Her Life
08 More Today Than Yesterday


01 Every Time You Go Away

Paul Young 

10 Heroes

David Bowie 

13 You Wear It Well

 Rod Stewart

01 Your Song

Elton John #2 

For Dane & Dani

1-03 Tiny Dancer

We always liked to take Gichan to nice restaurants for Father's Day & his birthday. Many times we would see famous people at the restaurants.

It was either 1986 or 1987 & we took Gichan to Chaya Brasserie with the Masuda family. It was very crowded.

We were sitting at our table when Elton John walked in with Rod Stewart & Paul Young. :-D

Another time we took Gichan to Spago also with the Masudas. Sylvester Stallone was there.... Kats followed him all over the restaurant. LOL

But I think the time she was most star struck was while she was living in New York. I don't know who she was having dinner with but she called me to say David Bowie & Iman were having dinner in the same restaurant.
She was really excited!

I'm keeping with the music theme because it's easier for me & you both know how important music was to your mom.

The first Elton John song is because of one of your mom's favorite movies, Almost Famous. The second one is for me...

Ai suru

For Dane & Dani

05 If You Really Love Me

Around the same time as the Me & Mrs Jones incident your Bachan took us to Disneyland with her friend Pat & Pat's son Jeffrey.  We had a lot of fun.  That night in Tomorrow Land on the stage that came up from under the ground, we got to see Stevie Wonder perform live.  The three of us were sitting on the ground pretty close to the stage.  I think Bachan & Pat were standing nearby.  We screamed when he started singing this song!  It remains both of our favorite Stevie Wonder song. 

Years later your mom ran into Jeffrey when she was living in Hawaii.  I don't know how they recognized each other.  

For Dane & Dani w/ love, Auntie Shelly

A friend told me I should tell you about your mom outside of being your mom.  So I'm going to try.  Bear with me Dane & Dani...these stories will be in random order.  This one you already know, she was just telling you about it the week before she left us.   I've been trying to make it up to her ever since it happened.
I was 9 or 10 so she was 6 or 7.  She had been saving her allowance to buy a record that she wanted.  When we got to the store she asked me to get the record for her since she couldn't read very well.  When we got home she discovered I had grabbed the song I wanted, Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack.  She was MAD!  Not only was she mad, my song scared her so she couldn't sleep.
Over the years I have given her the song on record, cassette and CD.  I even managed to get the song dedicated to her on the radio once....
 Sayuri, gomen nasai.  Here's your song.
I think she did actually forgive me but liked to tell this story to justify stabbing me in the knee with a pencil.  :)