MY Handsome Cousin Scotti

Shared by Linda Guerrero on January 6, 2012

I remember how my little cousin Scott was so cute with his green eyes and his dishwater blonde curls, you just wanted to kiss his little face! And when he grew to be a teenager he was the most handsome and sharpest dressed boy in high school. He would wear only the nicest clothes and he was so picky about his clothes. I know he was funny and loved sports and fast cars! He was very smart and would of went far in life but the Lord decided he needed his angel to go to work for him and sadly he was taken from us at a very young age. I miss him and wonder what would he be today...but at least i do know this and that is he is in Heaven with the angels and we will see him again! I love you little cousin and i have never forgotten you and how you would make us all laugh and smile!...RIP!

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