Scott~Our hearts will hear the echo of your love and laughter forever~
  • 50 years old
  • Born on October 26, 1961 in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on June 30, 2012 in Randolph County, North Carolina, United States.

This tribute created in loving memory of Scott Edwin Wade. He was a loving father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend to many. He leaves behind 2 adult children, Amanda and Brandon, his father, Charles, sister, Karen, brother, Keith, and his favorite cousin, Kenny - always together, even until the end. He always had a ready smile for everyone and his laughter was contagious. If you knew him years ago or just recently, he hadn't changed much, what you saw was what you got. His sense of humor kept him telling jokes and finding something to laugh about in everything. His death left an emptiness in many but hopefully soon that can be filled with all the wonderful memories of his life and legacy. He would want it that way for sure. Remembering you today and always Scott - RIP.

Posted by Ryan Wade on 26th October 2013
I love you uncle Scott!! I never thought that you would be gone. I wish we was sitting at a fish camp somewhere getting some fish. I love you and miss you uncle Scott! Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Sherrie Del Rivero on 31st August 2012
I just remembered when you told me a crazy story about Asian women's anatomy and laughed out loud about it. That's what you did all the time....even when things were hard, you made the best of it and laughed through it. Thanks for that memory and for what you gave by just being you. Peace be with you, RIP ...miss ya and love ya...Sherrie
Posted by Iris White on 23rd July 2012
Scott, I just learned from your family that you gave the gift of sight to another by donating your beautiful eyes to them. How generous that was Scott but it doesn't surprise me at all because you were just that way generous and giving even after you left this life for the better one that we know you are enjoying now. May you always RIP and always know we love you.
Posted by Ryan Wade on 11th July 2012
I miss you so much... I sit around and think about how i could had been around more and it hurts me so much know that you gone. i know we will be together one day in heaven. But i can say that you will be missed on this earth. i know that many people love you and miss you so much. And i am one or them people that do. But i just wanna let you know that i love you and i miss you. <3
Posted by Karen Ferguson on 5th July 2012
Scott I just believe you are gone. Its. going to be so lonely around here with out you. I love you and going to miss you so much..
Posted by Tommy Hunter on 5th July 2012
Scott words can't say how much i will miss you,your smile all the junk we talked and Little River and our gulf stream fishing will never be the same.Thank you brother for always being one of few true friends to me,love you and will always think and remember our great times.RIP Scott your big buddy.
Posted by Karen Vickers on 5th July 2012
Scott, I can't believe you are gone. You were like a brother to me years ago and I hate that we didn't stay in touch. I still love the Wade family with all my heart and think of them often. May you rest in peace brother and I will be praying for Amanda, Brandon, Karen, Keith, your dad and the list goes on...I just wish you could "pick" on me one more time :) Miss you brother.
Posted by Sherrie Del Rivero on 5th July 2012
Remembering his kind-hearted spirit and loving nature. "Mourn not the cocoon........the butterfly has flown." Now and forever the wind beneath our wings.
Posted by Sherrie Del Rivero on 4th July 2012
I loved you Scott. Can't believe your smiley face won't be there to meet us at the door! You took a piece of mine and my children's heart with you. Be in peace.
Posted by Iris White on 4th July 2012
Scott, I hope that wherever you are tonight that you know the deep impression you made on all the folks you left behind and how much they loved you. Your Dad and Barbara, Jimmy and Karen, Keith and Vicki, Amanda and Brandon and all your dear friends will forever remember those eyes and that smile. We loved you in life and we love you now....RIP
Posted by Jimmy Ferguson on 4th July 2012
My heart breaks tonight for your family that have shown over the past few days just how much they love you. I'm especially proud of your kids and I'm pretty sure that you were too. I know that our lives will return to normal again after this, but across the miles tonight I hope you know that for a time, your were a great part of us all. God's speed to you. I'll be there in time.

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