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Saz Lou Bennett
  • 37 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 23, 1978
  • Date of passing: Apr 22, 2016
Your smile will live on in our hearts forever ,

From a ray of sunshine in our lives to the brightest star in the night sky looking down and smiling upon us 

 L is for the 'laughter' we had along the way.
O is for the 'optimism' you gave me every day.
V is for the 'value' of being my best friend.
E is for 'eternity,' a love that has no end.

"'Till death us do part" were the vows that we made, but we will never be apart, because you live on in my heart. 

With all my love

Oz xxx

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 11th October 2017

"I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with you and then I realized you spent the rest of your life with me. I smile because I know you loved me till the day you went away and will keep loving me till the day we are together again xxx"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 25th September 2017

"Happy heavenly  anniversary love , always in my heart and thoughts till we meet again , i love you  xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 24th September 2017

"❤Always think about you❤"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 3rd September 2017

"Still miss you  17 months on  ,sometimes wonder where i get the  energy to carry on   without you xxx"

This tribute was added by Gill Gordon-Farleigh on 23rd July 2017

"Happy birthday sarah.always missed never forgotten. ⚘"

This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 23rd July 2017

"Happy birthday up there in heaven angel ❤ hope all the hounds are behaving. Its far too quiet down here without you all. I bet its bloody noisy up there ha ha ❤❤❤ xxxx"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 23rd July 2017

"Id like to say Happy Birthday but happy  doesnt seem the right  thing to say when your not here  . Miss you every day , its far to quiet without you . 37 forever love you always  xxxx"

This tribute was added by jim mclaughlan on 24th April 2017

"A year  has come and gone  ,but  you will always be with us all my dear friend ,Hope your having a ball up there and the dogs (your babies)  too ,your often in my thoughts and  yes as you know i will talk to you sometimes too when i look at the picture Oz sent me ,you  were ,are and always will be a good friend who will never be forgotten , and if i manage to slip into heaven when my time comes  well Mrs Tats  big smile will be a great  welcome , miss you Mrs  x"

This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 23rd April 2017

"Hi saz, hope you're okay up there. I bet you've got your handful with Sam, Roxy, Bruno and big D just the way you'd like it. Sending you lots of love Sarah and give the dogs a cuddle from me.
P.s keeping an eye on your Oz for you xxx"

This tribute was added by Michelle Mason on 22nd April 2017

"Love you, miss you, words can't express how much I long to receive just one more phone call from you, forever your sis, michelle xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Clare Lawlor on 22nd April 2017

"I never knew that the day you wandered into my life just how much of an impact you would have on my life. The thing that hurts the most is that I didn't know you longer and I know that I will never have another friend like you. I miss you Saz....see you in the next room. Love you xxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 22nd April 2017

"Miss you just as much today as i have everyday since you left , you were once my wife and soulmate your now my angel and guiding light .
Always in my thoughts , love and miss you Saz  

This tribute was added by Lorraine Day on 22nd April 2017

"Thinking of you today Oz.  
So cruel for life to be taken so young and so suddenly and the first anniversary is so very hard.  
Saz was a lady with a heart of gold and I really feel for you."

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 11th March 2017

"Missing you so much ,  ive not felt your presence  for a while . Love you babe  im sorry  
You allways said i was your rock
Nope lol
You were mine
Love you forever  


This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 19th February 2017

"Hi Sarah, hope you are okay up there and looking after the pups. Give my Bruno a big cuddle for me. I wonder if you've bumped into my nan and grandad yet? Remember when they Got the China tea pot and cups out ONLY for you xxx life's tough down here at the minute being ill and work is shit, A dose of Sarah Lou would be good right now. I visit your Oz every now and then and try to keep an eye on him. If there's anything else you need me to do saz just let me know ❤"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 19th February 2017

"Think of you every day  and will never stop loving you  . Lifes pretty quiet and boring without you  but  we will meet again one day  .Love you  xxx"

This tribute was added by Gill Gordon-Farleigh on 1st January 2017

"Sarah , you are never very far away in our thoughts and will never be forgotten. Wherever you are your smile will light up the day you will be reunited with the love of you life , don't tell him off too much as he's done realy well so far !!!"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 31st December 2016

"Its sad that i go into 2017 alone , i feel like im leaving you behind  its heartbreaking that your not here enjoying  life like you did .  Thank you for everything and for giving me the strength to carry on till we meet again .
Love you forever  
Oz xx"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 24th December 2016

"Missing you this  Christmas  love , lifes  just not the same without you but it goes on like it always will .Ill be raising a glass of you favourite drink over the next few days in your memory and lighting some candles .We will be together again forever one day  until that day ill carry you in my heart and mind .Still cant believe your gone . Love you babe xxx

Those we love dont go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen , unheard ,but always near
So loved , so missed  , so very dear

Sleep well Saz
Love you always  ,  
your  heartbroken hubby  

Oz  xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Jim Mclaughlan on 28th November 2016

"a friend  did a cover of this and on hearing it  i just  thought of you my dear friend ,i know how much you loved to sing so hope you enjoy this"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 16th October 2016

"you showed me what love realy  means , you are the  and always will be the true love of my life . Once in a life time  you meet  someone  that is your true love had i had  honour of meeting you . . Thank you  for letting me into your life and sharing it with me ."

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 24th September 2016

"On a sunny fine spring morning .
Up the stairs i went
happy  tired and hopefull of what future lay ahead
14 stairs in total to wake a sleepy head .

Our future life was looking good
New home and new adventures
We,d even packed up all our stuff
in boxes bags and cases .

Little did i know that day
How life could be so cruel
My wife was gone when i walked in .
An angel lay  instead .

your smiling face ill see no more
Its not the same on pictures .
To hold your hand would mean so much
our love was all our riches .

I miss you love why did you go .
You left us far to early.
but your at peace now just you rest
and call  to guide  me gently

Last words we said ,  i love you
A very fitting end
Our life was full of ups and downs
But stayed strong till the end .

Sometimes i think i see you
Out the corner of my  eye
But when i turn, theirs  no one there
my mind its telling lies

I dont know how ill live my life
Ill cope , you know i will
Your smile and strength will drive me on
Untill we meet again .

Happy Anniversary love
12 years its not that long
Ill shed  some tears and smile a lot
to our special wedding song .

Love you Sarah xxx
all my love
Oz xxxx"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 10th September 2016

"Miss you so much , i realy want to be with you again i dont think i can live on without you for much longer but ill try . You never realised how loved you were . Ill see you soon babe :) love you forever  xxx"

This tribute was added by Gill Gordon-Farleigh on 23rd July 2016

"Happy birthday Sarah X Gone too soon but never forgotten.. You left so many people so many good memories behind. And I'm sure you'll never leave Austin's side and are helping him along especially today .xx"

This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 23rd July 2016

"Hope Sam, Roxy , Bruno and Big D are being good for you but no doubt you've got them all standing to attention anyway lol x"

This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 23rd July 2016

"Miss you so much Sarah. Xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 23rd July 2016

"Remembering the life we shared on what should have been your 38th Birthday , Still cant believe you went so young . Love you Sarah  xxxx"

This tribute was added by Jean Lewis on 3rd June 2016

"Keep walking them dogs up there, always be missed- one in a million. God Bless xx"

This tribute was added by jim mclaughlan on 10th May 2016

"words can never say the joy and happiness you brought to everyone Saz or the kindness and compassion you  had for all of us or the way you made our troubles vanish with a mere hello or a simple smile

my  one regret is we met in person so little  but each time is filled with treasured memories of the wonderful  person and friend you are  

one memory  springs to mind in the small Turkish ran cafe in Blackpool  and you caught me checking out the Turkish waitress and with a friendly punch to my leg said "bad Accie" and burst out laughing which we both did like 2 kids for 5 minutes or so
I also want to thankyou for your friendship and the  help and advice after i took ill and i will do it for you Saz i promise

till we meet again
sleep soundly
dream happily
know despite our tears
your joyful memory will survive the years
all of us patiently wait
till you welcome us at heavens gate

This tribute was added by George Perris on 9th May 2016

"Although I Only Met You a Couple of Times  You came across as a fun filled Woman with a heart of Gold and a Wicked Sense of Humour x x    
With The Babes Now ...... Rest in Peace x x"

This tribute was added by Colin Gordon-Farleigh on 9th May 2016

"Sarah's life was a life full of love. She loved and was loved. Sarah's life was a real love story, one in which she sought confirmation that she was loved and which she found from so many people from amongst family and friends that it's almost too many to count. She wil be greatly missed. However sad we are by her death we have the joy of having known her. Her light will continue to shine as long as people remember her smile."

This tribute was added by Gill Gordon-Farleigh on 9th May 2016

"Sarah, you made my brother the happiest man in the world. And for that I thank you. You were made for each other. Never to be forgotten x"

This tribute was added by Gemma Lewis on 8th May 2016

"i dont know what to put here, how do you put in words what your friendship was and still means to me, yep im still looking up to the sky and talking to you with my phone in my hand expecting you to answer, all i can say right now is i love you you muppet, and please dont ever leave my side, you dragged me up when i needed you and as daft as it seems your still doing that, sweet dreams babes xxxx"

This tribute was added by Wendy Hill on 8th May 2016

"My memories of sarah to me was the day we met up the shopping city runcorn, she told me her cat had just had kittens, then that night oz put them on show ,i thought no carnt have another but sarah kept phoning me saying wendy will u have one well yes i did called her tilly then following week sarah brought her sister down to mine to meet they loved each other and played. so yes thanks to sarah i have my tilly i look at her and thank sarah for my little girl and aswell we both went a concert liverpool to see steps ok wasent my scene but sarah loved it so i have lost a long lost friend i know we didnt chat much but she was always on me fb and i know oz came round here other week to give me tickets for villa match so oz im thinking u aswell my heart with you xxx"

This tribute was added by Paul Wood on 8th May 2016

"Saz U will be missed by alot of people but I just want to say they have taken a lovely an bubbly lady. It was great to meet u an to know u I will miss my hugs but when I see Austin I'll give a big one to him RIP my United friend xx❤"

This tribute was added by Susan Worrall on 8th May 2016

"Bruno crossed over rainbow bridge yesterday Sarah and should now be sat by your side. I know you both loved each other a lot. Look after each other.. Love you Sarah"

This tribute was added by Nannie Jayne McCarthy on 8th May 2016

"I still can't believe your gone the last time we spoke was the Wednesday night before that sad day we were making so many plans as you were moving near me we were so excited. Our pasha is gonna miss her nanna talking down the phone to her and she sends you a sloppy kiss xxx miss you loads sweetheart god bless xxxx"

This tribute was added by Mark Andrew on 8th May 2016

"Even though we didn't know each other that long you made a lasting impression , a genuine person with a heart of gold , I will never forget how we came to meet , at the Fulham game in the singing section where you was giving it to them Fulham fans in the box behind us , had I not changed my ticket that day we would never of met , I'm glad I did because I gained two friends , I keep hearing your voice saying the words "come on Felli" .... Only you could like that big oaf , well I hope he scores the winner in the cup for you now . Thank you for everything you did for me . Rest in peace and keep the red flag flying up there ."

This tribute was added by Shelagh Cunliffe on 8th May 2016

"RIP my sweet Angel. I will cherish the good times we had and the fun we shared when working together. They all thought I was really your mum lol.You were loved by so many and I will miss you Sarah. I will .love you for eternity... You lit up any room with your lovely smile and caring ways. God bless you my darling."

This tribute was added by Lorraine Day on 8th May 2016

"I will always remember you as the lady with a heart of gold Sarah.

So sorry for those you left behind and so very very sorry you had to leave at such a young age."

This tribute was added by Clare Lawlor on 8th May 2016

"I still can't accept you have gone babe. I still expect you to pop up on what's app or really were one of the bestest friends I ever had, always there to listen and offer advice. The world has been cheated by losing you and the day your golden heart stopped beating, this place got a little bit darker. I sit here with tears rolling down my face because it's just not bloody fair....ill always love you Saz, the beautiful girl with the beautiful heart. Till we meet again me darlin xxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Kane on 8th May 2016

"Rip sarah you will never be forgotten will miss you love bexi"

This tribute was added by Chris Murphy on 8th May 2016

"Saz saz saz why did you have to go is the question I'll always be asking. But I guess I'm never gonna get an answer to that now.

I hope you're not causing to much havoc up there in heaven
Sleep well and I'll see you again one day
Rest in peace :)"

This tribute was added by Jimmy Hough on 8th May 2016

"RIP Saz, I remember the times we was all at United shouting the Reds on, Great Times on Ma Scotts bus x"

This tribute was added by Caroline Styles on 8th May 2016

"You walked into my life, and it changed forever. I'll always cherish the good times we had... there were never any bad times. I miss you more than you'll ever know.
I love you more - I'm not arguing with you about it!"

This tribute was added by Oz Bennett on 8th May 2016

"My Love, My Life ,My Beautiful Wife , In my heart forever"

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