This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Samuel Opaleke, 85 years old, born on December 12, 1928, and passed away on December 5, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Emmanuel Opaleke on December 12, 2021
I remember you today as this would have been your 93rd birthday. Rest on Baba, rest on In Peace perpetual
Posted by Emmanuel Opaleke on December 5, 2021
It’s now 7yrs since you left to be with your maker. Continue to Rest In Peace perpetual till we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
" Isla Paschal Richardson"

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh
And talk of me as if i were beside you.
I loved you so- 'twas heaven here with you.
Femi Opaleke (Son)
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
“We give God all the glory for a life well spent. Yours was a life of hard work and fear of God. You gave all to your family and all the people that came across your way in life. We thank you for all you gave to humanity. That makes us very proud of you even in death. “Brother Olu Ilorin” (that’s what we called you). Rest with the Lord. May the bound of love you show continue to wax stronger in the family in Jesus name. We shall meet on the resurrection day, Bye Bye”
From the Bamidele’s

Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
Everytime me and my family go to Nigeria, I always look forward to seeing Grandpa and Grandma in their big house. When I found out that Grandpa passed away, I was in a pool of shock and misery especially as it’s just a week to your 86th birthday. So from then we have been praying that Grandma is OK without Grandpa around. It is sad to loose you now Grandpa, who is going to look after Grandma now. I am sure God will be her support and helper from now on.
I cannot forget you Grandpa, though I was just 7years old when last I saw you, and I remember you called me “Baku-Baku” I did not know what it meant, and when I asked my dad he said it means “Orobo” and that I still do not know. I was looking forward to ask you the meaning of both words but you are now gone and not able to tell me in person. I was hoping to tell you that I now play football very well and was going to come and show my skills.    I also when you took Demilade, Damilola and Myself out on a boys outing to the restaurant, it was so cool and I enjoyed myself with my cousins and you still called me Baku-Baku. Daddy now told me what it means. Grandpa, I love you, and miss you but know that God loves you more and you are now resting after a long and hard working life. Rest in peace until we meet again in heaven.
David Opaleke (Grandson)
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
Tribute to baba

Death always comes as a surprise to us whenever our loved ones depart. It's hard to believe “Baba” as a person we have always known is no more. My heart is heavy with grief as I write this tribute to you Baba,
Your departure from this life has left wounds in my heart that will never be healed. I will always remember and cherish the moments we spent together, the prayers and blessings you showered on me every now and then. How brightly you sound and speak when we call on you on the telephone, how you speak so knowledgeably about world and African politics. I feel so lost without you because my relationship with you was not a typical father in law - daughter in law dutiful one because you took me as your daughter. You always made me feel comfortable and special in your presence. You had such a tender heart and sense of humour that I will always miss. I remember when you came to England in 2006 to see us and your grandson for the first time and all the emotions that followed. To God be the Glory. I held you in awe for your humility and warmth especially when meeting my family for the first time and we sat to have dinner at Auntie Maureen’s. You were full of life and kept entertaining us all with very funny jokes and commentary on Zambian politics.
Though death is a price that we all need to pay, it's hard for me to accept that you are no longer with us. I had just bought your favourite classic Marks & Spencer underwear for your 86th birthday coming up the following Friday to send through Sister Bisi, when we heard the news of your passing on, I later realised that whilst I was shopping for it in the early afternoon of Friday 5th of Dec, you quietly slipped into the world beyond to meet your maker. Ha! Baba, Baba oo!, Baba ooh!!. Oh death where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?(1 Corinthians 15:55)
Baba! I will forever remember you for the many indelible marks you made in the short period of my knowing you, and I believe you are now resting in the bosom of our Lord. You are such a wonderful person and you deserve every ounce of peace at rest, Baba.
Rest in Peace “Baba Daadaa” till we meet again to part no more.

Your daughter in law
Precious Opaleke
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021


To my dearest Grandfather, what can I say?
When I hear your sonorous voice calling…Funlola, Bolagun, my heart skips…my heart beat increases…oh granddad, where are you now?...
You were the major ‘man’ in my life. You supported me from my childhood till I am of age now. I have learnt a lot of things from you-how you really cared for your family, relatives and loved ones particularly me. You have been a pillar in my life after the demised of my Mum. I can remember vividly how you were so supportive through my Secondary and University education, ensuring that I have a quality education, good life and a sound health.You were so concerned about my progress in life and you were also emphasizing about me settling down with my family of procreation which I will by the grace of God.
I was so fortuned and grateful to have you as a Grandfather. We might have had several misunderstanding in the past, but, it was for my own good of your wise counselling and advise, because, I know that you wanted the best for me. I have learnt to be responsible, caring, taking good care of my health and to be God fearing from you.You were just the best Granddad to me because you have so much concern about the welfare of your children, grandchildren, relatives, society and humanity at large. Oh what a grand dad!
I wish I could do more for you to appreciate your effort in my life but I was glad that I did the little I can while you were still alive. I will miss you.
Oh grand dad! Oh grand dad! Oh granddad! You have indeed fought the good fight, ran the good race and kept the faith, now awaits you is the crown of life which our Lord will crown you with on the resurrection morning.
Sun re o Baba.

Barr. Funmilola Popoola

Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
The yester years of fun at Madawaki Estate Ilorin – a tribute to daddy Opaleke
Been a really long while !
But we certainly cannot forget our times with daddy Opaleke at Madawaki Estate!
What started as mere neighbors soon grew to become a closely knit family.
Daddy loved children. He was funny and generous, often with a characteristic fast speech.
Our occasional visits to Temidayo Pharmacy on Murtala Mohammed way was always rewarded with gifts of smarties and all.
And as we all grew and moved on in life, daddy would always ask after everyone.
He was a remarkable dad
Rest on in the bosom of the Lord.
The Olawoyes
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
Tribute to Pa Opaleke by Dr. Oloniyon Felix Akande, RPh, MRPS
My earliest memory of Pa Opaleke was when I first got to Ilorin in 1975 schooling at Moslem Council College, Babanloma. The family of my late uncle and guardian in Ilorin then used to obtain their medicines from Temidayo Pharmacy. I knew then that it was one of the best chemists in Ilorin. Pa Opaleke was also well known to us when we were Pharmacy Students in ABU Zaria, because he was always one of the generous donors to the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria. My first personal contact with Pa Opaleke was when I was the National Secretary of National Association of Academic Pharmacists, when we visited him in Ilorin to solicit support for our activities particularly the publication of our scientific conference papers. Pa Opaleke was an exemplary member of the PSN and was always at all the National Conferences that I ever attended after my qualification as a pharmacist.
Pa Opaleke is the dad of my bosom friend and classmate, Bjide as I fondly call him. To me, pharmacy profession in Nigeria and indeed the world has lost one of its most important members and the gap will be impossible to fill.
Sun re o Baba.
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
We are all gathered here today to honour Chief Pharmacist Samuel Olusola OPALEKE, a devoted Christian, a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and a great Philanthropist, a father to many including biological and non biological children, a well recognized indigene and Chief in his community here in Offa; in recognition of his good works and the breadth of his association with us while on earth.
Fondly called Daddy - Temidayo Pharmacy among Pharmacists, the news of his death was and is still heart-breaking and as if that is not bad enough, the suddenness of his death made it even more sad and very painful. And it hurts, it hurts far more than we can express here today. But when we remember that he departed at 86, we have a good reason to celebrate him.
But when we look closely at his eventful and exciting life, we see a man that has distinguished himself in his family life, his professional responsibilities and oh yes his social cum spiritual interactions. He played each and all of these roles remarkably well.

Family was all in all to Daddy. Perhaps the best illustration of his love for his family can be illustrated by his investment in quality education of each of his children who have succeeded individually and collectively in their various professional callings within the country and globally by any standards. He believed very much on acquisition of knowledge and provided the necessary motivation and incentives to make his children excel in whatever they choose to do. Daddy devoted substantial resources to his children, ensuring they have competitive sound education as far as their talents can go. Remarkably, all have a minimum of graduate degrees, some with multiple degrees and have assumed significant responsibilities in various organisations in his lifetime. He never waivered in his commitment to his children, providing guidance and counselling as he monitored their progress in life. One of his children is a Guidance and Mentor to my son. He pampered his grandchildren with love and attention.

But family to Daddy meant more than his nuclear family. He similarly devoted time and resources to his extended family, providing financial and moral support to many; helping some to grow their businesses, paying school fees for others, placing their children in employment and was central to multiple family undertakings. Many depended on him, a role he accepted willingly and performed well even up to old age.
His relationship with his wife - Mummy was beyond that of a husband and wife, second to none – and indeed a couple of the century!

2. Professional life
Daddy is an Alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he qualified as a Pharmacist. He gained additional deep knowledge and rich experience in Salesmanship and Marketing when he worked for Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, the number one Pharmaceutical Company in the world today. His rich educational background with outstanding experience and performance in Pfizer informed his high level of confidence that led to his resignation in order to become an Entrepreneur and set up Temidayo Pharmacy in Ilorin which became the model and the most prosperous Pharmacy in Kwara State in the 70s for decades. After my applications were rejected by several other Pharmacies, I courageously walked up to him in 1978 looking for a place for vacation job. Without any reference from anybody, he gave me a job in his Wholesale and later Retail sections under his direct supervision and would normally call me – “The Chemist” with great reference and respect. He paid me enviable salary, kept 50% of my salary for me as savings till end of the three months holidays, added more to my savings at ends of each vacation jobs. He gave me additional money for air transport to Kaduna like his own child as I was schooling in ABU Zaria. He provided me with the much needed psychological support, counselling and guidance consecutively for three years till the end of my studies in ABU Zaria. Without him, I would not have been able to complete my studies in ABUZ. He was the one that gave me the scholarship through salaries before I got Government scholarship. He provided the lead and advice that took me to Pfizer where I secured an appointment after my studies which helped me grew my career to the level of a Regional Executive Director for Pfizer – East, Central and West Africa. Coincidentally, my own biological father’s name is also Samuel, and was born in the same year as Daddy S. O. Opaleke. He discusses intimate issues with me as if I am one of his nuclear family. I have lost one of my two fathers by his departure.
In order to illustrate the fact that he cared for many other like his own family let me take you down the memory lane. Most other competing Pharmacies that started in and around Kwara state in the 70s, 80s and and 90s were supported with credit facilities and stock with no collaterals, to start their own pharmacies that would compete with his own Temidayo Pharmacy. I could not understand why then. Now I understand better that he was much more concerned with transforming other peoples lives and businesses than competing to be a lone monopolistic winner - a rare character in any Nigerian. He helped transform many other peoples lives outside his own nuclear family moving them from difficult business status to survival, from survival level to outstanding success and from success level to significance. We are celebrating today the life of a honest, hardworking, teamplayer, transformative Leader of Leaders, a supporter of the poor, an Angel and Vessel of the Divine Helper to many Pharmacists and Pharmacies. 
He attended almost all National PSN Conferences even in his very old age. He played very key roles in the establishment of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria in Kwara State and helped to nurture same until it became a PSN branch to be reckoned with nationwide as a pacesetter. The state hosted the national PSN conference and provided a second to non kind of experience to many attendees. One can not but be proud of Kwara State just knowing that Daddy is there…He was recognized at various times severally for his contributions. He obtained the highest level of recognition in the society as a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and a Respected Member of the Board of Fellows.

3. Social & Spiritual Life
It is needless to say Daddy’s spiritual life was expansive. A honest, hardworking, devoted Christian, humble and generous man who did not discriminate against anybody on the basis of tribe and religion. His network was wide and he is very popular nationwide as a true Nigerian from the North where he schooled and worked to the West and East. Much more than an outstanding and successful entrepreneur, Daddy has a generous soul. He gave his helping hands to those in need and mixed comfortably with the high and the low, never a dull moment. He was a serious minded and highly disciplined individual who feared and honoured God. He was like a living Bible that others could read and feel truly encouraged to serve the true God. He fulfilled his purpose on earth and served God while serving others as well.

4. Close
As we celebrate his departure to glory, we should remember Daddy with love and appreciation---his discipline, his hardwork, his honesty, his infectious smiles, his humility and versatility, his friendship and friendliness, his partnership and reliability, his care and caring for others, his humour and rib cracking jokes and yes, his generousity with his resources including money among many others. He will continue to be remembered as one of the very few human beings during his life time who continuously aspired to inspire others before he departed to go and meet his Messiah. 
His soul is deserving to rest in perfect peace.

Ife & Lere Baale

Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
CHIEF SAMUEL OLUSOLA OPALEKE became a registered member of pharmaceutical society of Nigeria on the 23rd November 1960 and a fellow of the society in 1982.
Baba Opaleke was the Chief Executive of TEMIDAYO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD, the first wholesaling pharmacy in kwara state and one of the earliest in the Northern part of Nigeria. A Pharmacy he operated for over 50yrs before retiring due to old age.The pharmacy was among the five best in terms of pharmacy in Nigeria, and it won many awards for excellence in Community Pharmacy Practice in Nigeria.
Baba Temidayo has been a very active and dependable member of the pharmaceutical society of Nigeria. He has aided in ensuring stability, continuity and smooth running of the society in kwara state right from inception. He hosted the secretariat for several years and provided all the fittings, furniture , chairs to enable the society host its monthly general meeting regularly free of charge. In his civil service years he was very active at the negotiating table for the approval of SCALE A which was earlier approved for professional officers in the federal civil service, thus ensuring that many pharmacists were able to reach PERMANENT SECRETARY GRADE before retirements .
Baba Temidayo was a memb er of the PHARMACY COUNCIL for twelve years , he was the secretary of the Nigerian union of pharmacists for many years and the chairman of Kwara state branch of PSN for many years.
Baba Temidayo was formally installed as the life patron of KWARA STATE PSN on 24th APRIL 2014 in recognition of his unquantifiable contribution to Pharmacy in kwara state and Nigeria.
Whatever glory the profession of pharmacy has today and in the future in kwara state, baba laid the foundation and built the structure.
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
The joy of life is not just in living it but in giving meaning to the life of others. I celebrate my Grandpa’s life lived on earth today because he has been a blessing to all, especially to me. His loving care and concern for the well-being of everyone in the family, his drive for excellence and success, his absolute honesty and his friendliness with people can never be forgotten.
My Grandpa’s concern to see me succeed is a major contribution to my choice of career and also my tenacity while on the path to this career as a medical student. He’s taught me by example never to settle for anything in life order than the best; to ‘shine my eyes’ in life’s choices and to be strong to the very end.
I still remember how as a growing child, Grandpa would often take Tobi, Funmilola and I to his office at Temidayo pharmacy and several times I would marvel at how he had so many books there. He would encourage us to read and afterwards buy us snacks and drinks. Through that, I learnt that any meaningful enjoyment comes after one has had a good investment of time working. He was vast in knowledge and experience. I always enjoyed the stories of his many travels around the world. Very inspiring, indeed.
He was also very health-conscious, typical of the true health practitioner that he was; always concerned about health protection and illness-prevention.
I could go on and on about his seasoned counsels, his sincere love and interest in people and families.
It’s surreal that you have gone to be with the Lord now. We would have loved to have you with us forever, but life on earth is short and temporary. Your passing, grandpa does remind us that life does not consist in the abundance of a man’s possessions, but that the greatest investment a man can make is that in the lives of generations of men. You live on inside each and every one of our lives.
Continue to rest at the bosom our Lord Jesus, Chief (Pharm) Samuel Olusola Opaleke.
- Dr Victoria Tolulope Zaccheus (Granddaughter)

Great grandpa, you awaited my arrival with great passion and expectations. And when I eventually came, you held me close to your heart and danced and then you declared: “Lord I bless your name for the privilege to see my first great grandchild. Let thy servant now depart in peace …” and called me by the name “Omolara”.
Less than three months later, you were gone! I shall now only listen to beautiful stories about my wonderful great grandpa.
Adieu Great grandpa!
- Oluwanimi Omolara Zaccheus (Great granddaughter)
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
      Grandpa was one of the most amazing people I ever got to meet. He wasn’t just my grandfather; he was also like my father and friend.
He was ever cheerful and always loved having family being around him. He would always advice us and make sure we were happy and safe.
He made our joy his joy and our fears his fears too. Words alone can’t describe how special he was to me cos he was a one in million grandfather. I already miss the sound of his voice calling our names. Your memories will forever linger in my heart.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. ADIEU BABA
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021

Baba (Chief S.O Opaleke), My Mother's Father is gone. "To where?" was the question on my mind. I couldn't
laugh neither could I cry because somehow it seemed like I got the info before hand. But typing this right now, I can't hold the tears because my mind is being drawn back to memories. Yes, they say if you want to have the best of life,
then you should let every moment count by spending it with the ones you love.
Baba is one of my best moments ever. Looking back at when I was a little kid, I remember Baba's strictness and how extraordinarily careful Baba was. It was only as I grew up I discovered that he did all that out of passionate love. Many days when I felt down as a result of the little delays I faced at certain points in time in my life, I would just drive off to Baba's house at stadium road, Ilorin just to crack myself up and laugh out loud
at his funny gestures. Baba always wanted the house lively. Sometimes, he would make very funny sounds like he was in deep pain not knowing he was only joking. Baba always loved having people around him and wouldn't want you to leave. He would call your name several times only to go to his room and find him viewing old pictures and at that point get ready to know everyone he has ever known. Baba wanted me to know all His colleagues, friends, and every single person on his wedding photo and all his photos.
I remember how many times he called me to his room and talked to me about marrying right and shining my eyes. He sounded really funny in his words but yes I took them with all
seriousness. I only wish he stayed longer to see and meet her.
I never knew today he would be back home. But
right now I can imagine him cracking up the angels and maybe God with funny sounds. And showing
them how to dance those your funny and cute dance steps.
Thanks for the many lives you touched, your passion and purpose here on earth. Thanks for
your many tutorials on business.
Rest on Baba. Till we meet when and where time is of no essence, when I wouldn't be running home to beat 7pm curfews (Smiles). . .
It becomes real to me that great men leave this earth on the same day. Rest on My Madiba (Chief S.O
Rest on sir. . .Rest on sir. . .

Engr Tobi Ajiboye (Grand Son)
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
Indeed a great man, Chief S.O.Opaleke my grandfather is someone worth remembering. Not because of his titles but because of his kind heart.
All my life has almost been with him and thank God for the opportunity which I had with him. Since my childhood years he has always been with me and I am sure if you know Baba very well there is nothing you ask him that he will not provide unless its beyond his capability.
I remembered when I was still in primary school when we came home for the holidays, Grandpa as I regard him takes us to the veranda of the house upstairs where we will lay on a mat and he will tell us stories. Grandpa as you know was a pharmacist, any complain of illness we talk to him even at his old age he always gave us the right medication to curb the illness.
Grandpa was a lover of children both his children, grand children and great grandchild. The part of him which I will miss the most was his ability to forgive someone. I can remember vividly that whenever he offended us or anyone he says “Sorry please”, and that show his level of humility he can go to extent of prostrating and I know a lot of people can testify to that. Grandpa is also a very funny and cheerful person even till his few days he had on earth.
I also remembered that Grandpa gives us at least N50.00 to N100.00 (Naira) per day so that we can use to buy things. Grandpa at his old age was so youthful that he loved things like Indomie, cheese ball, to the extent that he buys them and eat it a lot. Another thing I WILL MISS Grandpa for is his virtue for love of reading newspapers and books. Grandpa loves newspapers so much and also loves watching the news on television especially the 9.00pm NTA news.
Grandpa also likes to converse with someone about news or politics. Grandpa as we know during his Rotaries days he travelled a lot both to Europe and America for conventions. At his old age he tells us stories about the places he went to with Grandma.
A lot of things he taught me like how to play ayo, how to make a bandage fold and so on and so forth. At Grandpa‘s old age he also gave us medications and there was a day I asked him that haven’t he retired and he replied me by saying “RETIRED BUT NOT TIRED”. It will not be good if I did not show a grateful spirit to him for all what he did for me when he was alive. I say a very big thank you to him now, which I also said to him always and especially when I was leaving him for the United States to continue my college education. Our leaving Nigeria at that point definitely created a big vacuum a lot because while in Nigeria we were with him 24/7. Not to forget his love for pharmacy whatever occasion he had he wore his medal award on his neck showing the first patron of Pharmaceutical society of Nigeria and also his ileke which he wore on every special occasion
To this end, I thank God for the life well spent by Chief Samuel Olusola Adeniyi Opaleke FPSN, Balogun Isegun of Offa. May God protect your soul Amen.
As it is said we meet to part and part to meet.
Until resurrection, rest on the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ our savoir
Your Beloved Grandson
Olawademilade Opaleke
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
What do I write about a father who saw fatherhood as a very sacred responsibility with immense sacrifice but great joy.

My dad, Chief Samuel Olusola Opaleke was a man of many parts. He was a protective, supportive, loving and loyal husband; a thorough professional; a fine steward in the house of God; a philanthropist; a great socialite, and a modest achiever. ‘Baba Yemisi’ (as was fondly called by his close friends and contemporaries) was a strong pillar and great encouragement to the small unsure steps in my early childhood. He was there in my teenage and young adult years and made sure I did not take the wrong steps nor walked the way of destruction. He always told me then ‘Work hard Olaitan. Gender is no barrier to achieving great things in life. Be focused and …you will get there.’ My father was a very emotional person and he expressed his emotions very easily. He was a ‘real man’ but he was very passionate. I remember my dad wept like a baby on my wedding day. Thank God, Baba lived long enough to see that union thrive and bear fruit. This gave him great joy and he expressed it very often. (I never thought that the writing of this tribute would elicit so much emotion and become such a tear-jerker!). My father monitored my progress and that of my siblings and when he needed to do some ‘panel beating’ he never hesitated to do it well. He made sure we all turned out right “t’ ipa, t’ ikuuku” (by force by fire). Ha! My dad was a good disciplinarian. ‘Won a fi owo otun ba omo wi, won a si tun fi ti osi fa a mora.” Baba watched Morolayo (my immediate younger sister) gradually slip away in to eternity. He became so frustrated but stoically bore the heart ache as he realized he could do practically nothing more to preserve the life of his beloved second daughter. It was a very trying time for him and Mama. My father was a great sympathiser and would often want to carry other people’s burden on his once broad shoulders; ever so ready to lend a helping hand to all and sundry. Baba extended his love for my siblings and I, to our spouses and children. He was very particular about how each person fared. The children’s performance in school and what courses they studied was of great concern to him. He was indeed ‘The sentry’ of his entire family – taking good care of every member of his ‘Pride’. Baba Opaleke helped to strengthen our feeble feet on the road of life, constantly encouraging Darling and I to be wary of bad company, as he would often say, ‘it corrupts good manners’. He would reiterate this time and again. He taught us about the vicissitudes of life and that only a tough person that endured to the end got a prize.

And then those wonderful never-to-be-forgotten Christmas celebrations at Tanke with Baba, Mama, Funlola, Damilola, Demilade and my family. We all had fun but the very last Christmas with Baba (December 2013) was different. It was a full house that included Sister Eniola, Ibiwumi, Rotimi, Kunbi and Olamide. That small party was crowned with a prayer that God faithfully answered and through which He gave us a testimony. My father was ever so thoughtful and hardly ever left anything to chance. Christmas 2014 was sombre, tranquil and with a void that only Baba’s demise could have created. Last Christmas was not ‘business as usual’ as it was a celebration with a solemn colouration but I give God all the glory. God gave me a father who is irreplaceable and I thank Him for that.

To me Baba is a life time project: from whose life I shall continue to draw strength and inspiration. My hero taught me to be good company of both the old and the young; the feeble and the strong. I kneel and doff my ‘gele’ for a father that bestrode the earth like a colossus. I make bold to say – albeit humbly – that, fathers such as mine are few and far between. Indeed Baba was a great family man – a glowing example of what a father should be.

Sleep on my beloved Dad until we meet at Jesus’ feet.
Baba mi Aweda, sun re o.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalm 116:15

Mrs Funmilayo Oluyemisi Ajiboye (Nee Opaleke)
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
Firstly, I would like to thank all of you here on behalf of my mother and my brother and sisters, for your efforts large and small to be here today, to help us mark my fathers passing.

I am honoured to be here.

I am honoured to be here to speak to you all.

I am honoured to be here to speak to you about my father.

Each of you here had your own relationship with my Dad, each of you has your own set of memories and your own word picture that describes this man. I don’t presume to know the man that you knew. But I hope that, in the description of him that I offer, you will recognise some part of the man that we all knew, the man that is no longer amongst us, the man who will never be gone until all of us here have passed.

My Dad was a man of many names, acquired either by virtue of who or what he is and symbolise. He was variously known to different people and generations as “Aweda”, “Olu”, “S.O” “Baba Yemisi”, “Baba Temidayo”, “Baba Opaleke” and to me and my siblings he is just “Baba”

Summing up my father’s life, I keep coming back to one thought. Never will you meet a man who more faithfully lived his values.
My father was a teacher of all things. His method was simple. He taught by example. At any age, when faced with an ethical dilemma, after reflection, study, or even rationalization, I find myself coming back to one simple question. What would Dad do? His character is the foundation of my conscience.
My father’s teachings are endless. Let me share a few.
My father was strong in body, in spirit, and in commitment. He believed in family values and selfless service to people and the community and many of you will bear witness to that.
At times my Dad would be presented with the need to cope with a behaviour from my brother or I that he didn’t have an pre-made answer for, one that he would just have to cope with on the spot. He was a loving disciplinarian, and his love starts where his discipline stops. I remember when he had to jump on the Kaduna bound express train the afternoon he saw my name in the papers having been wrongly implicated in the ABU student riots in 1980 in order to get me exonerated. When he got to Zaria, he came straight to ABU with my uncle (late Mr Afolabi) to my friend room around 6.00am whilst we were still sleeping. I had to beg my friend not to say that I was in there and I hid in the wardrobe. I heard my dad appealing to my friend to try and find me that he loves me and did not want me to come to any harm. I had no choice after his outburst of emotion but to go and see him later that afternoon. Such is the truth about his love for all his children and people close to him.

My father had a quick temper, a temper that flared, ran hot and died just as quickly. That could be thought a flaw if it were not combined with another part of his character, his difficulty in holding a grudge. He and I talked about this one day, it came up because he knew that I had struggled at times with that same temper. The way he put it was “Say your mind and be free but apologise if you hurt as that was not intended″. This pair of traits I have, learnt or inherited it doesn’t matter, what he was, so have I become.

My father never let another man down. He fulfilled every obligation he ever undertook. His word was his bond, and everyone knew it.
My father was self-made and self-reliant. From his early tough beginnings on the farms at “goingan”, his travails into the railways, education at school of pharmacy, Zaria, to his career and eventual business ownership. My father was proud to be a pharmacist. He was solely influential in my decision to also be a pharmacist.
I remember, in his business days when I suggested ideas of growing the business, his response was that he has to allow room for others and as he did not come to this world with nothing, he will go with nothing. He maintains that the absolute essence of life is contentment and being able to care and provide for your loved ones whilst maintaining personal dignity and self respect.
My father was loyal. His faithfulness to the important people in his life could be seen in the way he steadfastly maintained ties with his childhood friends. In keeping with his values in old age he still attended birthdays, weddings, christenings, and laterly wakes and funerals, all that mark the hyperbolic nature of life, my Dad could always be counted on to be there.
My father was never stingy. Though he was a deprived child who understood the value of a money and the importance of saving, the generosity he expressed with his money matched his generosity of spirit.
My father was responsible to the very end. How many elderly people do you know who put down their car keys and voluntarily announce that they are no longer fit to drive?
And he loved my mother with every bone in his body, his visible affection overcoming his usual reserve. Dad’s unflagging support for my Mother’s personal development in her career and in life created the perfect balanced childhood for me and my siblings.

My father gave me a parting gift. The last words I was blessed to be able to share with him were the same words we said to each other every time I spoke to him for the past year when we finished our regular phone call. I love you.

My father was many more things than this I know, you know it too. Some of you will recall his generosity, I will always remember his sense of humour. My father never smirked or smiled, he laughed, all of him, from his belly to his eyebrows. His hands would lift off the table, his head would tip back and he would just laugh.

My father was an interested and interesting man.

And finally most of all my father gave us boys an example of a man whose imperfections provided the colour in his character while his strengths gave his character its wonderful shape.
Farewell, Baba. You did good. You did real good. And your legacy and values live on.   
Adieu Baba! Adieu...Rest in a most deserved Peace with the Lord. Amen.
Your Loving Son, Olajide Olabamiji Opaleke

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Posted by Emmanuel Opaleke on December 12, 2021
I remember you today as this would have been your 93rd birthday. Rest on Baba, rest on In Peace perpetual
Posted by Emmanuel Opaleke on December 5, 2021
It’s now 7yrs since you left to be with your maker. Continue to Rest In Peace perpetual till we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Jide Opaleke on June 8, 2021
" Isla Paschal Richardson"

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh
And talk of me as if i were beside you.
I loved you so- 'twas heaven here with you.
Femi Opaleke (Son)
his Life








On Thursday 12th December, 1928 a child was born to Pa John Alao Opaleke and Madam Felicia Omolanbe Anike, Opaleke of Afobara’s compound Offa in Offa local government of Kwara state (May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace). Pa Alao Opaleke was one of the early Christian converts in the town and also one of the founding fathers of the famous Offa grammar school in the forties. Between 1938 and 1944 Chief S O Opaleke attended Saint Marks School Offa, Baptist day School, Ijagbo and Methodist School, Offa. For his Secondary Education, he attended the first Community Secondary School in Northern Nigeria, Offa grammar school between 1945 and 1949. On completion of his Secondary Education, he gained employment as a third class clerk at the Education Department of the then Colonial service in Kaduna. Among his contemporaries in his brief spell at the education ministry were the Attah of Igala, Alhaji Aliu Ogbaje, Alhaji Sule Lapai and Reverend Cannon (Dr) F O B Obayan, of blessed memory.

Between 1950 and 1954 Late Chief S O Opaleke was at the Nigerian Railways where he was a relief Station Master Grade 2 and worked in various stations. When he gained admission into the School of Pharmacy, Zaria in 1954 he resigned his appointment with the Railway. He successfully completed his pharmacy training and qualified as a Pharmacist in 1957 having been earlier spurred on by his then fiancée, Elizabeth Olafimihan. He was the only qualified Pharmacist from the former Ilorin province at that time. An Adage says that “Bi omo ba to ni oko a loko, bi omo ba sit un lada a lada”. After a five year courtship young Sam took to the altar Elizabeth Olafimihan, the niece of his former principal at Offa grammar School, Late Rev’d J B Olafimihan at Saint Michaels Anglican Church, Kaduna. Chief Opaleke joined the civil service of the then Northern region and served between January 1958 and July 1964. He was the secretary of the Northern Pharmaceutical Union of northern Nigeria which was affiliated to the National Union of Pharmacists. He played a prominent role in uplifting the welfare of pharmacists and he also fought relentlessly for the upgrading of the School of Pharmacy to a degree awarding institution. In pursuance of greener pastures, he left the services of the government unblemished to join Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, a multinational company as a medical representative. At Pfizer, this energetic enigma proved his mettle which culminated in his promotion to the enviable position of the regional sales manager with the regional office in Kaduna. The civil war crisis and creation of states in the late sixties took him away from the North in September 1967 to Ilorin, as East or West they say, home is the best.

Though the beginning was not at all rosy, with perseverance, fortitude, determination and endurance coupled with the goodwill and encouragement of the local community he was able to make a humble start in private business. His first pharmacist shop was under the roof of Alhaji Saka Olumo building at Akodudu in Ilorin where he was quickly recognized and nicknamed “Temidayo nile Olumo”. His company at that time was a major distributor to all multinational Pharmaceuticals in Nigeria.

He became a fellow of the pharmaceutical society of Nigeria in 1982, the chairman of the pharmaceutical society of Nigeria in kwara State and was a life patron of that society until his demise. Late Chief S O Opaleke was a Paul Harris fellow of the Rotary International and Chattered member and President of the Rotary club of Ilorin 1994 to 1995. He was also a life member of Ilorin Golf club. As people’s warden of Iyeru Okin African Church, Offa for 12 years he handled the financial aspects of the church successfully with commendation. He was conferred with the title of “Balogun Onigbagbo” and later the “Majeobaje” of the Iyeru Okin African Church Archdeaconry. As an illustrious son of Offa Royal kingdom, he was conferred with the chieftaincy title of “Balogun Isegun” of Offa by His Royal Highness the late Olofa of Offa, Oba Mustapha Olawore Olanipeku , Ariwajoye II in the year 1988. He was blessed with five loving, caring, dependable and reliable children comprising of two males and three females, one of whom is of blessed memory. He was also blessed with many grandchildren and one great grandchild.

All of his achievements would not have been possible without the special grace of God and Chief Samuel Olusola Opaleke never failed to recognize this all through his lifetime.

We celebrate the life and times of a great and philanthropic man, a loving husband, wonderful father, grandfather and great grandfather. May God overlook his misdeeds as a human and let his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

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