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99 Trivia Night Friends!

Shared by Pamela Pelino on July 5, 2021
Thursday nights you could find Mom at the 99 Restaurant in Williston Vermont for Trivia Night. She loved her trivia night friends and the 99 staff. She showed up with a pen behind her ear (a Sande Trait) and was always ready to play! She was a bit like Norm from Cheers at 99 because everyone there knew her. When she showed up, she always livened things up. Sometimes, she shared a limerick, but she always brought her fun attitude, infectious laugh and a broad smile. This photo is a toast from a few of her 99 friends. 

Little Red Convertible!

Shared by Pamela Pelino on July 18, 2021
Mom always wanted a convertible. And her favorite color was red. In her mid 30's and 40's she sort of reinvented herself. She started doing things she's always wanted to do, and she bought herself the red convertible she dreamed of. She loved that car. It seemed so perfect for her. In this picture is my Grandfather in the back and my brother, Mike, in the front seat. 

Grannie Graduate! UNH Graduation Weekend

Shared by Pamela Pelino on July 18, 2021
When her granddaughter graduated from college at UNH, Mom went with us to New Hampshire to see the graduation. She went out to dinner with us to celebrate and was wearing Sierra's graduation cap. People started congratulating her and telling her, "It's never too late!" She just went with it and toasted them with a drink! haha

Also that weekend, she was having a little trouble on the long walk to the car after the ceremonies. She ended up getting us all a ride in the police car and of course, made friends with the officer.

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