A happy go lucky man

Shared by Kate Carlile on March 22, 2021
 You’ll forever be missed by Mason, Nate and I. I remember the first time I met you. You were so welcoming considering I was new to Texas. We had fun last summer barbecuing, swimming, and just talking. I’ll never forget Fourth of July. All the boys were being silly throwing these fire crackers at each other backs and of course they convinced you to do it and sure enough you did it and showed the
men how it was really done. You were and will always be a brave soul. You’re music was the best. I could sit there and listen to your songs for hours. I’ll never forget walking up to the house every time and seeing you snd asking you how you been and your forever response was “I’m allllrighttt.” Thank you for being you and being a role model to Mason. He loved helping you in the garden and getting rewards like a dollar bill or green mints. You made everyone smile. The memories and smiles will be cherished forever. You will never be forgotten. We love you cowboy! 

Cowboy Sammy

Shared by Elisa Grant on March 21, 2021
So many stories of my Brother, Sammy but one that has stuck with me forever as children and one he and I have laughed at remembering was  the afternoon in Salado our Cousin Monroe Moore, let us take the horse's out  for an open Country ride just the two of us.
Monroe asked Sam if he wanted him to saddle his horse for him like he did mine. He said, "No, Hell  I got this. A monkey can saddle a horse! " I Didn't understand at the time why Monroe was giggling
under his breath watching him tighten his saddle.
That would come clear when we both approached the Salado Creek.
Sam said let's jump the Creek. Now it was about 8-10' across. At that time our only times on a horse were a handful of times with Monroe. By no means we're we taught limitations.
I went first. Cleared.
Cowboy Sam gets his horse a good bit back to get a running jump.
Everything looked like a slow motion Cowboy movie right up to the point of the start of water.
His horse stopped dead in his tracks hurtling him forward still in saddle and quickly saddle tuned upside down with him still in saddle. The forward motion turned his saddle completely upside down. The Mare then softly, slowly walk across the creek with him poping up for air about every third step the horse took. 
I stayed high and dry that beautiful afternoon together. He was wet from head to toe swearing he was gonna beat my butt if I didn't stop laughing.
There were two other events with a horse over the years with Sammy not ending much better.
Sam was fearless. A Risk taker. His body tall and lean and it always just seemed to bounce and bend like rubber.
He was a Good Big Brother. 
I thought he had 100 lives.
I'm so happy he had as much time as he did with his Pride and Joy, his Grandchildren.
I thank you all who have kept the family in your thoughts and prayers the last few weeks.  
We all felt them. 

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