Girls Trips

Shared by B Cook on May 15, 2019

 Barb, Sandra, and I worked together in Indianapolis.  We became fast friends and had lots of girl trips and so much fun.  Shipshewana, IN; Madison, IN; St. Charles, IL; Lake Geneva, WI; New Harmony, IN; French Lick, IN; and get togethers in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Chicago.  We have so many great memories....most  only to be shared by the 3 of us!!!  Sandra was such a joy and such a bright light.  Always up for an adventure.  She knew more about our city of Indianapolis than I did.  She was always wiling to lend an ear and a shoulder.  We had "coffee" at least once a week....talking early in the morning with our coffee  before our day would get started.  We loved out TV shows and would have to catch up and discuss what happened.  I will miss her terribly.  She was am amazing woman who also has an amazing daughter.

Goodnight Sandra

Shared by Andrew Lazzaro on May 15, 2019

Sandra led a life of resilience and reinvention.  She always made a point to show us that our best days are always in front of us despite the most difficult of circumstances.  Her courage in the face of any adversity was inspiring.  To Sandra, nothing seemed impossible and reinvention was the very purpose of life.  She leaves us all with a powerful reminder that only our thoughts and fears can hold us back.

Always in my heart, always the best reason to visit Chicago, always a shining star of hope and happiness.  Thank you for always being there Sandra.  You will be missed, but never forgotten.


Shared by Greg Kimmitt on May 15, 2019

I had enormous respect for Sandra from the moment she came into our lives. As a teenager, I called her "Sandra" one time and she said "it's Mrs. Papp", but in such a nice, yet firm way that made it so that I never made that mistake again. She would talk to me about many things, giving me advice and guidance in my teen years. I think she could tell that I was still lonely after moving from Colorado and she took the time to help me look at my new life from different perspectives. One of the more memorable conversations I had with her was about college. It was Senior year and I was accepted to UGA Business School. As an athlete-student, I was proud of this accomplishment, viewing it as exceeding my potential just to get accepted. What Sandra helped me understand was that I could do have done better. I took that message to heart and decided to challenge myself in college to do more than just get by like so many of my friends did. Its a perspective I've held onto ever since.

After not seeing her for several years, we had a very nice, long conversation at my step-mothers's memorial reception and it seemed as if no time had passed.  In our conversation, Sandra comforted me once again, allowing me to reflect on the positive of the situation and reflect on the joy of great memories. I am grateful to have had Sandra in my life.  

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