Shared by Laura Massey on September 22, 2015

I will never forget the night we spent by the fire sitting at the picnic table telling stories, jokes, and most of all, the little plastic frog with a wire attached to a deflating pump. We made that frog dance, jump, stand, you name it we did it. That little plastic frog gave us so much laughter we couldn't contain ourselves. My sister loved to joke around and made everyone laugh. She could entertain anyone at any time. Love her so much and miss her so much. That's a given.


Shared by Brian Massey on May 15, 2012
As the fireflies glow,
and the cold harmattan breeze blow,
the lantern you lit these past years,
will continue to illume our hearts soaked in tears.
You left when we needed you most,
but your foes seperated you from gentle ghost.


So many stories

Shared by Tiffany Thornton on October 22, 2011

 My mother, Sandra, Sandy, a woman with such a wonderful array of stories. 

I remember being transfixed as a teenager and young woman listening to stories of her travels in Hawaii, how she was swept under the ocean in a tidal wave, and survived, travels on a helicopter with friends, journies in Nepal, sleeping in a no windows hotel in India with monkies all around her,. an adventurer Sandra was, and thus I have followed suit a traveller at heart, an adventurer a lover of culture. 

My mother and i had our differences, yet we shared many funadamental commonalities, in which my mom was adament in instilling in both my sister and I from a very young age. Love each other, respect others, love nature, love animals, always have a voice and be true to you. Be proud of who you are, and who you become and never, ever let anyone walk all over you. 

As Autumn is amoung us, and the leaves change, the crispness lingers in the air, I reflect often on our time together, the things that made her spirit dance. 

Nature, entertaining, great food, cooking, baking, decorating, friends and family,  a one of a kind for sure, never ever replacable, and I am sure a hostess and entertainer in Heaven.  

Love you.


PS Thank you Laura for deciding to have this created. 


Shared by Brian Massey on October 7, 2011

One of Sandra’s last wishes was for me to play her drum, an extension of her heartbeat one more time before we let go of her.


In The Shadows

I am sailing to the leeward,
Where the current runs to seaward
   Soft and slow,
Where the sleeping river grasses
Brush my paddle as it passes
   To and fro.

On the shore the heat is shaking
All the golden sands awaking
   In the cove;
And the quaint sandpiper, winging
O'er the shallows, ceases singing
   When I move.

On the water's idle pillow
Sleeps the overhanging willow,
   Green and cool;
Where the rushes lift their burnished
Oval heads from out the tarnished
   Emerald pool.

Where the very silence slumbers,
Water lilies grow in numbers,
   Pure and pale;
All the morning they have rested,
Amber crowned, and pearly crested,
   Fair and frail.

Here, impossible romances,
Indefinable sweet fancies,
   Cluster round;
But they do not mar the sweetness
Of this still September fleetness
   With a sound.

I can scarce discern the meeting
Of the shore and stream retreating,
   So remote;
For the laggard river, dozing,
Only wakes from its reposing
   Where I float.

Where the river mists are rising,
All the foliage baptizing
   With their spray;
There the sun gleams far and faintly,
With a shadow soft and saintly,
   In its ray.

And the perfume of some burning
Far-off brushwood, ever turning
   To exhale
All its smoky fragrance dying,
In the arms of evening lying,
   Where I sail.

My canoe is growing lazy,
In the atmosphere so hazy,
   While I dream;
Half in slumber I am guiding,
Eastward indistinctly gliding
   Down the stream.

Pauline Johnson


Sandy the rock of the family

Shared by Laura Massey on October 2, 2011

Sandy was always there to lend an ear. She cared so much about her family that she would drop whatever she was doing to be there for her friends and family. She was a spiritual person who loved nature, art, crafts, special occasions and family get togethers. She was a special person who could create anything from scratch and make a masterpiece. She could create meals that were amazing and sew her own style of clothing like no other. She loved to collect fairies and write stories and poems. She was no ordinary person. She was special and people who knew her will know what I am talking about. She is dearly missed. 

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