Service of Celebration
Took place on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 7PM
@ Family Christian Centre, 160 Dickins Drive, Fort McMurray, AB
Event Stream (available for a limited time) :

Funeral Service

Took place on Saturday, July 10, 2021 - 1:30PM
@ Connelly-Mckinley Funeral Home, 4820 Meridian Street Edmonton, AB T6P 1R3
Event Stream (available for a limited time):

Took place on Saturday, July 10, 2021 - 3PM
@ Our Lady of Peace Cemetery, 4820 Meridian Street Edmonton, AB T6P 1R3
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Posted by Adebisi Osinlu on June 12, 2022
Missing u darling, continue to rest on , Rest in peace,my perfect friend, a sister frm another mother.
Posted by Rita Smith on June 9, 2022
Darling Schola, its so hard to believe a year has gone by already. You are so sorely missed. Sleep on beloved in the bosom of the Lord. ❤
Posted by Nike Adebowale on June 9, 2022
Rest on dear sister, your memory lives on
Posted by Catherine Odubanjo on June 8, 2022
I did not have the pleasure of interacting with you one on one, but so much good has been spoken about you. Your memory is forever blessed.
Posted by Abimbola Sowemimo on June 8, 2022
Rest on my darling friend and sister. I believe you are praising and worship God in heaven. Love you abundantly.
Abimbola Sowemimo.
Posted by Toyin John on June 8, 2022
My darling, you are missed beyond words. Continue to rest on till the resurrection morning. You are loved and treasured. You will never be forgotten.

Love you tons....always, always.
Posted by Faith Erimi on June 8, 2022
A year gone already. Continue to rest well my dear Schola
Posted by Gloria Abada on June 8, 2022
Unbelievable that it is already one year! It still hurts! I miss you. I miss that your smile when you greet us and welcome us to church. I miss not hugging you or saying hello after church service. I miss us not talking about Mary Kay or baking and all the goodness of God in our lives. I miss you Scholastica. I pray the Spirit of the living God comforts and strengthen everyone that knew you especially your immediate family. May they have increased grace for each day. Continue to rest my beautiful friend.
Posted by Ivie Okoro on June 8, 2022
Just like yesterday 1 year gone. Continue to rest in perfect peace. You are dearly missed
Posted by Pina Abubakar on June 8, 2022
Continue to rest in God’s bosom dear Schola Chukwudumebi! I miss you so much!
Posted by Hope Nzurum on June 8, 2022
Scholar you will forever remain in my heart ❤️
Love you sweetheart ❤️
Posted by Adetola Adetunji on June 8, 2022
Continue to rest in peace Schola. Your lovely memories live on.
Posted by Richard Isola on June 8, 2022
Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear to us” Keep resting in peace Scholar
Deola & Richard
Posted by Oluchi Orji on June 8, 2022
My lovely Aunty I still miss you. And guess what someone bears Scholastica in my Office and I just instantly liked her for that and we’ve been cool she’s even my name sake but i insisted everyone called her scholar cos it felt pleasant to the ears and it reminds me of you.
I love you. And keep resting Aunty.
Posted by Idiat Ibrahim on June 8, 2022
Continue to RIP Schola. Can't believe it's a year already.
Posted by Ebaide Aigbe on June 8, 2022
It's been a year,the memories are still fresh. We miss you every day .Rest in the Bossom of christ.
Posted by Evelyn Enaboifo on June 8, 2022
Continue to rest in the lord's glory
..we miss you sis.
Posted by Lynda Ojeagbonye on June 8, 2022
I really can't believe it's one year already because it still feels like a dream. When the yoruba people said iku ba ola je, I didn't really understand the meaning but with your passing that statement meant a lot of things. I now see things I never imagined, I am learning new things daily, though very difficult to swallow but I now realise how impactful your presence was. I am still very lost as to how to go about some of these things but I know and trust that the holy spirit will help me.
Waking up to the news of you death is still the worst nightmare I am yet to wake up from. I can't really express the feeling but I beg God daily to help me. I question God daily, how can it be that the one so impactful in my life, that is the one to be taken away . The truth is I am not really coping well with this new normal but I have realised that there is really nothing I can do about it. I can't shake away this helpless feeling I carry around but I just wear this pain with a smile. Life is totally different.
You were just that binder that held it all together. And now living without you has left that great void that might be impossible for any to fill.
I can only imagine whether you have an idea of what's really going on with us but like I said I only keep asking questions I have no answers to. It's hard, really hard living without you, your calls, your smile, your drama cos you had a lot of it ,your caring for us (our mother hen)..
I really pray that this wound you left can one day heal. Rest on my dear sis cos no amount of words can really say it all.

Posted by Cordelia Robinson on January 28, 2022
Continue to Rest in Peace dear. We love you but God loves you more.
Posted by abimbola sowemimo on January 27, 2022
Hi Scholar mi owon,
Happy posthumous birthday. I just found the guts to write to you today. It still doesn't feel like you are not here. It is like you travelled and I cannot reach you due to bad network, na. I can feel you laughing at me as I type because I am also doing the same. Omo ake ! Like I used to call you.

How was your birthday with daddy over there? I believe it was too beautiful that words cannot describe. I miss you, your husband and children mss you so bad. Yomi and Yemisi still cry but don't worry, they will be fine after some whopping, lol. Are you laughing! 

Okay! I need to go now so that you can continue to rest ore mi Scholastic Scholastica. I will love and miss you forever. I will not cry because you are with God our father who loves and cares. For you the most. Goodbye for now.

ABimbola Sowemimo
Posted by Gbenga Adebayo on January 25, 2022
Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord Schola. God knows best.... and your legacy shall be bright and blessed.
Posted by modelle okeelle on January 24, 2022
Babe! You are irreplaceable ♥ ❤ 
Posted by Idiat Ibrahim on January 24, 2022
Schola...Schola...I miss texting you for you bday this year. I always text whilst you're asleep so you'll wake up to read my message due to the time difference.. it's been hard!

I celebrate you my darling, I'll cherish our friendship forever, I miss you immensely. Happy Heavenly Bday Angel...
Posted by Lynda Ojeagbonye on January 24, 2022
Miss you so much but I choose to celebrate you daily, for the battles you won, the lives you touched,the impact you made on my life and the live of others that crossed your path ,you are a true hero. Live on Scholastica till we meet again. Just know that you are irreplaceable and remembered daily. Love you always. Even Michelle speaks about you almost everyday. Forever in our heart ❤
Posted by Adetola Adetunji on January 22, 2022
Your lovely memories live on. Happy Posthumous birthday Schola.
Posted by Rita Smith on January 21, 2022
Happy birthday dearest Schola. You are sorely missed. Continue to rest on in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Pina Abubakar on January 21, 2022
Dear Schola,your sweet memories lingers,It feels like you aren’t gone at all and want to pick up the phone to sing you a happy birthday song in my croaky voice like I always do.I choose to celebrate you always.Sleep on my dear friend!
Posted by Hope Nzurum on January 21, 2022
Happy Glorious Birthday to my Inestimable Sister and Friend Sky…You will always be loved and Cherished Sweetheart!!!
I believe you can see the state I am and God and you only understand me better!
Happy birthday Sunshine ☀️
Love ❤️ Always
Posted by Toyin John on January 21, 2022
Schola, you are forever loved.

You are always missed.

Happy Birthday in heaven my darling.
Bask on in the wonders of heaven until the resurrection morning.

May God continue to uphold all your loved ones in Jesus' name.

Rest on my darling.
Posted by Gloria Abada on January 21, 2022
We still miss you dearly Scholastica! Always laughing! Always reflecting the joy of the Lord! Continue to celebrate your victory over death at the presence of our faithful God! Our prayers and thoughts to Ademola, and your beautiful girls!
Posted by adebisi adesiyan on January 21, 2022
2dy is my scholastica's birthday,am sure she is celebrating with d lord,happy birthday darling.Missing u a lot .Rest on sweetie.
Posted by Francis DK on January 21, 2022
Thinking of you Big sis!
Posted by Ivie Okoro on January 21, 2022
Continue to rest in peace dearest Scholar. Happy posthumous birthday. You Will forever be in our hearts 
Posted by Edwin Rideout on January 21, 2022
On this very special day I take this opportunity to share the fact that Scholastica continues to be deeply embedded in our hearts. Her infectious laughter and love for God, Family & life will remain with us until we are reunited in Gods Eternal Kingdom! Ademola, Tomisin and Toyosi we send you our love today. Pastors Edwin & Rhoda
Posted by Oluyomi Atobajaiye on January 21, 2022
It’s your birthday my dear friend, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. Continue to rest well in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Margie Peters-Adekoya on January 21, 2022
Happy Posthumous birthday my dear Scholar, It's tough coming to terms with our new reality. But we choose to trust God.
I miss you my dear friend.
Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord till the resurrection morning.
Posted by Teegee Akande on January 21, 2022
Happy post humous birthday my dearest Ore mi.....I can still hear your laughter in my mind when I think of you. I know you are resting well in the Lord's bosom nd basking with joy over there. See you my ear on the resurrection you loads
Posted by Doofan Washima-Mohammed on January 21, 2022
A very happy posthumous birthday my sweet Schols. You are sorely missed and fondly remembered. My life was blessed by your presence.
Posted by Sheeja Vimalan on January 21, 2022
Wish you a very happy birthday. May Lord keep you as close as always. Miss you.
Posted by Jumoke Adeyemi-Taiwo on January 21, 2022
Happy birthday Sis. Enjoy the celebration in Heaven. We miss you loads. Xxx
Posted by Hope Nzurum on July 13, 2021
My darling Skay,
You will forever remain fresh in my heart…all the good times we shared reflecting on how much we are loved and cherish by our hubbies. How blessed we are and our dreams for tomorrow.
As long as the Lord tarries I will carry these memories along in fulfilling those dreams - all
for God’s glory amen 
Rest on Sunshine and see you then ♥️

Posted by Michael Ofuonye on July 13, 2021
Death!Death!!Death!!!,....Death is a debt everyone must pay but to Dumebi,it came as a big shock,am just writing this now cos each time I open this page to write ,I find it extremely difficult to accept this cruel verdict, but then who am I to question the Almighty who gives and ......
Chukwudumebi was and still my niece cos she still lives....
She was practically a baby when my sis(her mum) pick me up to come and live with them at a very young age and since then I and Dumebi were practically inseparable, we were so close and fond of each other to the extent that what I cannot tell or discuss with my sister(her mum) I always see her as a friend I can trust and talk to.
I remember her early years with Lara Day nursery and Primary sch at Ikeja,I usually pick her to and fro the bus stop were her school bus picks and drops her in the morning and afternoon, and she will say ''uncle my legs are aching me pls carry me'' and I will gladly carry her home.
Getting home,will discover that she barely touched her food that was given to her in the morning before leaving for school,and when asked she will say uncle am not hungry, she will prefer to drink cold water which is not good for her health and that is when we always fight cos I won't let her drink it.
Dumebi is not the eating type, so she will always want to bribe me with her own portion of food so I won't tell her mom about her bad habit..''drinking cold water'' but cos of our closeness, I won't tell anybody about it and at the sametime won't let her drink it.
Schola was my 'Padi',my confidant and an ally,and as far as am concerned she can give her life for another.......A GIVER.
Oooh ......Schola I will forever miss you.
Live on my dearest,till we meet to part no more....
uncle Azuka

Posted by Oluchi Orji on July 11, 2021
My Beautiful Aunty Dumdum as I fondly call you I honestly can’t believe you are gone. You where so selfless and amazing and wouldn’t have imagined anything of this sort happening to you. I just believe you’re in a peaceful place with no pain or troubles anymore and that alone make me happy. I will deeply miss you. I still haven’t had a chance to tell mum cos she will be shattered especially now she’s in a fragile state. I do know she will miss you like crazy and we love you soooo much. Thanks for all you did for us. May your beautiful soul rest easy.
Posted by Bim Ogunye on July 11, 2021
Scholastica my dear
I struggle to write this as I was hoping I will wake up from the dream of your demise
Listening to all the testimonials and your husband’s eulogy , I indeed know that you live on . You loved God and you have a way to make people around you to just fall in love with God .
In 2018 , I traveled and left you in charge of my business , you ran it like it was yours. You got everything organized and up till now we use all the templates you created.
Thank you Scholastica for being a dependable friend .
Thank you for those various words of encouragement.
Thank you for the annual back to school gathering that you always organize for your friends children.
We will miss you my dear

Posted by Janet Isola on July 10, 2021

Saying goodnight to you is so hard. Since you passed, I found it difficult to put words together about the time we spent together and the good memories we shared.

Back then when we first met, we connected easily and that had been what we built on before you left us. You are such an amazing lady everyone would love to be around . I remembered all the time we spent together when you would come to my house everyday and your husband would call you after work and you would say take care of yourself. And you would be home soon.
You have never missed any of my family birthdays, without calling and saying Happy Birthday . I could remember April 15th 2021 when you called Jay Bobo to wish him happy birthday.

I could never forget the sacrifices you took after the Fort McMurray fire , when we stayed back in Edmonton. And You drove hours to come around when I gave birth to my boy, you told me to rest and that you will take care of him.

Scholar, your love for others no one can comprehend. Another time when we were moving back to Fort Mcmurray. You took care of my husband for months before we joined him, your family opened your arms wide and accommodated him. You and your lovely husband welcome my family back to Fort McMurray in a way that no one could ever do. You proved over and over that true friends still exist. I will not stop if I want to continue to write about my friendship of life.

How can I forget you Skay? Last week I wanted to register my son into Early entry and as I was filling the application form I got to the emergency contact portion and I realized again that it is not a dream, I can not use your name again, I put the form aside and sobbed for losing a great personality. Heaven gained a wonderful soul!!! 

Scholar, your memories can never be forgotten in my home, we met you and you made a great impact I will surely Love you forever till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus. Woman of prayer, rest on in the bosom of your maker.

May the Lord comfort and be with your loving husband and the girls in Jesus name. Amen
Posted by Oluyomi Atobajaiye on July 10, 2021
My dear friend Scholastica, your death has left me shattered and heartbroken. We've been friends for over 31 years and a friend so dear to my heart. I am really going to miss you! I will miss our several discussions, and your Godly advises. It's so hard typing this about you. I pray that the Lord will be with your husband, your kids and your sisters. Sleep on my lovely Chukwudumebi.
Posted by Itohan Cole on July 9, 2021
Scholar, may your soul Rest In Peace. May God almighty give your husband, kids and your sisters you also talked and cared about the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Adetola Adetunji on July 9, 2021
Schola, little did I know that the bye bye hug I gave you in 2016 at Liverpool would be the last one. The news of your demise was very very painful to absorb. I still remember your beautiful and glowing face when you walked down the aisle on your wedding day. I am comforted in the stories and tributes that were poured out during the celebration of life service on Wednesday. You definitely made an impact on the lives of people and your lovely memories lives on. Adieu my sister till we meet at the feet of Christ where death has no place.
Posted by Ope Adegbola on July 8, 2021
I heard the name “Schola” for the first time from my friend, Lola, about 20 years ago. Since then, all she said about you were great & lovely things. She never spoke as if you were her sister-in-law. You were rather a sister to her.
Some months ago, I needed some advice on something for my daughter. I recall her saying to me without stress that she’d speak to you & get back to me. You were such a person she could go to for advice even on behalf of her friend. Thank you for those tips, words of encouragement & advice. Lola indeed delivered all of your messages to me.

Thank you for being you, thank you for being a sister to my friend. You are greatly missed but we are comforted knowing that you knew the Lord & you’re with your maker.
Sleep on till the resurrection morning Scholastica. May the Lord continue to comfort the entire family you left behind in Jesus name. AMEN.
Posted by Alero Lawal on July 8, 2021
Skay,like my sister would call you loll,met you once when I visited Fortmcmurrray and I could remember the joy and scream of welcome when I stepped into Bola oke home like I have known you forever.You and ur hubby did hosted us to a Lovely lunch and was amazed of such a great cook Demola was. You did kept in touch,you always wished me happy birthday ,you were indeed a special breed. Who would have taught the first time I saw you was going to be the last ???? Hmmmmm but we are consoled that God has called you to home to be with him. Thank you for your Love and care even when you had your battles. I pray the Lord comfort Demola and the girls and ur Sisters. I pray God comfort my sister too becos you sure was the only true sincere friend she had. Rest well Skay Rest well daughter of Zion.
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Posted by Adebisi Osinlu on June 12, 2022
Missing u darling, continue to rest on , Rest in peace,my perfect friend, a sister frm another mother.
Posted by Rita Smith on June 9, 2022
Darling Schola, its so hard to believe a year has gone by already. You are so sorely missed. Sleep on beloved in the bosom of the Lord. ❤
Posted by Nike Adebowale on June 9, 2022
Rest on dear sister, your memory lives on
her Life

Scholastica Lives on

Beautiful, witty, vivacious, fearless – that was Scholastica. A determined soul, she always went after her dreams. She wasn’t afraid of opposition, and she didn’t bother with naysayers. She had a great sense of humour and a hearty infectious laughter. Scholastica was beautiful, inside and out.

The first of four children, Scholastica was born into a closely-knit family who loved her deeply. She was a loving daughter, and a protective and dependable sibling, always looking out for her family and doing her utmost to ensure the best outcomes for them. Losing her parents were harrowing experiences for her, but she bounced back as she always did despite those difficult situations. She was a compassionate yet emotionally strong person who had a heart of gold and was genuinely interested in other people. 

Scholastica was a firm believer in Jesus Christ and enjoyed praying. Her love for God was evident as she involved Him in all aspects of her life. She desired to make people’s lives better, and one of the ways she did this was through her later-in-life career in counselling, which allowed her to bless others with her gift of caring, listening, and wisdom. She had a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Benin, Nigeria and was working on a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling at the Colorado Christian University in the US.

In 1994 as a teenager, Scholastica met her childhood sweetheart and they’ve been together and inseparable ever since. They eventually married and in the years that followed, were blessed with two beautiful daughters. As a wife and mum, Scholastica’s devotion to her family was unparalleled. She loved her husband and daughters immensely, and if you crossed them, you risked being challenged in her unique no-nonsense and say-it-as-it-is manner. Oh, Scholastica was always such a breath of fresh air! 

Gifted with a clever mind, Scholastica approached life passionately, doing what she believed in, working hard and aspiring for great things regardless of health challenges. She was an excellent role model to her children, whom she was very close to. 

Scholastica’s determination and will to live was admirable; she was never one to give up without a fight. Her passing on can only be because God called her home. She lived her life on earth to the fullest and, no doubt, will continue to do so in eternity. 

Live on, our beloved Scholastica Adeyemi (nee Dike). 
Recent stories
Shared by Omobolanle Okanlawon on July 10, 2021
The last time we spoke was one of the few times I had the privilege of talking to you. It was as if I had known you for years! Your reputation as a child of God precedes you; but God does not care about reputations (right standing with men) - he cares about your heart and soul - and yours was filled with love for God and compassion for His creatures. You have won sis!
Shared by Faith Erimi on June 20, 2021
My dear schola, it is hard to believe that you're no more with us, but I know for a fact that you're  in heaven resting in the bossom of the almighty. Thank you for being a wonderful sister, friend and colleague. Thank you for the lives you impacted while on earth. You were such a rare gem. Your smiles, laughter and meekness would forever remains. Sleep on sister, till we meet on the resurrection  morning. Goodnight!!!

Rest In Peace

Shared by Oluwafemi Akinrelere on June 19, 2021
Sis Scholastica, you have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for you the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to you on that Day. May God comfort the entire family at this time in Jesus name. Amen