This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Scott LaVielle.  We celebrate his life in so many ways - - his 38 years in fire department service and his lasting impact on family and friends.  May his memory be a blessing to all.
Posted by Martha Dawson on February 26, 2021
A public Memorial Service will be held to honor Chief Scott A. LaVielle on March 13, 2021 at 11:00 am at New Life Church located at 15711 152nd AVE SE Renton, Washington 98058.
Posted by Stacy Brown on February 24, 2021
From the time I started at Tumwater PD until the day Scott left, he was nothing but a kind, friendly, professional. Scott always had a big smile on his face and always made you feel like he valued your time and what you had to say. He was a big presence and will be missed.
Posted by David and Ann Lamb on February 24, 2021
Our hearts are heavy, our thoughts and prayers are with you Jenn, Brandon, Alex, Sam and your precious families. We are here for you, standing by your side for whatever you may need.
We will forever cherish our memories with Chief, remembering him every time we are on the links, visiting a winery, at a Chateau concert, collecting a challenge coin or a hearing a Chicago song.
Words alone cannot describe Chief, larger than life, humble, caring, patient, kindest, most giving heart person with a large portion of humor.
When you were with Chief, you felt like the most special person in the room.
Until we meet again Chief.
Posted by Tim Zimmr on February 22, 2021
My deepest condolences go to Jennifer and the rest of Scott's family and loved ones. Though I did not know Scott well, I knew him for over 20 years. What was clear, though, was that Scott was a gift to the world on such a huge level that few could truly grasp the full grandeur of his being. Every time I saw Scott I immediately felt better, more inspired and grateful. I know the work Scott did was angelic and he deserved all the praise and good will that came his way. Scott is already deeply missed and my heart and prayers go out to his family, loved ones, community and peers that held him in their hearts and to those he held in his. May your spirit be at peace, Scott, and may heaven do you justice. Jennifer, we are always here for you. With love, Tim
Posted by Sheila Phillips on February 22, 2021
My deepest condolences to Jenn, the LaVielle family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss and I pray that you all are surrounded in love during this challenging time. Scott was such a great guy and a gentleman. He had such a wonderful presence and awesome spirit! He will be missed.
Posted by Jordan McCann on February 22, 2021
What an honor to have known this most incredible man. Scott celebrated life with overflowing love and service to others. He was a gentle giant with a heart of gold and innate magic of humble leadership that made him a role model in all that is most important in life. He understood the power of love and shared it with never-ending generosity. He was a pure blessing. His legacy and loving energy will live on in my heart and I know his beautiful spirit will remain guardian to all of those he loved so dearly. I will miss him for the rest of my days and feel inspiration to pass on what he so lovingly taught. Sending my heartfelt love to Jenn, Brandon, Alex and Sam … and to all of those lucky enough to have known this most amazing man. 
Posted by Tysan Dutta on February 21, 2021
Your visits brightened the days of the entire staff and we will miss seeing your smiling face and hearing your goofy jokes so much. Our love to Jennifer and your family and sending prayers to everyone.
Posted by Carly Duke on February 21, 2021
Words cannot explain how devastating this loss is for all that knew and loved The Chief. He gave us so much love and laughter in his life and I was blessed to know him for the last 10+ years. Being around him was an experience, like paling around with a real life Super hero. His personality was like no one I have ever met and he just blew me away with the things he said and the way he treated everyone he encountered like he’d always known them. Scott gave me one of my best friends, his son Brandon aka BLaV and I will be forever thankful to him for that. Their relationship was something everyone dreams of; they supported one another, built each other up, grew and laughed, laughed, laughed together. 
We will all miss Scott everyday, but I see his smile and I hear him say “I missed you!”. He had so many one liners and we will keep saying them and keep his spirit alive in all of us. We should all strive to be more like The Chief and just love each other! Rest In Peace Chief, we will take it from here! Love you and miss you, say hi to our other loved ones for us-I’m sure my mom had a big glass of fine wine for ya!!! ❤️
Posted by Evan Garrard on February 21, 2021
It is hard to put into words all that Chief was and meant to me. He was a shining example of what a man can be. An amazing father to his children, a loving husband to his wife Jenn, and outstanding friend to so many. I am fortunate to have met a man as wonderful as the Chief, to have him as a friend. I am lucky enough to work with two of his children, Brandon and Samantha, so I still get to be around a part of him everyday. Definitely going to miss his giant bear hugs and that smile that would make the room light up. I can still hear him singing some of his favorite songs, and his ‘that’s you’ on the golf course when you walk up to a 6’ putt. To all the LaVielle family, a big bear hug from me. To the Chief, I miss you. Love you buddy.
Posted by Taylor Kerwin on February 20, 2021
It was a pleasure to grow up with the Lavielle family. Scott was like a second father to many of us who grew up in his neighborhood or played ball with his kids. Scott always always welcomed me into his home with open arms. He is and will always be a true West Seattle legend. I will forever miss seeing you and hearing your famous greeting of wazzzzzzzup. RIL Scott Lavielle
Posted by Pallavi Wahi on February 20, 2021
All our prayers are with your family Jen. This is a terrible time and please know your work family is here to support you and your family in whatever way we can. May Scott's memories always be with you and a strength through this difficult time. All my condolences. Pallavi Wahi.
Posted by Hailey Thornquist on February 19, 2021
Heaven truly gained an angel. My deepest thoughts and condolences to Jenn and family. Sending love, prayers and healing to all.
Posted by Barbara LaVielle on February 18, 2021
I am devastated of your passing my dear brother. You gave so much of yourself to our family. Scott you left me with so many beautiful memories through out my childhood and as an adult, I will cherish them forever. My heart hurts for Jennifer, Brandon, Alex, Samantha, Stacy, Mikey, Layla and Scarlett. I will love them, support them just as you did. To all the many people my brother touched in some way or another I’m sorry for your loss as well. My brother was a special man and can never be replaced. Scott as you would always say to me “I miss you” and I will say to you. “I miss you more”. I Love you so much. You and mother take care of each other.
Posted by Khory Riley on February 18, 2021
To Jenn and family,

We are so very deeply saddened by Scott’s loss. Although we did not know him well, it was clear what a bright and beautiful spirit he is. Please know that you are in our thoughts during this difficult time. 

Ray and Jay (from HIIT Lab)
Posted by Deborah Meyers on February 18, 2021
Jenn and family I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you much love and prayers.
Posted by Martha Dawson on February 18, 2021
When my husband passed, Scott took the time to find a poem that he left for me. I took great comfort in reading it again and again. The poem is called "If it should be" and these are the closing lines:

Please do not grieve – it must be you
Who had this painful thing to do.
We’ve been so close, we two, these years:
Don’t let your heart hold back the tears.
Posted by Martha Dawson on February 18, 2021
A donation page honoring Scott is located here:
Posted by Mary - Jo (DeGidio) Popic... on February 17, 2021

I will truly miss Scott and his larger then life persona. He came and went through out the years. School, wresteling dad, Fire Chief and Fire Educator to many of my students. Our office staff truly missed his visits to our school on Fire Education days. The heavens now just got a bit brighter.
May peace come to those who knew and loved him.
Mary - Jo
Posted by Mark Simmons on February 17, 2021
Scott do you describe him? To some he was the "Gentle Giant". To others he was "El Jefe". To all he was a friend. Scott's love for colleagues, friends, family and strangers knew no limits. His impact on the many people whose paths he crossed was so powerful, positive and inspirational. From a casual "Hi, I missed you." when he saw you in passing to visiting and offering support to the patients and victims he came across during his service in the fire departments of North Highline, Pullman and Tumwater. Scott, along with his wife, Jenn, and children, Brandon, Sam and Alex, gave so much of their time and treasure back to community, - it was truly a blessing to be a part of it and part of their lives. To paraphrase his saying, "The Simmons family miss you". I'll be sure to raise a Rusty Nail in your honor. RIP, El Jefe. 
Posted by Lynn Salter on February 17, 2021
Scott was truly an amazing man. When my son Todd was a student at Kennedy he met Chief Lavelle. Scott became his mentor and a dear friend to our family. He encouraged Todd to volunteer and become an EMT. Todd knew he could count on Scott for advice and support. Scott always came with us to watch Todd play football and baseball for Kennedy. Scott spread kindness and love to everyone he knew. My students loved it when Scott would bring a fire truck to Arbor Heights or have us tour the fire department. He stressed fire safety to the kids and gave them vital information to take home. We enjoyed dinners and camping trips with him and the kids. Our sincere condolences to Jenn, Brandon, Alex, Sam, and family. So thankful for all the great memories we have of him.
His light will be missed by many. We lost one of the good guys.
Posted by Sarah Dorfler on February 17, 2021
Every time Uncle Scott and I see each other he does two things: He says "I miss you." And then he starts singing either "Sara" by Jefferson Starship or "Sara Smile" by Hall & Oates. These songs are gifts among many my uncle has given me as he has never underestimated the power and importance of a greeting, no matter who it is.

Based on his life's work, service, and dedication as a Firefighter and Fire Chief, I believe my Uncle Scott has an acute understanding of the "balances" in this life:
- what it means to process suffering and what it means to continue to grow in love
- the importance of working your ass off and the importance of turnin' up with your teammates
- acting from a place of humility while still acknowledging your accomplishments
- writing your own speeches, but hearing the words of those around you

Around Uncle Scott, strangers become neighbors and friends are family. He is a brother to my father, Jeffrey Dorfler, and a best friend to my mother, Beverly (LaVielle) Dorfler, his sister. He finds his heart with my Aunt Jenn, who is as stunning and strong as the first time Uncle Scott introduced us when I was a little girl. He plays an active role in facilitating the unbreakable bond me and my brothers, Sean and Adam, share with our cousins Brandon, Alex, and Sammy; Stacy and Mikey; for this I am grateful to the core. I love you all so much.

Uncle Scott,
To me, your whole life is a song and you are the sun; big and bright, warm and eternal. Thank you for punching in early every day for our family. Through fire and through ice, you run in when other people are running out...actually, you're known to dance in. I don't think anyone can do the dance like you, but we can all get on the floor, learn your moves, and make them our own. Thank you for your infinite light on my shoulders; my uncle, my sun. I will dance and sing your song every single day to every single soul.

I love you. "I miss you."
Sarah Darling
Posted by Anna Friedman on February 17, 2021
Jenn and family - I am so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and strength during this difficult time.
Posted by Brandon LaVielle on February 16, 2021

On Thursday February 11th, 2021 our hero became our angel. Dad, Opa, Chief, will forever be the greatest man we have ever known. He was exactly what we all needed. He transformed communities, treated people with dignity and respect, and taught us to love everyone no matter where they came from, what they look like or how they identified. Dad was truly a walking talking angel. Dad cared about people. No matter who you were, he wanted to know you, your family, and your story. He was my best bud, golfing partner, mentor, confidant, and hero. Larger than life he would always light up the room with his charisma and charm. And boy does he love mom (Jennifer). And she kept him in line, most of the time. Their relationship is more than just a marriage, it is forged of devotion, loyalty, and family. The most beautiful love we have ever seen. The best gift he ever gave me was how to be a great husband and father. Advice that he so expertly gave despite not knowing his own dad.
Dad dedicated his life to saving, mentoring, and educating others.
Now it’s our time, all of us, to carry his torch. We love you, Dad, Opa, Chief.
“I miss you.”
Posted by Judi Finney on February 16, 2021
I was so very sorry to hear the news of Scott's passing, my heart aches for Jenn, their children and all those who know and love Scott. I met Scott at the High School we both went to. I wasn't part of Scott's inner circle. I was an awkward, unpopular girl who rarely got much attention, especially from boys. That said, there are two instances that I remember vividly where Scott showed me kindness at times that I really needed that. I mean who doesn't really? He was clearly a fine young man who grew into a fine and honorable adult who chose a career in service to others. This says much about him. Judi (Gribble) Finney
Posted by Elizabeth Olsen on February 16, 2021
I met Jennifer and Scott about 5 years ago when I worked at a spa. When I tell you the spa lite up that is a understatement. Everyone came out to talk to them and would run around the spa just to find them to talk to them. They were a part of our spa family. Scott would walk in singing and with that big smile and Jennifer just giggling at him. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Scott you're cute" come from her. The love those two had was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I would would take any chance I got to go sit and talk with them, if it was between services, while they were soaking in the pools, when they were checking out. They became friends and two people that mean a lot to me. I have so many stories from just the three years I worked at the spa and all the times I got to see them. Massage therapist would fight over who got to see them. They would come to me and beg me to put them with this couple. Let me tell you, massage therapist don't do that, but that goes to show just how much these two people are loved there. I am beyond blessed to have gotten to meet Scott and he touched my life in that short time. I may no longer be with the spa, but I have talked with several of the other workers there and we all send our love and hugs to Jennifer and the family at this time. Jennifer and Scott will forever be part of our spa family.
Posted by Susan VanAlstine on February 16, 2021
I was so very saddened to hear of Scott's passing. Jenn, you and your family and Scott's many friends will be in my thoughts. With deepest condolences, Susan VanAlstine
Posted by Tony Labra on February 16, 2021
Dear Jennifer,

I am so sorry to hear of your beloved Scott’s passing. I pray for understanding, love & comfort during the long grieving and healing process.

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts & prayers. I know that the memories you have of Scoot will bring comfort in the weeks and months ahead.
My deepest condolences,
Tony Labra
Posted by Dana Drew on February 15, 2021
From the moment I met Scott I knew he was special. He had a way of lighting up the room. He had a way of treating everyone he met with such kindness and love. He was amazing person and will be terribly missed.
Posted by Tim Riefflin on February 15, 2021

It is difficult to express the depth of loss I felt when hearing of Scott's passing. My heart and deepest sympathies go out to Jenn and his whole family. He and I hadn't stayed in touch regularly but always had the best of times when we would see each other. Always saying we would get together more often. (The mistake all to easy to make.......that there will always be another day)
Scott was bigger than life. In his personal life; in his sports life; in his work career; and in all the communities he touched. Scott was always the man who personified all the best examples of great character, integrity, honor, loyalty, friendship, and dedication.
A true gentleman and a natural leader.
I had the honor of sharing a special bond with Scott during our baseball playing days with him as my battery mate as catcher.
While he was a very skilled athlete in our younger days at multiple sports, he especially excelled at baseball being an all-star in youth leagues, high school and also playing in college and professionally.
By far and most importantly, Scott was an incredible person. All who knew him are better people because of it.
I truly cannot express the loss in words. The world is a lesser place without him.

Scott, I know you were in the express lanes through the Pearly Gates straight to the front row. You were "The Man".
Really gonna miss you.
Posted by Bill Zoellner on February 15, 2021
I am deeply sorry to hear about Scott. He was one of the most giving and friendly people I've met. I have so many fond memories from backyard parties to watching him check smoke detectors in the middle of parties to having him call out my daughter's name over the fire engine's loudspeaker at a parade. He had a wonderful sense of humor but was also one of the most caring and considerate people I knew. He will leave a big hole in the lives of everyone who had the good fortune to know him. Peace and love to all who are grieving his loss.
Posted by Celeste Herrera on February 15, 2021
Jenn, I am so very sorry to hear this news. I pray for continued strength for you and your family. I will be thinking of you during this time.
Posted by Wendy McCarter on February 15, 2021
My deepest sympathy to you & your family, Jenn. Scott had a larger than life presence with a sense of humor to match. His love for you was as clear as he was tall. Your connection is one I greatly admired. May time give you some peace. May his love always guide your way. 
Posted by Janet Feagan on February 15, 2021
Words can’t express our sadness. Scott was such a generous, kind ,outgoing ,fun guy.He had a huge smile and great laugh. He was a wonderful father in law to our daughter Stacy and we couldn’t have asked for a better grandfather to our co granddaughters Layla Zey and Scarlett Scott. We enjoyed all of the times spent together including BBQ’s ,Thanksgivings ,Birthdays ,and Seabrook to mention a few. We will miss you forever.
Bob and Janet Feagan
Posted by Kerry Salas on February 15, 2021
Sending hugs and prayers to Jenn and all her family during this difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Jaehn Charlton on February 15, 2021
Jenn, I wanted to send my heartfelt condolences and prayers to you and your family during this most difficult time.
Posted by Kimberly Gregory on February 15, 2021
My deepest sympathies to Jenn and her family. I loved learning what a great person Scott was through this online tribute. Prayers to you all during this time.
Posted by Bethany Knoblauch on February 15, 2021
Although I never met Scott, I always enjoyed hearing Jenn's stories about "the Chief" I know she was so looking forward to this next chapter with him retired including even more time with the grandkids. Thinking of you Jenn, and all your family. 
Posted by Monique Grymes on February 15, 2021
Our prayers and big hugs to Brandon, Alex and Sam! As well to Jenn!
Scott was an amazing man, always happy, with a huge smile and even bigger heart. Rest In Peace Scott!
Posted by Pamela Blakeslee on February 15, 2021
Although I did not know Scott well, what I recognized in him was strength and courage witnessing how he embraced the world and people around him. I will always remember his smile and his bigger than life persona. I could see that his family and friends adored him because he was the glue that kept his family together with his strength and love. I remember how he embraced my grandsons in times of trouble when they lost their dad. I remember his beautiful voice when he sang at Samantha and Mikey's wedding. How many daughters are lucky enough to have their Dad serenade them at their wedding singing You Are So Beautiful To Me...and what a impact he made with his beautiful powerful voice. Thank you Scott for being you. You were a shining example of a good man, husband, father, leader and friend. The world will be a little less bright without you.  Your family will be the embers of life to continue to brighten the world in memory of you. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace...
Posted by Kathie Salonen on February 14, 2021
I met Scott when I was one of Alex’s preschool teachers. We had several wonderful field trips to the Highline Fire Department. He was such a warm, friendly guy with a great sense of humor. I was greatly saddened to hear of his passing. He will be missed.
Posted by Kari Sabye on February 14, 2021
Scott you’ve left a void like no other. You were always good for a big hug or a great conversation. You are irreplaceable and will be forever remembered as a great guy. I promise you, the community will hold Jenn tight under their wings for you. To Alex and siblings, I’m so sorry and my heart hurts for you kids. God Bless the LaVielle family. Jenn I love you. See you again one day Scott. Thank you for being such a huge presence in everyone’s lives. Heaven gained quite the Superman.
Posted by Dianna El Araby on February 14, 2021
I’ve known Scott and Jennifer for many years since they moved in across the alley from my parents. Scott was always there to lend a helping hand to them whenever they needed something. From the time you met Scott you knew you had a friend for life. Always giving you a big hug when he’d see you and a “miss you, love you” when he would say goodbye. Scott and Jennifer’s annual neighborhood bbq was something everyone would look forward to all summer, such a warm welcoming family and my dad loved barbecuing the chickens for it. Scott was not just another neighbor, he was like another son to my parents and will be missed beyond belief and never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to Jennifer and Scott’s whole family. RIP Scott❤️
Posted by Julissa Kosmach on February 14, 2021
I’m sitting here still in disbelief and still have no words. Ive been sitting here for an hour. Scott In your own words.... i miss you... you were such a father figure to me growing up. I never had the best figure in my life in elementary so you being there meant the world. I never told you that but I hope you knew. I remember you helping me when I was hurt and your firefighting mode just clicked in.” Keep your leg elevated, let me clean this out, okay now let’s bandage you up” and then elementary school at lunch when you came were the BEST days. You created three amazing kids! They all amaze me everyday. They each remind me of you In different ways❤️ You are missed. I’ve heard you everyday this weekend... and I have to say back to you. I miss you too... I’ll miss those big hugs and if I’m honest... you are my real American hero.

Ps everytime I hear the Beatles I will remember you and Sam❤️ Those moments made me the happiest and I loved watching you two together sing. Went to Liverpool and all I told my mom about was you and Sam. You will and ALWAYS be missed❤️
Posted by Wendy Oneill on February 14, 2021
Oh my Scott, we are forever going to miss you, your smile and always wanting to help everyone of us. You were there. You worked hard to climb up that big ladder of the Department. You made it. You have three beautiful children that love you dearly. They will pass on your strength.
Terry and I have had many fun times with your sports in school and our Sunday night dinners, let alone your marriage to our daughter and giving us your wonderful children.
You will never be replaced. Rest In Peace Scott
We love you Scott
Wendy and Terry
Posted by Cheryl Sundberg on February 14, 2021
Sometimes the best people leave us to watch over us from above. I picture Scott caring for my mom in Heaven. He watched over her here - and although he will be so missed here, I'm sure he was very welcome there. 
Jennifer and the rest of the family - thank you for sharing Scott with me and my family. Please know that you have forever friends with Nancy and me. If you ever need anything, you have only to ask. Lots of good memories and stories to share when you are ready. Please come to Vashon with Nancy sometime when you need a little time to breathe. We can sit and enjoy a beverage in honor of Scott!! I am smiling and crying at the same time as I write this. The smile for Scott - who always made me smile. The crying for the rest of us. Rest well Scott. You will be missed and remembered with love.
Posted by Nancy Sundberg on February 14, 2021
Scott, with Jenn's help, was the best neighbor and an all around good human. I'm pretty sure his main goal in life was to make people feel welcomed and special. I always knew he was there as "back up" if needed, and I can't imagine life in the alley without his always present smile, and some great conversations. I'm picturing him making a chocolate martini for my mom, offering her a ride home, telling her that he missed her.... and that's bringing me a smile. Jenn and the rest of the family... you were so loved, and I do hope the memories of that love surround you through the very difficult days ahead. Love to you all.
Posted by Jennie Radelich on February 14, 2021
Our deepest sympathy goes out to our dear Jenn, Brandon, Alex, and Samantha, there are no words to express our feelings for this wonderful friend and neighbor. OUR HEARTS ARE BROKEN. He was just the nicest, kindest human being that ever was or ever will be. To all who knew Scott, when you look up into the night sky and see the brightest star, whisper I miss you, I love you, he will know and hear. Rest in peace dear friend!
Posted by Greg LaVielle on February 14, 2021
My brother was the epitome of a faithful public servant, and such a caring and decent human being. We grew up without a father figure and he was one to me and taught me what it meant to be a good one to my own son, Shuai. I will miss him, always.
Posted by Sue “Ingrid” Olsen-Young on February 14, 2021
I was really saddened to hear about Scott. Although I haven’t spoken to him in years, I have some great memories from high school. Especially going to see Elton John in concert in 1974/75. Scott was an awesome person who touched many lives. Praying for his friends and family. May his memory bring smiles and comfort.
Posted by Dick Swaab on February 14, 2021
We are so saddened to hear the tragic loss of Scott and want to send our condolences to your family from our family. Scott and I go way back and I have so many great memories with him over the years, we both started our careers about the same time Scott with the Fire Department and myself with Water District. I will never forget how thoughtful Scott was to me and my family when my twin brother passed away, he was the kind of guy who truly cared about people and helped us through a terrible time. He may be gone now but he will never be forgotten. Love you brother may you Rest In Peace
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Posted by Martha Dawson on February 26, 2021
A public Memorial Service will be held to honor Chief Scott A. LaVielle on March 13, 2021 at 11:00 am at New Life Church located at 15711 152nd AVE SE Renton, Washington 98058.
Posted by Stacy Brown on February 24, 2021
From the time I started at Tumwater PD until the day Scott left, he was nothing but a kind, friendly, professional. Scott always had a big smile on his face and always made you feel like he valued your time and what you had to say. He was a big presence and will be missed.
Posted by David and Ann Lamb on February 24, 2021
Our hearts are heavy, our thoughts and prayers are with you Jenn, Brandon, Alex, Sam and your precious families. We are here for you, standing by your side for whatever you may need.
We will forever cherish our memories with Chief, remembering him every time we are on the links, visiting a winery, at a Chateau concert, collecting a challenge coin or a hearing a Chicago song.
Words alone cannot describe Chief, larger than life, humble, caring, patient, kindest, most giving heart person with a large portion of humor.
When you were with Chief, you felt like the most special person in the room.
Until we meet again Chief.
his Life

In Memory of Scott LaVielle

Scott was a life long supporter of the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters and the Burn Foundation.  A page has now been set up for Scott - use link below.

Tumwater Firefighters

IAFF Local 2409 is saddened to announce the passing of retired Fire Chief Scott LaVielle. Chief LaVielle served as the fire chief in Tumwater from 2014 until his retirement in August of 2020. Chief LaVielle was in the fire service for 38 years. Under Chief LaVielle, the Tumwater Fire Department achieved several milestones including permanent staffing of station T2, acquisition of new apparatus, implementation of the 4-platoon work schedule, and the creation of the IDEA team (Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment, Accessibility). Chief LaVielle will be missed. He leaves behind his wife Jennifer, children and grandchildren. Our thoughts are with his family as they navigate this difficult time.  

City of Pullman Fire Department

Today, our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of beloved Fire Chief Scott LaVielle. The devastating news of his sudden passing came as a shock to all of us.
Chief LaVielle admirably served as the City of Pullman Fire Chief from January 2012 to January 2013, and more recently retiring from the City of Tumwater Fire Department in 2020.
We offer our deepest sympathy to his family, friends, and colleagues. He will be remembered warmly by all who had the opportunity to know him.
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You will truly be missed

Shared by Nikki Williams on February 20, 2021
My heart breaks hearing this news. Scott and Jennifer took my kickboxing class. The moment they stepped into the room, you could feel Scott's presents. He would sing in the back of the room, with a smile on his face, then cracking a joke or two as I walked by. He also would make "loving" comments about Jennifer who stood in front of him. Which also made me laugh and shake my head. The kickboxing crew got to know Jen and Scott even better when they joined us for Kickboxing and Cocktails. Scott at the barbecue while cracking jokes of course, while the rest of us laughed. Such a BIG heart and such a giver.  You could see in his eyes how much he loved Jen! He will truly be missed. We love you Jen and my heart goes out to you and your family. 
Scott, be sure to  jab, cross, hook, front kick while in heaven!!❤❤❤
Shared by Bill Staab on February 17, 2021
When I joined NHFD, my father passed soon after, he provided so much support and caring, he came to his funeral even though we didn't know each other for very long, he actually spoke at it, and let me use the meeting room at the station for a family get together after. He was like a second father figure, I will miss him. Scott was a great officer and friend to all the firefighters, paid or volunteer, anyone who came in contact with him knew he was a special person. 
Shared by Joleen Koch on February 14, 2021
My heart goes out to all of the family and friends that were lucky enough to meet and know Scott.  My daughter, Julissa and his daughter, Sam were, and are still, best friends. Needless to say, they had countless stories about Sam’s “rock-star-status” dad.  One of my first encounters with him was taking Julissa to their home, and Julissa ended up scraping her knee up pretty badly in the process.  Enter the rock star fire chief/medic cleaning her up and caring for her ‘boo-boo’, just as though it were Sam’s wicked injury!  Then, it was when everyone knew he was a rock star—the calendar!  The girls were giggling at the mere fact that they knew someone in a calendar AND it was Sam’s DAD!  How cool was that!?!  But my favorite rock-star moment was at Sam’s wedding.  He sang to her, as I sat with tears in my eyes.  Such a beautiful moment, and evening for everyone there that night.  Thank you Rock Star Scott, for all of these, and more memories, you will be missed.