• 63 years old
  • Born on June 9, 1950 in New York, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on February 5, 2014 in New York, New York, United States.
To meet Scott was to like him. To know Scott was to love him.
Posted by Nancy Fink on 5th February 2018
Scott, remembering you always, but especially today. We miss you, and continue to have you in our hearts forever. Nancy and Leonard xox
Posted by Pamela Lippe on 5th February 2018
Remembering Scott on the anniversary of his death. As always, we light a tall candle at home which burns slowly and reminds of his presence for many days. I find myself talking to him as well. It's a nice tradition.
Posted by Nancy Fink on 9th June 2017
We always remember Scott on June 9th, his Birthday. More special memories since he shared this Birthday with Grandma Helen. Cousin Scott, we miss you!! Love you always, Nancy & Leonard
Posted by Barbara Storper on 9th June 2017
We miss you. Your heart was as wide as the world and deep as the ocean. You and Pat singlehandedly got me through grad school, you waiting for us when we got home, sometimes with that revered piece tofu cheesecake from the Souen macrobiotic restaurant. We cried together through our parents' passing and many a heartbreak. I can't believe you left us so young, but I hope you are in deep, fragrant, loving peace. Love, Tobe
Posted by Pamela Lippe on 9th June 2017
Remembering Scott with love on his birthday.
Posted by Nancy Fink on 8th February 2017
We miss you and continue to think of all the wonderful shared times growing up together, and then our special Holiday and Family events for years. We love you, and you are forever missed in our lives!! Nancy & Leonard
Posted by Pamela Lippe on 5th February 2017
Thinking of Scott and how much he would have loved being a grandfather. We all miss you.
Posted by Nancy Fink on 9th June 2016
Always remembering Scott on his Birthday June 9th. He shared a Birthday with Grandma Helen. Thinking of them with fond memories. Nancy & Leonard
Posted by Nancy Fink on 7th February 2016
We continue to remember Scott and all the wonderful shared memories. Missing you, and love you always. Nancy & Leonard
Posted by Guy Morris on 5th February 2016
Two years already.The time goes by fast, yet I still reach for the phone to call my Brother almost daily; to discuss The Mets and The Giants;; airline tickets to Australia; Joven's amazing new home; the stock market; Josh's new car; Kansas City Real Estate; Syracuse Basketball; the price of stuff at Whole Foods vs. Fairway; Amazon taxes and shipping cost and why we can't pay them; he trying to get me to play Fantasy Football; Max playing Poker; the Vitamins I am taking-or not taking; radiation guards for our phones; Yoshi; and 1000 other interesting facts for him to look up, discuss, compare and laugh about. I am not sure when I will get use to not talking to him daily. I want to know what he thinks about the Mets signing Cespedes, that we took his advice about the TV in our bedroom, and that he should;and where Dan should move. It feels way more lonely today, anyway. I brought some of his ashes to Joanne in Australia, so he will be all across the Pacific.
Posted by Pat Hague on 5th February 2016
Thinking of you Scott, with love and warmest of memories. I miss you. Love, Pat
Posted by Barbara Storper on 5th February 2016
To Joven and Guy and Pam and everyone else: I'm so sorry to think of what Scott had to go through, for such a kind hearted soul. But, I have such fond memories of Scott. He and I both lost our moms (and he, his dad) at about the same time, and we were able to deeply share these losses together. He (and Pat) were the ANGELs for me when my mom died, and they offered their home to me to live in with them, what godsends they were. Scott and Pat got me through Grad school, Scott would always surprise us with special tofu carrot cake from the macrobiotic place down the street, when we had to study late. His heart was so wide and so deep, and I don't think I've ever had a better more empathetic hug than the ones Scott shared with me. He was always so proud of his baby brother and so completely glowingly proud of Joven. I am so glad Scott was in my life for a while, and I hope he is in great peace and love. Tobe
Posted by Pamela Lippe on 5th February 2015
Remembering Scott on the anniversary of his passing. Hard to believe it has been a year. We miss you.
Posted by Nancy Fink on 9th June 2014
Nancy and Leonard will always remember our special cousin Scott. He will remain in our hearts forever. Scott we miss you and love you!!❤️❤️
Posted by Nancy Fink on 9th June 2014
Nancy and Leonard will always remember our special cousin Scott. He will remain in our hearts forever. Scott we miss you and love you!!❤️❤️
Posted by Dro Franchini on 9th June 2014
In memory of Scott; the best brother and friend Guy could have ever had and vice versa; who deeply loved his family and his many friends and left us all too soon. Truly forever missed.
Posted by Russ Davis on 9th June 2014
Whenever I saw Scott he was smiling and we shared purely positive energy together. Who could not miss that ever positive communication? Thank you Scott for being a great brother and friend! Russ
Posted by Pat Hague on 9th June 2014
Happy Birthday Scott. I miss you. I love you. You will always be in my heart. Pat
Posted by Pamela Lippe on 9th June 2014
Today on his birthday, Scott is warmly remembered and sadly missed.
Posted by Amy Zimmerman on 29th March 2014
Dear Guy, Pamela and Joven, It is with heartfelt condolences that I send you this note. Scott will always be "Scotty" to me as I was a friend of his from Syracuse. I was on the "outer rings" of his constellation as Randy, Laurel and Joanne were truly his main stars and squeezes. I remember driving in Don Booth's very old green car to a Grateful Dead concert with Scotty, Laurel and Geoff Gilbert. We all thought we were going to get ill from the car's fumes but somehow we made it! We all had a great time and when I talked with Scotty intermittently, we would always giggle about this concert fiasco. Scotty was an avatar in high tech and I wish I had stayed in touch with him as that field turned out to be mine as well. He was always so smart, so witty and thoughtful. When I think of him now, I imagine what it was like for the Morris brothers and the Mallas sisters growing up together. I hope these memories and many, many others will comfort you in the days and weeks ahead. I was very happy for Scotty that he had the pleasure of raising Joven for that means volumes. I am sure he is an outstanding young man. His passing must be so incredibly difficult and I know you will miss him tremendously. I know he is singing your praises for being such a strong, courageous and kind brother to help him through the rigors of his disease. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. May his memory be a blessing to you and yours. With warm regards, Amy Zimmerman

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