Shared by Peter Dawson on 15th December 2018

In medical school, Scott's classmates chose him as a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society for his dedication to humanistic and compassionate care.

I wrote a letter to the Dean of Admissions recommending Scott and I precepted him for a year at Peoples Clinic.  He said last June that he was glad he had gone through his training because he had been able help people during his training and year of practice.  I'm glad for that too.  Would that the world could have had his help for longer.  What a fine man!

Comments from Princeton Friends

Shared by Ned Elton on 28th November 2018

These are notes I got from Scott's Princeton friends as I kept them up to date on the situation.  Ned

I think we will all remember Scott as a great friend, always with a smile on his face like in the pic that was shared. He is surely in a better place and we offer our deepest condolences to Bettina and the Koski family. - Mike Havig ‘87

Thanks Ned.  Appreciate you keeping us up.  We lost a great Tiger.  RIP Best, Mark Von Kreuter ‘85

Scott was a great man and we are lucky to have learned so many lessons from him as to how to live a good life and be a good man.  I am so sorry that he left us at such an early age.  But, I am grateful to have been his friend and to have learned so much from him.  Please keep Betina and his sons and family in your thoughts and prayers. - Brian Hetherington ‘85

God bless Ski and Bettina and the whole family - they are all in our prayers.  Best regards, Shep (Ed Rogers) ‘87

The world is smaller without you, Ski. You'll be missed, but I'll look forward to catching up with you somewhere down the road. - Jim Barnds ‘87

Scott was such an important part of my life.  I don't know how I could have gotten through freshman year without the "Bama Boys". Attached is a picture of Scott freshman year in Hamilton Hall.  I made sure Scott had this picture before he passed.  We had a great group of football players in Hamilton Hall with Scott, Dave Sawyer, Jim Barnds, Mike Harrer, Steve Benninghoff, Wally Haynes and I.  God bless Scott and his family.  He will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am a better person for being his friend and a friend to all of you as well. - Brian A. Casazza ‘87

God bless you Scott!! You are in a better place now. You were a Tiger, fighting to the end!! We were all blessed to know you in this journey called life! Your spirit will live on in all of us! Life is so short and I have been blessed to know all of you guys and share life with you as a fellow Tiger!! - Rick Blosser ‘86

Scott’s big smile that will be forever etched in our memory. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m thankful Scott was surrounded by family and friends in his final hours.  Sending love and strength to Bettina and and his family. - Stephania Bell ‘87

 Will pray for peace for Bettina and their entire family. Regards, Charles Corpening ‘87

Thanks for the picture, Ned - so easy to remember Ski with a smile.  God bless him and his family. - Brian Wiley ‘87

That is the picture of Koski I will remember - thanks for sharing and we are sending prayers - Matthew Whalen ‘88

Thanks, Ned.   Even though you’ve prepared us for this outcome, it’s still hard terrible news to hear. Very sad.  God bless. - Paul DeMuro ‘87

Will be thinking of Scott and the way he battled this deadly disease. My prayers are with Scott and his family. Steve Verbit |Senior Associate HC, Defensive Coordinator/D-Line, Princeton University Football

 May God bless Scott.  Our thoughts are with you Bettina.  - Lee Hobson ‘87

Godspeed, Scott.  Betina and her family are in our prayers.- Brian Campbell ‘87

God bless Scott Koski! We lost a great Tiger today! Lorne Keller ‘86

I am thankful today that I got to know Scott. I am richer for it. God bless Scott and his family. - John Few ‘85

God bless Scott - Anthony DiTommaso ‘86

God bless Scott and his family. - Steve Simcox ’84, Head of Princeton Football Association

Thanks for sending the news, albeit sad. He put up a brave fight. - Kristen Lamendola ‘87

God Bless - Dan Morehead ‘87

Godspeed Scott!  Ned, there are many things we cannot control in our lives (as you know well), but being there to support a friend is one we can.  Thanks for being such a good friend to Scott and to all of us.   - Peter Askey ‘85

Kevin A, Tony Bonevitch, Rob DiGiacommo, and now Ski. Hug your loved ones boys. Tomorrow is promised to no one. - Tim Dockery ‘87

 I guess it’s beyond our comprehension when things like this occur. We will pray for him and his family. - Mark Maraschiello ‘87

Sucks.- Richard E. Gordet ‘87

Heartbreaking to hear this news. - Sean Brennan ‘88

Really sad news… Jim Petrucci ‘86

Fuck. What a gut shot. I haven’t seen or heard about Scott in over 20-25yrs but just thinking about him brings a smile to my face. Chal Taylor ‘85

Such tough news. - Rusty Warren ‘88

This sucks - Pete Milano ‘88

Koski is an animal. A Tiger. A survivor. Go Tigers - Mark Berggren ‘85

I also got notes from Andy Burgess '87 and Paul Robertson '87. Paul shared memories and a photo. 

Shared by Lana Beissel on 27th November 2018

When Jim and I announced that we were going to get married, we were actually at the Koskis' house. Amidst all of the congratulations, and the jokes about "the old ball and chain" about how neither one of us would ever have any freedom again, Scott pulled me aside for a moment. He put his arm around me and leaned down and said "Being married is great! It's the best thing you'll ever do. You're gonna LOVE it!" 

That little moment had a profound impact on my outlook going into my marriage. Of course I was excited to get married, but Scott made me realize that when you are with the right person, you will be excited to BE married! It was such a beautiful reflection not only of the type of person Scott was, but also of his marriage to Betina, which has always been such an inspiration for me. 

Scott has given all of us a lot of life goals to live up to. I am filled with gratitude, to have had his influence in my life. 

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