To my friend

Shared by Nicole White on July 18, 2020
Satish man, what can I say? You were not just a person. You were a light, a fighter, and determined as hell. You made me think deeply and love more deeply than I ever have. You helped shape me into a more rounded person. I want those who didn’t know the “real” you to know that you loved all of your loved your wanted happiness and peacefulness. You wanted silence in a loud world. You craved to be healed from loss. I believe with everything that is in me that you are now at peace and with those that you love and that love you. Although it hurts for those of us here. I know when the son is shining it’s brightest that you are there smiling, laughing, and supporting us here. Fly high buddy! I will never ever forget you
Shared by Michelle Bradford on July 16, 2020
I Love You Nephew! This week has been so hard! But then I find Myself Looking Up To The Heavens And Smiling Because I Know You Are Watching Over Us!! Rest Easy Nephew Auntie Love You!!!!

My Little Cousin ❤❤❤

Shared by Anita Peters on July 15, 2020
Fly High Satish❤❤❤ to my dearest Cousin Kim & Family and Satish friends.. Lean on the Lord and he will give everyone the strength during this time... I remember you and your skateboard in hand with that beautiful smile... God has gained another Angel, tell Paw Paw and Madear and the family in Heaven we love them... ❤❤❤ 

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