Let the memory of Sasha be with us forever
Gone yet not forgotten,
Even thought we're apart,
You will be with us,
Forever in our heart ♥
  • 15 years old
  • Born on July 1, 1996 in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • Passed away on November 6, 2011 in Syosset, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Sasha Safronov, 15, born on July 1, 1996 and passed away on November 6, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Sasha was a vibrant young man with many, many friends. In addition to being a good student, his artistic talents were on full view in the work he created for our drama productions and he was a dedicated athlete. His life deeply touched his fellow students, teachers and staff members at Bethpage High School.


“An angel got his wings, and we’ll hold our heads up knowing that he’s fine. We’d all be lucky to have a love like that in a lifetime.”

"I wanna say all the things I need to say

I won't lie, I'll just tell them honestly
If God can take a friend away from me
Then I can say all I want and he won't do anything
My tongue is weak and every time I try to speak I can't say nothing at all

Sleep well, my friend
There will be another moment we'll meet again
Just let it go

Sleep well, goodnight
You're something to remember
I wish that you were here by my side"



Posted by Mackenzie Pech on November 6, 2015
I thought grief was supposed to get easier and lesser, but it just changes forms. It attacks us when we rarely expect it, shoots through our hearts like a lightning strike and leaves us feeling raw and empty.

But over the years, it's changed forms. It's a shaky process, but the grief goes through series of evolutions, slowly changing from the pain I had from losing you to the love I have from knowing you.
I love you, as did everyone who knew you, you were just that kind of guy. I know things will get easier, but it's a long life we have without you.
Posted by Nicholas Bruno on November 6, 2012
It's been a year Sasha, even though I don't know you, I've heard so many great things about you. You and very well missed and loved. I and you family and friends will meet again one day soon. RIP
Posted by Kayla Castellano on April 13, 2012
5 months. 5 horrible months. and 5 months ago i bought a bracelet. that bracelet has never been taken off. i got kicked out of softball games because i refused to take it off when i was asked. lost points at gymnastics meets. i dont care. nothing will ever make me take this bracelet off. i love you. miss you terribly. see you in heaven one day. fly high<3
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on March 7, 2012
Miss you Sasha <3 love you !
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on January 6, 2012
2 months with out you 3 i dont want to go on for the rest on my life knowing that i couldve prevented this 3 i miss u soo much and i need u right now bc u will always know what to say when i am this upset..i love u always and forever...ur always close by <3 and u will live forever in our hearts.. <3 i love u! <3
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on January 3, 2012
I went to ur house today.. Hey Sasha.. I dropped off something for ur brother and ur mom and dad.. They allowed me into ur house.. And wow! I had to look around to see if ur there cuz I felt ur presence so strongly.. Maxim showed me around and showed me the puzzle u and him made.. Honestly..idk how u could do those huge puzzles.. I can't even do my little 5 yr old sisters puzzle.. Talking to ur mo
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on January 3, 2012
M made me feel better <3 maxim is soo strong..(: he's a spitting image of u..I love it <3 miss u :* love u <3
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on December 30, 2011
i just dropped off the schools newspaper article about u to ur house and ur brother answered the door...wow..how much he looks like u.. when i saw him..it just hit me...all of this is real.. as much as we dont want it to be..it is..and we cant change the fact that ur gone nor can we bring u back...but we will try and stay strong..just for u...happy holidays <3
Posted by STELLA NEOCLI on December 17, 2011
'' Sasha  was an amazing  person and everybody loved him and he was an amazing friend. R.I.P Sasha we miss u and love u
Posted by Vincenza Gabbard on December 16, 2011
"Amazing brother, friend, and son. I have been best friends and neighbors with you for nine years. Forever young, SASHA! Until the other side..."
Posted by Melissa Litterello on December 15, 2011
I miss you so much Alex, you were one of my best friends. We basically talked alll day about nothing. You never failed to make me laugh... "you lost your garbage?" HAHAHAH that was hilarious. I love you, alwayssss ♥ Love, Melissa
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on December 6, 2011
It's 12:00 am on 12.6.11 it's a month with out u Sasha <|3 so many ppl miss u and love u. We cnt wait to see u again <3 love u soo muchhhh <3 ;*
Posted by Nancy S on December 6, 2011
"Even though i dont even know you, but R.I.P."
Posted by Nicholas Bruno on December 5, 2011
Even though, I don't know you, I have heard many good things about you<3 by Giulianna Diakovasilis, she is and will always be your best friend. Rest in peace Sasha. You will always be loved and you wall always be missed. You were a good person.
Posted by Giuliana Diakovasilis on December 4, 2011
Sasha was an and still is an amazing friend,brother, and son. He was always there for others and would try his hardest to make them smile. He put others before himself no matter what the situation was. He was an amazing athlete and artist. He left us doing what he loves, longboarding (skate boarding) Rest in Peace Sasha <3 cant believe its a month on the 6th.love you and miss you <3

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