I’m never going to leave you,I will always in your heart and with you,
  • 63 years old
  • Born on September 5, 1949 in NEW YORK, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on July 16, 2013 in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, SAMUEL Rob ALLEN, 63, born on September 5, 1949 and passed away on July 16, 2013.He was a very loving father  and hard working man . Rob was a family kinda man , ,and fun person to be around , . HE enjoyed his annual golfing trip to Santee, and reg golfing with his grandson Tyler.and Kenneth, and his son Jackson . HE played softball for duracell many years ,until he had Jackson , then he began to teach the two babies sports , he would even do pagent things for and with  Jazz, and dance lessons and recitals ,He enjoyed hanging out with his only brother Russ, and playing cornhole,and listening to the games and races just sitting around a shade tree laughing and being with his friends .He enjoyed coming to wilmigton nc and riding out on the beach with COY [HIS HUSBAND IN LAW ], they had friendship as well.   He was a proud man of his family , All of them not just certain ones they all had a special spot in his heart, Especially the ones that he had lost, He was preceded in death with 2 other babies that he shared with Betty  ALLEN Martin  Michele Lynn , 8-21-72-819-74,& a son John , Johnny 7-4-72,-12-8-74in New York as he had been serving the country in

Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 4th January 2019
I sure wish you were here to see your baby girl become a mother,& to see Lindsaye be a mother of a boy, all boys , And to be with Jackon, he has missed you,
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 5th September 2018
Today is your birthday
Posted by Coy Jarman on 5th September 2016
Man you are getting old. My birthday is tomorrow. Guess I'm getting old too. Wish you were here. We'd drive out on the beach and fire up the grill. I know you'd love 2 or 3 Bubba burgers. Happy Birthday Rob.
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 5th September 2016
I'm so missing you rt now ,!!! I'm here in Virginia trying to get my fat butt up and go release the balloons I have for you from all of us , including kd allen , Betty Martin and lil johnnie and Michelle , lisa pooh Fran too jazz lynn coy Jackson we all want you to know we appreciate your service for your country and I just want you to know where ever you are please know that I love you and I cry sometimes when I think of you ,, some are happy tears some are sad tears
Posted by Marcie Kat on 5th September 2016
Happy Birthday, Rob!! It still seems unreal that you are gone. I miss you picking on me, always bringing Jackson snacks after school and your crazy laugh! Your family loves and misses you so much! You would be proud of them. Don't party to hard in heaven today...ah what am I saying, lol you never listened to me!
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 2nd May 2016
It seems that even tho i worked hard for this memorial page no one else takes the time to read it or leave you a note ,and thats all ok bc i know you i have a good heart despite the others and the spite work thats been done . i hope youre flying high and know SEMPI FI HOOORAAAHHH!
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 5th September 2015
I really miss I think maybe the only one person who knew me and my heart and I just want to ask you to hold our children's hands as the walk alone in the world,, and let your memory stay alive in their hearts and minds!!!! I think you would be amazed by how much you are missed,,,by so many people,, I had in memory stickers made finally ,, and it has to be a better place where you are, ,, for you to leave what you loved so much behind,,, because it sure has been hell on earth for the ones who loved you !!!! I still have not wrapped around your gone and neither has your baby's!!!!! Happy birthday and Fly high !!! Hoorahhh Sempi Fi ,!!!!!!
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 15th July 2014
Well it's been a year , tomorrow , so much has changed. And things have happened that I know you would not like , but I know you are with me and I have done all I could to , do the right thing . Jazz is such a strong beautiful young lady she stayed strong as long as she could , Lynn, well she went to the military, she says she feels you there,& you would be proud !! Jackson has also grown , but he too has his battles that only he knows , We ALL miss you , I can see you if I look too long out the windows , and I can hear you laughing , my heart hurts for these babies , and my own grief . I know you know as I do that I've fought a long battle ,& there's not much that I haven't went through ! I just miss you , I miss my best friend , I see you on the day you woke up ,& broke the restraints and hugged me and I watched you cry ,& try to talk to me , so I take that moment in peace , that's something no one can take or change , and I'm so glad I had witness that you did that when you heard Jazzman's name and Jackson ! Just rest in peace , because I'm starting to and as you told me I GOT THIS !!! RIP ROB
Posted by Wonetta Bricker on 12th February 2014
Thank you Sir, for serving our country! And for my freedom.. May God always be with your family!!
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 25th January 2014
Hey , i am sitting here with ya in the back of my mind wanted to share this with you , Jazz is grown so fast and held up so strong for me and LIL SAMMIE , her birthday he felt sorry bc he knew she was missing you i asked him whats wrong son he said i know my sissy is hurting, my eyes filled but my head turned and hugged him , please give us the stregnth to get through this his bday is soon and i can imagine the tears hes holding back , when i asked him why he thought sissy was sad he replied cause we all use to go out and eat and stuff and this year we didnt , i explained sissy didnt wanna go out she was ok sitting home , he said thats what she told you , he is so sweet and to think of others always im so lucky , he misses you terribly ,!!! we all do so just keep giving us the push we need to do what we have to do ,, once a marine always a marine , he says that alot ! he wants to be so much like you now , R.I.P. Daddy,Jackson &Renaye
Posted by Lori Gandy on 13th January 2014
Love and miss you so much Rob! The memories of all these years will be held closely and dear to my heart! You will never be forgotten! Love, Lori Gandy (Angel Eyes)
Posted by Lori Gandy on 13th January 2014
Posted by Lori Gandy on 13th January 2014
Gone but never forotten. The memories will always remain in our hearts!
Posted by Pansy Woods on 13th January 2014
rob u r very missed here. we love u very very much.
Posted by Donna Cox on 13th January 2014
Posted by William Hinson on 13th January 2014
R.I.P. Rob Allen you are missed! Thank You for your service and Thank you for the beautiful children that you left behind, GONE WAY TOO SOON!
Posted by Anita Hinson on 13th January 2014
Only a heart beat separates us from those we love, see you on the other side. Simper Fi Marine
Posted by Betty Allen-Martin on 13th January 2014
Robin, It was a terrible day when I got the call telling me you had passed away almost a month before I knew it. Now you are with our 2 children, and I know you are having a great time with them. I know they were happy to see their "Dada" as our son Johnny use to say. I will miss your calls, and your visits when we would go to the children's graves. I am so sorry that I could not be there to say Good-Bye to you, but since I didn't know, I was not given that opportunity. You were a good man that will be missed by many. I Pray God's Blessing on your family. And now my love, Good night and R.I.P
Posted by Coy Jarman on 12th January 2014
Really am missing my "husband in law". Seems like I have known you much longer than the year and a half we we hung out together. I am proud to say we were the best of friends.
Posted by Marcie Kat on 12th January 2014
Love and miss you, Rob!!!
Posted by RENAYE ALLEN on 12th January 2014

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