Her Life

Hope you are with your aunt

I lost your aunt Kat on Dec. 21st 2013 and your Grandpa on Sept. 1st 2013.  I hope you are all together and watching over us all.  My beautiful angels I love and miss you.

Meant to be mommy's angel

Savanna was born on February 2nd at 4:37 a.m and was 3 and a half months early. She struggled to survive without the help and care of the doctors. They felt she wouldn't make it and decided to not take any special measures to save her. I held her and spent those few hours with her. She passed away around 7:30 a.m that same morning. I can never replace that short time with her and the feeling of her little body trying to breath on it's own. Not only I grieved for her but her siblings also. She has left behind many family members that will always love her.