His life was too short, but his living and loving was SOOO BIG!
  • 55 years old
  • Born on June 19, 1958 .
  • Passed away on August 30, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Scott Gause 55 years old , born on June 19, 1958 and passed away on August 30, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Taylor Gause on 30th August 2018
Hey dad! Thinking of you today and every single day. Im doing good, even on the bad days, as your sense of humor and love always finds me. Love and miss ya so much always!
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 30th August 2018
Five years, how is that possible? Life moves on, it does, it has to. But I’m sure you know that you are still so missed. Our daughter is coping the best she can and is surrounded by so many people that love her. Give her some boosts when you can! Save us a place at the fun table Lynnette
Posted by Susan Wiersema on 19th June 2018
Happy Birthday Scott! Think of you so often! You are a hard hole to fill! Love you!
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 17th June 2018
Happy Father’s Day Scott. Time here seems to fly by. Taylor is 30! I can’t believe our daughter is 30. How can that be? I remember her being born like it was yesterday. Know she is loved by so many people and we feel her loss missing you. Today and everyday. Save a place for us at the fun table Lynnette
Posted by K G on 6th November 2017
I took a life drawing class this past year, and for our first assignment, we were told to draw something from our memory without a photo. With you on my mind that day, I began to draw your face- just the outline, but I couldn't find the means to conjure up even the vaguest of details. I couldn't even remember the placement of the brown speck in your eye. I left the room and cried that day because at that moment, I also realized that I was beginning to forget the sound of your voice. Every year goes by, and I continue to lose more and more pieces. How can so many faces become displaced amidst one person’s thoughts, even the ones we’ve seen so many millions of times? The images that live in our memory may fail us but I've found that words are much more difficult to forget. You told me to never sell myself short, that I was intelligent, and that my education would take me far. Thank you for your faith in me and your endless kind words. Love you forever, Kate
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 31st August 2017
Hi Scott, my post didn't go thru yesterday. Up north connections stink. Just know you are missed! Our daughter is 30 and every day so proud of her. Save a place at the fun table for everyone!
Posted by Taylor Gause on 30th August 2017
Hey dad! Just got back from celebrating my 30th in Vegas! I felt ya with me the whole time there! I think about ya and miss ya every day. Love ya always dad!
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 19th June 2017
Happy Birthday Scott and Happy Father's Day! It's coming up on 4 years since you've been gone. That does not seem possible. Know you are missed. Taylor will always need her dad.
Posted by Taylor Gause on 30th August 2016
Hey dad! I miss ya every damn day and will love ya always!
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 30th August 2016
Hey Scott, I'm sure time doesn't matter where you are. Here time and life marches on. Our daughter turned 29 this year! Time has gone too fast it seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. Today please send Taylor peace and comfort. She is the very best of both us and everyday I'm so proud of her. Send her peace and comfort today. She lost you way too soon. Keep the party rockin and save a spot at the laugh till you cry table. Know you are missed. Lynnette
Posted by Susan Wiersema on 30th August 2016
Love and miss you! Think of you everyday!
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 19th June 2016
This is the year that my birthday is on Mother's Day and your birthday falls on Father's Day. I always thought that was a weird little coincidence that most likely means absolutely nothing. So Happy Birthday Scott and Happy Father's Day. I think our daughter is doing the best she can. She's strong, sensitive and at a really young age gets what's important. Loss has a way of setting your priorities. Know that you are loved and missed so very much by our daughter. Save a place at the fun table. Lynnette
Posted by Michelle Troxell on 31st August 2015
Always remembering and missing Scott, and quite often speaking of his wisdom and witty humor. Lisa, I hope you and your family are doing well, and I'm sure carrying on his spirit!
Posted by Susan Wiersema on 31st August 2015
Miss you Scott!! There is a big void here without, but I know you are in a great place and feeling good! Love you!
Posted by Lynnette Tripp on 19th June 2015
Scott know that our daughter is doing great. She's smart and kind and her sense of humour is spot on you . I think of you often. I know you fought so hard to stay here. But you can rest , I'll do my best to keep Taylor safe. Keep the party rocking!
Posted by Michelle Troxell on 19th June 2015
Happy Birthday Scott! We at Distributech miss you dearly. There is so much going on that you played a huge role in. All of your great ideas, leadership and humor are sorely missed. Lisa - hope all is well for you and your family. Distributech Family
Posted by Michelle Troxell on 2nd September 2014
Distributech personnel, always remembering and continuing to miss Scott.
Posted by Brad Lyons on 2nd September 2014
Hey, my friend! I still think of you more often than not! Missing your unbelievably funny sense of humor and friendship. I know you're in a better place and I'm a lucky guy to have had you as such a great friend and mentor! Keep resting in peace, dude!!
Posted by Lisa Gause on 31st August 2014
I know that Scott is doing well. I know that he is fine. I've sent a lot of love out today and in the last few days overall. He was my best friend and will always be in my heart. We had so many good times. I'll remember the joy more than the pain. That's what Scott would do.
Posted by Taylor Gause on 30th August 2014
Hey dad! It's been a year, I really can't believe it. You are missed terribly but doing ok. I don't really know what to say except I love ya so much and miss ya always and forever! I only hope you are happy and at peace! Love ya!
Posted by Michelle Troxell on 9th April 2014
Lisa - I read your post from January, and that is exactly as I imagined yours and his relationship. He worked hard, but was always anxious to get home to you, and assured that nothing would prevent him from being there. I have a very similar relationship with my husband, and I believe because I knew you and he had such a wonderfuly relationship, respect and love towards each other, it struck me harder than him just being my boss. I could only imagine how difficult it would be to continue as one person, when there was always the two of you. I just wanted to visit this site today, as I've really been missing him. He always made me feel like I was capable of anything and always encouraged me to do my very best. With that, today, I'm feeling really lonely because of several struggles going on with Indianapolis market and just Distributech in general and I realized, even though he gave me courage to perform well at work, I still relied on him so much for keeping my chin up and he always provided me some profound advice, and would end it with something funny, to keep my spirits up. More than anything, I wanted to let you know that he's not been forgotten, as his name comes up quite often during work conversations, and it is ALWAYS great things that are being said. Hope you are doing better, and continue living with the same spirit you and he had together. I don't doubt for a minute that he is still watching over you. Michelle
Posted by Lisa Gause on 14th January 2014
I don't know who I'm really writing this to because Scott can't read it. I guess I'd like to express how I felt about Scott and our life together. I didn't say anything when he first passed because it was too painful. I think that I can do it now. We were very much in love, even after 10 years. We would look into each others eyes for about 5 minutes every night before we turned out the lights and went to sleep. We really liked each other's faces and never got sick of looking at each other. Scott had a little brown fleck in the hazel part of his eye. I've never seen anyone else with that. I loved Scott to the core and still do. I know he loved me deeply too, I'm grateful for having experienced such a good, true love. It's what everyone wants in life and I'm happy to have been a part of a very cool union. Scott was always a good husband and my best friend. It was hard not having him here for Christmas, but the normal, everyday stuff is honestly more difficult. Whenever Jeopardy is on I wish that he were here lying on the couch with me watching it. He was really smart and pretty darn good at Jeopardy. I wish there were a phone that went to heaven because I still have a lot to say to him. I'm sorry that our time together was so short. Scott taught me a lot about life. He was a truly good hearted person and the eternal optimist. He always saw the best in people. He was honest, fair and loyal. He was generous with his time and money. Any time that he could help someone he would. He was incredibly smart and had a great work ethic.He was always trying to do the right thing. He was a great father and thought the world of Taylor and Katie. He was not self centered in the least and never complained. Even through all the pain and suffering that he endured with the cancer, he never, ever complained. Truly unbelievable. We had a great life together. When it's my time to leave this Earth, I will be far less afraid or resistant because I know that he will be there to join me and show me around.
Posted by Kristy Crawford on 7th October 2013
I'm so so sorry to hear about Scott's passing. I am his cousin. I only saw him during our trips to Iowa (from Maryland), but were the same age and had fun. I have a picture of the two of us sitting together in a chair, when our feet barely reached the end of the seat. Sorry for your loss. Kristy Crawford
Posted by Jeff Engstrom on 16th September 2013
So sorry for your loss, Lisa, I was devastated when I heard about Scott. I left a few snippets of stories here to give you a glimpse of what it was like to grow up with Scott. My deepest sympathy for the whole Gause family.
Posted by Andrew Perlin on 11th September 2013
Lisa, I am sorry for your loss. Scott worked for me for several years. He was one of my favorites. Always one of the best personalities to be around. He reminded me of Dennis Miller. My prayers to you and your family.
Posted by Brenda Hunting on 10th September 2013
The Gause family, My family and I are sorry to hear of Scott's passing. Twice we are saddened by his loss. We were blessed while he was a part of our family, and comforted that we shall meet again. May the Lord bless you all and give you His peace. In His Grace, The Hunting' s Brenda Randy Ramsey, Shanna Barry Addyson Nelson
Posted by Terrie Dirks Trudeau on 10th September 2013
I am Taylor's aunt Terrie. Scott was my brother in law. I am so very sorry to hear of Scott's passing. I have so many amazing and funny memories of him. One of my favorites is-I said to Lynnette and Scott we can stroll along and window shop for a while, Scott said I prefer to frolic while window shopping and he DID! Your pictures show great love and that is truly what it is all about.
Posted by Michele Carden on 9th September 2013
Lisa and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. I had the privilege of working with Scott for the past several years. He was a wonderful boss and a great leader to our region. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Mark Avers on 9th September 2013
Lisa, I have known Scott for over 15 years, he was my boss for 10 years. He was a great boss, great person but most importantly, he was a great freind. He was also a funny person. When we would spoke with each other he would always use the word dude. He will truly be misses by all. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Posted by Sarah Curry on 9th September 2013
Dear Lisa and family - I am so very sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of working with Scott for 14 years. My favorite thing about Scott was his wry wit. He had a way of making a joke that would just sneak up on you and make you chuckle long after.. I love all of the pictures of your family and loved ones. His was obviously a life well lived!
Posted by Didier Wunaki on 8th September 2013
The blow has been hard, the shock has been severe. Only a couple of months I have worked for Scott but he has left an indelible mark on me. Gone too soon! He is missed, he will be missed. May he rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Tim Mcewen on 8th September 2013
I was fortunate to have Scott as a boss for many years. I learned a lot from him, respected him, and considered him a friend. His insight still guides me in sales presentations. He will be greatly missed. Tim
Posted by Bret Custer on 7th September 2013
Scott was highly creative, wildly entertaining, with a sharp wit and a knowing smirk that saw right through me. All he let in to his life were made better. We were fraternity brothers. He made me laugh so hard I would cry. Lisa, you must be amazing or your two would not have been together. So sorry for your loss. Signed by The Colonel.
Posted by Bill Schmidt on 7th September 2013
I had the privilege of working with Scott for a long time. He and I ran larger sized regions, and spoke often, very often. We enjoyed bouncing our staffing concerns off one another, and for some reason, although the call might have started with deep conversation, we always found a way to end it with a laugh. I’m already missing those conversations, as well as his “yeah, yeah, yeah”.
Posted by Eric Braunreiter on 7th September 2013
Scott saved my life once. I had the pleasure of working with Scott from Milwaukee as well as in Indy. He always stressed to me to make sure family was first. He always had an answer to a question whether it was work related or not. I will always remember shortly before I left Indy, meeting up with Scott and Lisa at melody inn. There will never be enough good things to say about him. Thanks
Posted by Gary Reinwald on 7th September 2013
Scott was a wonderful addition to our family, and will be greatly missed. l was happy to learn that the 23 Psalm was his favorite verse from the bible and that it brought him comfort and peace, His peaceful passing was a testiment to his confidence in that verse. For those who know HIM you never have to say goodby, just l'll see you later. Love you Lisa.
Posted by Kirk Gary on 7th September 2013
I only knew Scott 3 years from back in the college years at the delta house! He always had the funny great smile and smirk! We always had nicknames for guys and Scott's was Newton! He was a great friend the little time I knew him and will always be remembered by alot of friends from the delt house!!
Posted by Kari Heavin on 6th September 2013
Scott was such a kind man who always made me laugh regardless of what was going on at the time. He will truly be missed. Kari Heavin
Posted by Mike Rhein on 6th September 2013
Lisa, I worked for Scott for over 5 years. Knowing Scott made me a better man. If it can be truly said that the measure of a human heart is not in how much one loves, but rather in how much one is loved, then at least in part this is your husbands measure. By us in the Midwest Region, Scott is deeply loved, and he is greatly missed. Kindest Regards, Mike
Posted by Taylor Gause on 6th September 2013
Hey dad, Here's to you and hoping I can make you proud everyday. That I can find your strength when I'm weak. I can keep your sense of humor, even when I step in cat shit. And live a life worth fighting for as hard as you did!! Love you so much and miss you always!
Posted by Don Karbowski on 6th September 2013
In my 15 years of working with Scott, I will always cherish his witty sense of humor and the way he cared for his family and the people he worked with. Watching Scott handle his illness the past year was remarkable. He never once complained or pushed his pain onto anyone else. I learned more from Scott than I could've of ever taught him. He will be greatly missed!
Posted by Brad Lyons on 6th September 2013
I will miss Scott forever. Robin and I are heart broken beyond belief. I will take his attitude, sense of humor and laughter with me where ever I go. Love you, buddy. Glad you had Lisa and your family to love! Wait, come back, we're not done having you with us!
Posted by Jeff Rubush on 6th September 2013
Lisa, Scott and I worked together for 8 1/2 years here in Indianapolis. He not only was my boss, but a good friend that I enjoyed talking too. Scott always had great stories to tell that would lighten up the work day. He was a great mentor that helped me get to where I am today. I'm so sorry for your loss and he will be missed. Jeff
Posted by Michelle Troxell on 5th September 2013
Lisa, My prayers are with you and family. Scott was honestly the best boss I have ever had. He was so very dedicated to his work, but as well, he was very dedicated to you and family. I can't express how much I admired and respected him. His absence leaves a void, that can never be filled. If there is anything you need, just ask. Michelle
Posted by Jane Sandlian on 5th September 2013
I didn't know Scott well, but I do Lisa. She loves him very much. He was a great husband, friend and father. May he rest in peace, our thoughts are with all who miss him. Lance and Jane
Posted by Julie Crooke on 4th September 2013
Enjoyed seeing all the great pictures! We love you Scott and will miss you! Val, Julie, Kya & Kenzie
Posted by Gary Reinwald on 4th September 2013
Lisa, you couldn't be more right about you and Scott squeezing a lot of living into 10 years. The great photos of you guys helped remind me to actually live and experience, not just get caught up in life's daily grind. We love you. Gary, Emily, Andrew, and Lucy
Posted by Bob&Susie Gearhart on 4th September 2013
Lisa Although Susie and I never met Scott, We heard so much about him it was like we knew him. Surely he will be missed by all, You and Katie will be in our every prayer, Love Bob&Susie
Posted by Lisa Kelly on 4th September 2013
Lisa, Taylor and Katie, it has been difficult watching Scott and your family struggle this last year. Seeing the hospice nurses and an occasional ambulance next door has been heart-wrenching and your family has been in our daily prayers. We've "shared our driveway" for 10 years now and we have felt helpless during Scott's illness and death. We're here if you need ANYTHING! <3, The Kellys
Posted by Carrie Howery on 4th September 2013
We were so saddened to get your call on Friday. Know that we are here if you need anything. We will keep you in our prayers. Hold on to the memories as they will keep your heart dear. Matt, Carrie, Madison & Emma

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