This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr Samuel Smith. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Isra Cheuka on February 26, 2021
Posted by Thomas Cole on February 25, 2021
You finally laid to rest,may the peace of God be with you,and may light perpetual shine upon you,we have already missed you and never to be forgotten, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, sleep and take a rest Doc...
Posted by Brenda Stafford on February 24, 2021
Dear boss, this is hard!!! We cannot imagine that this is the end. No more you in the office, in meetings,on the phone!!! No more of that loud infectious laugh, no more of the palava. As you were laid to rest today, all I could think was to say thank you. Thank you for instilling in me a confidence I never knew I had, for believing in me, for instilling in me a sense of responsibility and commitment to my job, my profession and the country as a whole. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capacitate myself in any way you could. Recently when you were on leave and I sought advice from you on some work that we were doing you replied " I want the team to think out of the box without me, you are all managers in your own right". Little did we know that we would soon lose our reference point! But one thing I know for sure, we will not lose the knowledge you instilled in us. We will take comfort in the legacies you left behind!!! Thank you so much sir for giving me the opportunity to have worked with you. Rest well Dr Samuel Juana Smith
Posted by Zainab Conteh on February 24, 2021
It is really difficult to accept this loss. We at MoHs will have a hard time to get accustomed to your departure Dr. Juana Smith. You're gone to soon. Most certainly the precious memories of you will remain in our hearts..your tremendous contributions toward the fight against malaria will remain as your greatest contribution to humanity.
We will follow the blue prints you've left. We will continue to fight towards a malaria free Sierra Leone. Adios Dr Smith.....RIPP

Posted by Francis Smart on February 23, 2021
"My friend, stay focused", my brother Late Dr. Smith would say to me when we discussed programming issues.

From 7 February to date, I seem to have lost focus as I have lost my reminder; now always on my mind.

You had a special place for me whenever I visited your office and your staff know the truth; you would say, "Smartie, come in, sit down, my friend".

I missed your kindness to my daughter, Peggy, too.

You were a serious and true friend as we only always discussed issues, mostly professional - MOHS or SLMDA!

You are greatly missed and I feel the void constantly.

RIP, Bro'!
Posted by Evelyne Alyko on February 23, 2021
It’s still difficult for me Dr Smith to realize that you are gone ! My great partner, my brother my friend you were a kind soul supporting anyone in need.You believe in partnership and provided your support to whoever comes in Sierra to support Malaria control.I cannot stop crying .....I lost my brother. I will miss your c’est bon! After any consensus on implementation or planning .May Lord protect your kind wife and children and accept you in Heaven
Rest In Peace Malaria fighter
Rest In Peace my brother
Posted by Rebecca Levine on February 19, 2021
Dr. Smith you were such a kind soul, such a passionate leader and a welcome collaborator. Your smile and sense of humor made working together fun! The malaria community has lost a true champion, colleague and friend. You are already greatly missed. May you rest in peace. Julie Wallace
Posted by HASSAN BANGURA on February 18, 2021
Ooh death! Indeed its a necessary end for those who believe. VABECOOL!! BANGU!! SPA!! These are some of the names you used to call me. In return I would say "SEXY SMITH"! We were like brothers. During my 5 years and over with the Global Fund grants, I learnt a lot from you. Words cannot express how my heart is when i learnt about your demise. We would always remember you for your passion about the malaria program and saving lives. I can't forget how you used to laugh out loud! You were full of life! Doc Smith, I know you are around reading this... and smiling in the heavens above. You played your part in this world and I would say you played it well!! Rest Juana! We would always remember you. A brother indeed!! Ar nor get Borgehdor(no money)! You once told me you got that word from your dad! Ooh Doctor Smith! A fallen hero...
Posted by Francis Smart on February 17, 2021

Sad to have lost you so early; memories of "Smartie", "Peggy" linger as the closest family friend, brother and colleague. Those weekend long talks and laughters, no more. That was how close you were to the Smarts. That was the personal side, far and deeper as you worked with my wife when Peggy was a baby and you are among the few she knows and will always remember your kindness from when she was 4 to 17 years.

Professionally, we were like-minded twins as we always consulted and advised each other and you would say, "Smartie, my friend, that is not done!". And I liked your affirmations.

You were then the bridge between me and my roommate, Dr. Abraham Smith. Abraham cemented everything, as we lived at 58B Torgbombu, Mokonday, then Njala University. What living together as roommates forever lives with me, and so you are.

"My friend, remain focused", you would say; now no more.

Tavarish, I would greet and you would laugh big with memories of Venitsa.

You are greatly but profoundly missed by the Smarts. We will no more pack fruits from Smart Farm for you, no more Christmas cards and washes; your last was on December 25, 2020.

You have lived your life like a candle in the wind, brightness of which in the minds of millons; setting and breaking regards; and to God be the glory as we cannot ask why so early of our coach and mentor for many.

Whilst at pain, we remember well, for best of everything, professionalism, kindness, humanity, probity and simple decency; and thank God for it all as you rest him in peace and comfort of your good deeds. RIP!
Posted by Agnes During on February 16, 2021
"Sometimes a light surprises, the Christian while he sings"

Still don't know what to write down to say goodbye Dr. Smith. I know all those who crossed path with you are equally in shock just like me.

When I assumed duty in 2013 as Administrator for the National Malaria Control Programme, I never knew we would end up a family. I could still hear your loud and sweet burst of laughter from the car through to my office with your favourite salutation "Mama During" to chat over the success of a meeting with malaria control partners and MoHS management team. Your passion for result was just unimaginable.

Amidst several challenges, you encouraged us all to press forward. One of the most unique was the Mass Drug Administration you championed when the country was seriously hit with the Ebola outbreak which became a huge success and was replicated in neighbouring countries affected at the time.

We worked together well and I did learn a lot from our interraction and I remain grateful.

You have fought the good fight, enter into the joy of your master. Good bye Dr. Smith!

Rest in Perfect Peace till we meet again
Posted by Mohamed Jalloh on February 15, 2021
Dr. Smith was truly a public health hero who devoted his life to improving the health of Sierra Leoneans. You immediately felt his kind and friendly personality every time you interacted with him. We will miss him dearly. Rest in peace Dr. Smith. Keeping your family in our thoughts and praying for their healing in this very difficult time.

Mohamed F. Jalloh
Posted by Alexandra Sallu Kanu on February 15, 2021
Sometimes tears means unspoken happiness and amile means silent pain. RIP Dr. Smith till we meet again
Posted by Joseph Bangurah on February 15, 2021
I want to sympathize to the Smith Family, for the lost of our brother, who have played a great role in the Medical field. He has touch and train so many people to work in the Medical field. So for these reason, on behalf of International Logistics service (ILS) we want to show a condolences sympathy to the family. May his soul rest in peace
Posted by Philip Brewah on February 15, 2021
My deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of Dr Smith.

It was with sadness that I heard of the passing of Dr Smith. I had the privilege and honour of working with him and his NMCP malaria team over many years. Dr Smith was a true medical professional and mentor to so many. Always pleasant and joyful, he made my many trips to Sierra Leone very memorable experiences. I know he was valued by all his staff and he will be truly missed in MoH (NMCP).

Most sincerely,

Doug Mole
(Former) AMP Logistics Tech
Ontario, Canada     
Posted by Malaria Centre LSHTM on February 15, 2021
All of Sam’s friends and colleagues at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) were shocked to hear of his untimely death on February 7th 2021. Sam made major contributions to the effective control of malaria in Sierra Leone and more widely in Africa. The success of his study showing how mass drug administration could be used to contain malaria during a crisis, in this case the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, played a key role in encouraging WHO to recommend this approach for malaria control in other crisis situations. His presentation of this work at an LSHTM Malaria Centre’s annual retreat in 2015 was the highlight of this meeting.

Sam worked closely with LSHTM staff on the LINK project, showing how collection of routine data on malaria could help improve decision making and, more recently, he has provided support to the EBOVAC team evaluating an Ebola vaccine in Kambia district Sierra Leone. However busy, Sam was always kind, approachable and helpful. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues in Sierra Leone but also by the malaria community more widely.

Our thoughts and love go out to his family and colleagues.
Posted by Audrey Lenhart on February 14, 2021
What a tragic loss of a colleague and advocate for public health in Sierra Leone. Dr. Smith was a sage and influential collaborator, and simply a wonderful human being. May he Rest In Peace, and may his legacy live on in the many lives he touched.
Posted by Hossinatu Kanu on February 12, 2021
It was like a thunderbolt sound to me when I heard of your death Dr. Smith. You were like a brother to me having worked with my mum in Makeni as District Medical Officer. Your smiles and loud laughter brought joy to all. I can still hear the laughter and see the smiles on your face.
Dr., you are gone never to be forgotten. Mum and the rest of the family are still in shock with your death.
Sleep on and take your rest till we meet to part no more.
Good bye Good bye Good bye
Posted by Robert Samuels on February 12, 2021
You were not only a senior colleague, but also a great friend and mentor. A bridge between the young and old. Your friendly personality was unmatched to others. A great loss indeed! Rest well Sir; you will be greatly missed...
Posted by BILALI KABULA on February 12, 2021
Dr Smith,
I still cannot believe that you have gone forever. I am shocked and very much saddened by your death. I will always remember your friendly support since I met you for the first time in 2016. Your team leadership model has always been remarkable. You made my work and my stay in Sierra Leone easy and enjoyable. We loved you, but God loved you the most. You will be deeply missed
Posted by ludovica ghilardi on February 12, 2021
Dear Dr Sam Smith, 

We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn of your departure. 
We will always remember the energy, spirit and enthusiasm with which you supported the LINK project and how much you facilitated us implementing the project and the evaluation. We will always remember your powerful laugh! 
It was such a pleasure to spend time with you. We learned a lot from the work you (and your team) were conducting in malaria control in Sierra Leone during difficult times. Just to mention how important the decision was to administer malaria drugs (MDA) during the Ebola outbreak. 
We are very sad not to be able to see you again and work with you again. We would like to deeply thank you and say goodbye. 
Our thoughts and love go to your family and colleagues.

Carrie, Jayne, Ludo and the rest of the LINK team (LSHTM)

Posted by Marie Ibranatu Kolipha-Ka... on February 12, 2021
I have tried several times to find the courage to type and say goodbye for the last time. I still remember how you helped me with my first MSC. supply chain module assignment on leadership and management (I still have the books you gave me). It was so easy for me at that time to write an assignment on transformational leader using all your attribute as the case study.

I saw the pain in you when I left NMCP but you understood that it was for capacity building and that will benefit MOHS and Sierra Leone in general (common goal). Coming back under the PMI project felt like home again and you received me like the "Prodigal son".

You had a great personality and served humanity for which only God will reward you, and I pray for eternal rest and may God continue to comfort to your family and all of us you have inspired in different ways.

Rest in perfect peace Dr. Samuel Juana Smith
Posted by Umberto D'Alessandro on February 12, 2021
It is with great sadness I have learnt the loss of Dr Smith. I met Sam several times in the past 5-6 years, both in Freetown and in UK, the latter during the malaria retreat of the LSHTM. Sam was a great person and great colleague, passionate about the work he was doing. He will be deeply missed. RIP.
Posted by Suzanne Thomas on February 12, 2021
On behalf of the King's Sierra Leone Partnership I send our condolences to Dr Smith's family, friends and colleagues. His kind and welcoming nature and helpful support for strengthening health care in Sierra Leone were so appreciated. He will really be missed.
Posted by Aaron Dumbuya on February 12, 2021
Saddest shocking news in a decade. Perfect gentleman, welcoming and always willing to help. Kindly accept my commiseration.
May his gentle soul rest in peace
From Dr. Juana Kabba
Posted by Amara Brima on February 11, 2021
A leader personate about his subjects. Supportive to his subjects achieve their objectives. New all his subjects not only by name but by mere voice as well. He knew our needs before we could even ask. Encauragement was his weapon to inspire. Always with a smile on his face but serious and peraonate to serve humanity. My heart bleeds as I highlight aome of his atributes. Emotion of missing you cannot allow me to continue. I ...... I ..... miss you. You are Always remembered for your persion to serve humanity. You are loved but God loves you best. Sleepon and take your rest till we meet again on that beautiful shore. Tears.....
Posted by Marie Benjamin on February 11, 2021
Goodbye Dr. Juana Smith. Sleep and take your rest. Your absence surely leaves a gap in the CCM Sierra Leone . Yo will be greatly missed.
Marie Benjamin
Posted by Anne Gasasira on February 11, 2021
You will be greatly missed Dr. Smith. You always made time for us and ensured our visits were successful and very pleasant. 
My deepest sympathies to the family, our colleagues at the MOHS and all affected by the loss of such a great leader and awesome person.
Rest In Peace Dr. Smith
Posted by Degauleh Juana on February 11, 2021
Dr. Samuel Juana Smith was an eternal brother to me. I am still in shock of his demise. Please Allah, keep him in paradise very close to you Almighty Lord! My prayers will never miss him! Sleep well brother!

So so sad! Degauleh.
Posted by Chuizhao XUE on February 10, 2021
Dr. Smith is a gentleman. He worked restlessly to strengthen health system capacities more especially on Disease prevention and control in Sierra Leone. In 2018,when I arrived in Freetown as China CDC experts from China. It was really difficult for me to work in Sierra Leone. But since our team came in contact with Dr Smith It was able to conquered all challenges and the work load was very easy. When I came back to Sierra Leone in 2020, I didn't see him until I knew he was ill. Three days ago, when I heard the news of his death, I was shocked and sad. May Dr. Smith rest in peace.
Posted by Monique Murindahabi on February 10, 2021
“The loss of Dr Samuel Smith is felt by many. May the memories of his wonderful personality and many contributions be celebrated by all.” “ Dr Samuel Smith will be in our hearts and memories.” May He rest in perfect peace.. We will miss you.
Posted by Shengbe Momoh on February 10, 2021
The late Director of DPC and Program Manager of NMCP. He has been an exemplary leader to everyone he worked with and knows everyone by name. He has been a leader, mentor, good example, loving, caring, father and a motivator to everyone. His loss will be remembered forever. Sleep on and take your rest, it is well. May God Almighty grant you forgiveness and heaven.
Posted by Adikali Kamara on February 10, 2021
With tears of sorrow we cry each day Dr. Smith (late)
In Angel's arms you were carried away,
our love and memories shell never fade.
Inside our hearts you will always stay.
RIP Dr. Smith
Posted by Marian Abraham on February 10, 2021
Wow, Dr. Samuel Smith, I still can’t believe you’re gone. You are my uncle but it never felt that way. You were like a big brother to me, I used run all your errands. From growing up in Limba, Kenema and Freetown, our chats until 3am in the morning, you have always been a fun part in my life. Even seeing you for the last time on Aunty Vic’s birthday, you gave me great advice as usual. Such a great loss to our family, you will always be in our hearts ❤️. May your precious soul continue to RIP Sammy J
Posted by Peter OLUMESE on February 10, 2021
Dr. Smith was a friend and a brother. You had an excellent spirit. Though you will be missed but you will always be remembered in a good way for all the lives you touched and will continue to touch through your legacy. It was indeed an honour to know and work with you!
Posted by Samuel Mangu Juana Smith on February 9, 2021
There are no proper words and expressions to express the sorrow that I have in my heart to lose such a dearest uncle. This is the biggest shock of my life. There is no replacement for the person like him. At this time, all that I can do is pray for his peaceful soul. Rest In Peace Uncle Samuel
Posted by Henrietta Emmanuel on February 9, 2021
There are no words big enough to describe how I feel. My mind's a dark place with no light. It’s a place full of memories that I'm afraid to lose

Your memory feels like home to me....

Always your hand is holding mine - raising me up. I fall quite often but you're never tired of helping me in any way you can.

How do I understand that you have left me at the same time you have never left me?

The tears keep flowing... God I can't control.......I still believe you're here. Wake up! This should not happen! Wake up! Can't you hear our voices! . It's a dream...

You gave me strength and courage to what I am today....Yours is the light to which my Spirit was born.

All these days, I'm trying to smooth out the wrinkles of my teared eyes. All these days, trying to learn how to surf the waves of my grief. Moment by memory I remember and smile. Moment by memory I remember and cry. And still I grieve. And still I find joy that our paths crossed.

Sleep on "Big Bird"... Sleep on eternally and Rise up in Glory where Kings Meet.
Posted by Lynda Grant on February 9, 2021
Since I had the news of your passing, I've been trying to find courage to write a summary of who you were to me especially. You were my undergraduate supervisor and since then you became my mentor. You were never too busy to give a listening ear, an advice, a caution or a motivation and it did not matter where or when.
You were so full of integrity and energy, a man of excellence in everything you do and you demanded such from those around you. You lived and led by example. You were a description of someone who is hardworking and passionate about excellent results. My last encounter working with you, was between the period of July-Aug 2020 while doing the 3 year budget for Global Fund. Never thought I would be writing tribute for you today in Feb 2021. May you rest in God's kingdom where there is no sickness, disease, pain or sorrow and may the grace and peace of God be upon your immediate family and friends. I will miss you dearly.

Lynda Farma-Grant
Posted by Momolu Massaquoi on February 9, 2021
It was an honor meeting you Dr. Smith. You left your mark on this world and you will surely be missed!!
Posted by Michelle Abraham on February 9, 2021
On behalf of Joe Abraham and family:

To our beloved Dr Samuel Juana Smith
1966 - 2021. Let your memories be with us forever.

What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon uncle or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived a life that made a difference. Your life gave us all memories too beautiful to forget and we will never forget.

Posted by Danny Amenigy on February 9, 2021
Eeeeeeerish !!!!!!!! 
Dr Samuel Juana Smith, why so soon !!!!!

We shall indeed miss your passion for saving lives in the Malaria program when we worked for 4 years June 2013 - July 2017.

We shared a lot of messages and discussions on watz app after I left Salone until late November 2020 when I realized that your response to my messages were not forth coming. I thought office pressures or some back to back travels had taken its toil on you. I never knew you were indisposed.

My sincere condolence to the family and friends. God knows best.

May you find a good rest with your maker.

Posted by Victor Sule on February 9, 2021
It remains a rude shock to learn of your demise! Your death indeed is a big blow to the country!
Dr Smith was such an outstanding performer who demonstrated so much commitment to the course of Primary Health Care delivery in Sierra Leone. He was such a passionate person about achieving results. Dr Smith was so strategic with team management, providing enabling environment and tools needed to his team and then tasking them for the expected results. He was a teacher per excellence judging from the testimonies of his students at the Sierra Leone medical college.
Dr Smith was always full of ideas to resolve issues and was very constructive and objective in his positions over issues. There was always something to learn from every contact with him. I will not forget in a hurry the successes and milestones recorded in the National Malaria Control Program you led so well. It was good working with you.
Dr Smith, you left so soon and at a time the country needed you most, but no one can question the authority and wisdom of God. You made you mark and will be dearly missed by the country and the global malaria community.
May your family and the nation find comfort is the testimonials around your life and may your soul find eternal rest!!!
Posted by Adele Ishmail on February 9, 2021
Rest in perfect peace uncle Samuel. You brought so much joy to the family and you will be truly missed. I pray that God helps us all through this difficult time and continues to protect and guide us.
Posted by Sowo Lebbie on February 9, 2021
You are truly missed. Dr Samuel Smith, you were of great mind and heart. You diligently served the country and you saved lives. Your leadership ensured that many deaths from Malaria were averted, especially among vulnerable groups (Women and Children). The Malaria Program Partners will miss you, Ministry of Health will miss you, Sierra Leone will miss you. You were an awesome human resource to our country. May God console the family and friends,
The Bible tells us that God will comfort those who grieve, as "the Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in spirit." (Psalm 34:18).
God does mysterious things, that we cannot explain or understand, you've gone so soon but then he assured us that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28. May your loss bring hope to the family, may it break boundaries and bring assurance and courage to us all. 

Posted by hannah smith on February 9, 2021
RIP my lovely, hard working and able Doctor.
You left us at the time we needed you most.
We love you but Jesus loves you best.
You have gone and my lovely and caring Dad also has gone who was your Uncle.
And this was the name you use to called him Uncle Abel.
I know that you guys are in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sleep on bro, sleep and take your rest.
The entire Smith Family will forever missed you bro.
Posted by Noemi Schramm on February 9, 2021
Dr Smith always had a joke to share, with his deep belly laughter being very contagious. He was a truly kind man, smart and very hard working. He shall never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace, Doctor.
Posted by Michael Katta on February 9, 2021
I met Dr. in Makeni and we became close friends. I left Makeni and came to Freetown and we met again in Freetown. He was with the Malaria Control Program whilst I was working for CRS, we had a professional and a personal relationship. Dr. Smith you will forever be missed. Rest In Perfect Peace and may Light Perpetual shine on you.
Posted by Frank Baiden on February 9, 2021
A remarkable health manager who was always welcoming and supportive. You will be fondly missed. Rest in peace Dr. Smith.

From the COMAHS-LSHTM Research Team in Kambia.
Posted by Melanie Renshaw on February 9, 2021
Dr Samuel Smith - you have been taken from us too soon. You were a true malaria champion and health professional, innovative, passionate, dedicated, hard working and a great leader. As a person, you were kind, considerate, caring and thoughtful. You always ensured that any visitors to your country were well cared for. Whilst it is no consolation that we have lost you from this world, we know you packed in more adventure and good deeds and brought happiness to others - more than others can manage in a hundred lifetimes. This is a terrible loss for your family and friends, for your colleagues and country and for the fight against malaria. May you beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. I will miss you always.
Posted by Torion Elijah Sellers on February 9, 2021
When great souls die,
the air around us becomes
light, rare, sterile.
We breathe, briefly.
Our eyes, briefly,
see with
a hurtful clarity☹️.
Our memory, suddenly sharpened,
gnaws on kind words
promised walks
never taken.

Great souls die and
our reality, bound to
them, takes leave of us.
Our souls,
dependent upon their
now shrink, wizened.
Our minds, formed
and informed by their
fall away.
We are not so much maddened
as reduced to the unutterable ignorance
of dark, cold caves

And when great souls die,
after a period peace blooms,
slowly and always
irregularly. Spaces fill
with a kind of
soothing electric vibration.
Our senses, restored, never
to be the same, whisper to us.
They existed. They existed.
We can be. Be and be
better. For they existed

Rest easy Doc, your soul will forever be in our hearts✊
Posted by Anniemaude Smith on February 9, 2021
Big bro , my supper Doc .......
No answer . God !!!!!!
Y so soon ?
Lots of work u have not accomplished ,
Family matters u have not settled ,my mentor , and adviser am done with the BSC nursing my graduation is next month Doc 

Brother the smith family will forever miss u.
Your life touched so many lives we love u but Jesus loves u bet sleep and take your rest . Please give my regards to your uncle my dad Abel Juana Smith your dad and all d other family members.

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Posted by Isra Cheuka on February 26, 2021
Posted by Thomas Cole on February 25, 2021
You finally laid to rest,may the peace of God be with you,and may light perpetual shine upon you,we have already missed you and never to be forgotten, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, sleep and take a rest Doc...
Posted by Brenda Stafford on February 24, 2021
Dear boss, this is hard!!! We cannot imagine that this is the end. No more you in the office, in meetings,on the phone!!! No more of that loud infectious laugh, no more of the palava. As you were laid to rest today, all I could think was to say thank you. Thank you for instilling in me a confidence I never knew I had, for believing in me, for instilling in me a sense of responsibility and commitment to my job, my profession and the country as a whole. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capacitate myself in any way you could. Recently when you were on leave and I sought advice from you on some work that we were doing you replied " I want the team to think out of the box without me, you are all managers in your own right". Little did we know that we would soon lose our reference point! But one thing I know for sure, we will not lose the knowledge you instilled in us. We will take comfort in the legacies you left behind!!! Thank you so much sir for giving me the opportunity to have worked with you. Rest well Dr Samuel Juana Smith
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Dr. Samuel Juana Smith and Dr. Betty Udom then of RBM

Shared by John Seppeh on February 23, 2021
Dr. Samuel Juana Smith and Dr. Betty Udom then of RBM

Dr. Samuel Juana Smith in experience meeting with The Gambia NMCP team

Shared by John Seppeh on February 23, 2021
Dr. Samuel Juana Smith in experience sharing meeting with the The Gambia NMCP team

Vote of Thanks Memorial for the late Dr. Samuel Juana Smith, former Director-DPC and Programme Mana

Shared by John Seppeh on February 23, 2021
Good afternoon all,

On behalf of Management and Staff of NMCP and the RBM Partnership, I want to thank God Almighty for His mercy and grace over us and for making it possible for us to actualise this memorial in honour of the late Dr. Samuel Juana Smith, former Director-DPC and Programme Manager-NMCP, MoHS.

To all Sympathisers and Partners, we are grateful you are able to make it this ceremony despite your busy schedules coupled with COVID-19 pandemic fight. Some sympathisers would have loved to be physically present, but could not due to circumstances beyond their control but rather joined through virtual connection. This demonstrates the high level of partnership between you as individuals or organisations/institutions, the NMCP and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

This partnership has been strengthened over the years by the late Dr. Samuel Juana Smith through his management and leadership with the hope of eliminating and finally eradicating malaria in Sierra Leone. He always emphasized to us that the fight against malaria cannot be won without stronger partnership.

On behalf of the MoHS, NMCP and the RBM Partnership, I thank you very much and may God richly bless you abundantly.

To the NMCP staff and RBM Partnership, I will be remiss in my duty if I fail to appreciate and thank you all. Thank you for all your efforts in putting this activity together.

The late Dr. Samuel Juana Smith believed in team work and capacity building. He usually advised and encouraged us on team work and to think out of the box focusing on achievement of set targets. To promote team work, some of his exact words he usually told us was, “do it the Arsenal way”. I will go on and on, on and on but time could not permit me.

I want to thank the leadership and the entire MoHS. A special thanks to the NMCP staff for standing by him to ensure that we achieve our set targets as a team and move malaria fight from grass to an admirable level.

Finally, I want to thank myself for taking this bold step to stand here and give this vote of thanks.

May the soul of Dr. Samuel Juana Smith and souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. Amen. God bless us all.

John Seppeh

SME Officer