Her Life

A life so short

Savanna was an unexpected surprise, I did'nt think I was pregnant for the 4th time but I sure was. I was happy and excited to add another to my family. I started having problems in the pregnancy early and was put on bed rest. I found out I was having a girl on January 31st and quickly decided to name her Savanna Hope. Sadly 2 days later I delivered her. She was very small and premature, but still trying so hard to breathe on her own. Although, they chose not to use life saving measures she lived for three and a half hours on her own. She weighed 1 pound and 1 ounce. She had three siblings at home that miss her and lots of family members that also miss and love her. This would have been her 12th birthday. I will always do everything I can to keep her memory alive and always wonder what she would have looked like. Savanna was my last child and surely never will be forgotten. Mommy will always miss you and never forget you!