their mothers are Jeannette Lewis and Alice Lewis.


Sep 1977 - Sep 1978 | London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London, MS Degree

Jun 1970 - Jan 1972 | California State University,  Northridge, Ca. USA, MS Degree

Jun 1968 - Jun 1970 | Tuskegee Institute, BS Degree.

Feb 1967 - Oct 1967 | London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Ibadan University, Certificate.

Oct 1960 - Dec 1960 | London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Certificate.

Sept 1959 - Jun 1960 | Institute of Education, University of London, Diploma.

1959 | Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, Diploma.

1959 | Royal Society of Health, London, Diploma.

Sep 1956 - Jun 1959 | South East Technical College, London.

Jan 1950 - Dec 1953 | Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, Teachers Certificate


Samuel had a distinguished career as a Health Professional, breaking new grounds in many areas in his special area of Health Education and other sanitary improvements.  He is credited with starting the Health Education curricula in schools in his native Sierra Leone.  In his career, he has worked with the Ministries of Health of several countries, including his native Sierra Leone.

His career spanned several countries with distinction under W.H.O. (World Health Organization).

These assignments spanned his primary countries of responsibility of Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Kenya; and his secondary countries included Republic of China, Botswana, Tanzania, Mexico, Switzerland and Mauritius. At times, he has acted as the W.H.O. representatives in his various forms and countries he has served.

Areas of Expertise

Advocacy, IEC in Maternal child health and family planning (MCH/FP), IEC in the prevention and control of HIV infection, IEC in Primary Health Care (PHC), Manpower training in Health Education, Conducting situation analysis, needs assessment, community diagnosis, Conducting Focus Group Discussions and interviews, Population and Education, Demographic Studies, Developing Monitoring Indicators, Evaluation of programme activities, Writing of project proposal, Organizing workshops and other training programmes, Teaching, Programme management of IEC activities, Collecting information on knowledge, attitude, behavior and practices (KABP), Developing survey instruments, Report writing


Uncle Boysam as related by many of the younger generation, was leader and mentor to many.  His charitable contributions to his family and friends, and the unknown, is highly regarded.  He carried the brunt of the family on numerous educational, financial and leadership fronts and was relentless in his support to all.

He strongly believed in the youth and spared no effort in supporting youth related initiatives