Your radiance will shine on.

Shared by Prudence The on 15th January 2019

Sarah as a single candle, you lighted thousands in your own unique way.   While l wait for reality to kick in from this bad dream, l will light a candle for you so as to keep your radiance to shine on.

Sleep well baby sis.


Shared by Shuri Mawun on 31st December 2018

I was blessed to go to Germany one summer and just knew I had to see Aunty Sarah while there. I was only there 3 short days, but she jam-packed it with such fun, laughs and joy. I begged her to take me to Berlin and Aunty Sarah dropped everything she was doing, made plans, cleared her schedule and made it a point to not only take me to the Berlin Wall, but also to some of really nice shops which she knew I would like. We chatted along the train ride. I asked her so many questions about her life and life in general. I admired her because I saw her as a gracious, beautiful, generous and humble person who was always so kind. I admired that, and always wanted to tap into that.  

I am grateful for the time she has been in my life and that got to experience some of her light. I am grateful that she came to my graduation, just some of the memories with her that I will always cherish. I am grateful that we were able to talk like friends although she was much older than me. I will miss her dearly, and she will always have a very special place in my heart.

Shared by Dr. Sarah Gwagsi on 29th December 2018


We shared a lot in common while growing up as “Big Sarah and Small Sarah.”  I wish we had more time to do,  and say the things we saved for later, and to correct the things we said to hurt each other. Biggy as I call you, my heart  is heavy for losing someone so special, I am not ready to say goodbye even  when  I know it is a step in life. I will not say  goodbye forever but goodbye for now, and I pray you find tranquility with the  lord  as you Rest In Peace.
                        ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ 
                          Small Sarah
Shared by Lina Dibo on 24th December 2018

I do really miss you and i will always do.You were the senoir sister I never had.We had our ups and downs but one think for sure we did share the love between a senoir sister and a younger brother.Your death has left a hole in my heart.We shall forever miss you.

Shared by Armstrong Agbortabi on 24th December 2018

My Precious Little Sister who could give her Arm and Legs for Me, I am still numb and speechless when I think of your departure from this World. I have decided to hold on to the PRECIOUS MEMORIES we shared together. You touched almost every life that you came across. You will be solely missed by your entire family and friends, Thank you for being my Sister for 44 years on this side of eternity. I am convinced that we shall meet again in the Glorious Kingdom of God.

                                          LOVE YOU


Shared by Taba Eseme on 24th December 2018

All I can say is!!!! "To God Be The Glory"

Sarah, please when you meet my Mom and your Mom who happen to be best friends..... tell them we miss them and will meet again!!!!

RIP!!!!! My Dear Sister

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