mountian stay

Shared by Chuck Dietz on October 14, 2015

Setting here thinking back of the time we spent in the mountians in the cablin in Tennessee. You me Donnie and Angile the day they got married. Times like those and the memories I have of our life together. Even after 8 years of you being gone I think of times like those and get a smile on my face. WE had a good life together even in the tough time we did what we had to and made it work for us.

A little of this

Shared by Tina Dietz on September 14, 2011

Oh my gosh I needed to write you, The girls were trying to whistle with their fingers and havent been able to, so I told them (as having a flashback) picture this you and I coming home after being out doing what we did ...LOL  and making our famous home made pizza ....that was when we could eat whatever we wanted and not worry ....laying on your bed upside down and it took you about 30 minutes to teach me to whistle with my fingers,now I can pass that on to them. It's coming to about the time that we would do our chicago trip you,me shauntel, it's not the same without you ,we have gone once took Crystal whom we love but just not the same.Do you remember the homeless guy (ya right) give me money I have 6 kids to feed really get a job we just seen you leave the liquor store , the walking, the snow falling, window shops filled with their lights and decorations ,our mall trip there ,April lost her purse . Gosh I miss you tons we just had our Birthday I wanted to call you and go to luch like we would and just to say hey Happy Birthday Best friend,but I have to settle with writting it, I love you ,and I will keep up the writting

hotels and sour candy

Shared by Shauntel Marcin on August 19, 2011
I remember staying @ the Ramada with you mom and Devin so many weekends. We would get tons of junk and bum it all weekend. You always would challenge Devin and I to see who could eat more Warheads at one time. You promised money to the werner but mostly I think you and mom just liked laughing at the horrible faces we made. I still think of you everytime I eat one of those candies.
Shared by Lydia Coffelt on August 6, 2011

I can always remember how My Mom and Dad always talked about how happy they were that Chuck had found Sara and they knew she would always make him happy.  They were looking down from heaven with smiles on their faces when the two girls were born.  I remember Sara being by my side when Mom had her cancer surgery in Indianapolis and how supportive she always was.  Will always love you and know you are looking down and shielding all of us from harm.

Love you always

Aunt Lydia

Shared by Tina Dietz on August 5, 2011

The biggest one that sticks out in my head is being in  the room with her when both Maddie and Morgan were born , she was the happiest person on this earth ,I wish everyone could have seen the love in her eyes when they came into this world ,and she continued to love them ,  we use to talk about kids and when we had them and what we would name them and pretty much she stuck with those names ,


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