This tribute was added by Laura Massey on May 15, 2017
Hello Sandra. It's me, your sister remembering the day that you left us here to travel to another dimension in time and space which we call a Heavenly place within the universe. You will never be forgotten and I am happy we have the ability to see things in our heads as if they were never gone. I can see you smiling, laughing, gardening, making dinner, swimming in the waves at the beach. You look wonderful. I will meet you again in that wonderful universe and we will talk and have tea together. See you soon my dear. I love you.
This tribute was added by Tim Longboat on May 15, 2017
Such a beautiful and special lady! Our lives are all much the less that you have blazed away from us. But Faith always allow us second chances Sandy, and we will be able to hug and laugh with u again one fine Spring day--hopefully with pretty flowers in your hair, which is truly your own creative style!! God Bless your Spirit much cousin, and all your loved ones you've joined and left behind!...:)
This tribute was added by Fay Wright on May 15, 2017
what beautiful thoughts and memories for your sister all these are truly from the heart
This tribute was added by Tim Longboat on September 22, 2016
such a special lady..always sorely missed by all--especially to those in her closest family...wish there was just one more day where I could give u an 'eagle feather' to hang on ur dresser drawer or from a window on ur special birthday---u deserve that honour!...maybe when we meet again in the Heavens...please send us all a message that ur there watching over us all and waiting for that day too when were all together again...then we will all really celebrate, dance, sing, and laugh together walking down that golden street!...God Bless u, Sandy!!...:)
This tribute was added by Tim Longboat on September 22, 2015
Another touching and special day to remember u by Sandy!...such a beautiful lady and so missed by her loving family...just like this moving song says, "Gone Too Soon!" doubt, our loss but Heaven's gain!...our hearts miss your kind and reassuring presence Sandy, but one day we will burn some sweet smelling sage and do a round dance together with our other passed loved ones in glorious Heaven!!....:)
This tribute was added by Laura Massey on September 22, 2014
Still thinking of you every day. Your Spirit soars all around us and I know you are watching over us whenever you can.. I flick through our picture albums from time to time and remember all the good times we had and the laughter we shared. I hope and pray for your future wherever you may be. I love you my special sister.
This tribute was added by Brian Massey on September 22, 2014
Wishing you well on this special day Sandra while you travel through the universe. Till we meet again.
This tribute was added by Deanna Bliuvas on September 22, 2014
Will always remember you Sandra Massey ~ soar high & free
This tribute was added by Tim Longboat on September 22, 2014
A special day for a special lady! i wish I had known my beautiful cousin more so but there is always that "Promise" that the good Lord assures us that we will all be together one day again soon. No doubt we can all burn some sweet grass together in a celebratory way, with her mom, Betty, and my mom, Fran, and reminisce and laugh of special days gone by! God Bless you, Sandy!! :)
This tribute was added by Laura Massey on May 15, 2014
Sandra, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You were a very special sister and I learned a lot of things from you throughout my life. You taught me to appreciate life and to appreciate nature and all the earth has to offer. You were a powerful and spiritual person and your energy still lingers around us all. I love you and miss you each and every day. Rest in Peace my love.

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