This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Scott Schram who was born on March 25, 1976 and passed away on December 15, 2010. We will remember him forever.

The memorial service was Monday December 20th at 1:30 PM at Northern Hills Church 5061 E. 160th Ave Brighton, CO 80602. After the memorial service there was an open house at Lisa Fatovic's house.  Ashes were placed in Stratton, Nebraska.

Thank you to all of those that sent flowers or memorial donations.  We appreciate all of your kind words, cards and thoughts.  Thank you.

Posted by Michele Schram on March 25, 2011
Today is a rather somber day on your birthday, but also know that is rather selfish to wish you were here with us and still suffering the pain that you so bravely endured for so many years. your day will be special I'm sure.
Posted by BECKY SMITH on March 25, 2011
March 25th will always be a day to celebrate and remember a very special your man. We miss you Scott and know that we will have the greatest of family reunions with our loved ones and our heavenly Father.
Posted by Debra Glasco on March 25, 2011
Dear Scott, we miss you. I spent part of the day with your Mom and Dad and Lisa and family. They miss you but are doing what you want them to do. They keep going each day with trust in Your Lord and Ours.
Posted by Michele Schram on January 6, 2011
Good morning, our precious Scott. I am sure your morning in heaven is glorious. I miss you so much but am trying to be brave and strong like you were. I look forward to seeing you in heaven and being able to worship our Lord Jesus together. I know that you knew I loved you but I wish I had told you more often and given you more hugs. Love you forever and ever. Mom
Posted by Michele Schram on January 3, 2011
We just want everyone to know that Scott's dog Sebastian is doing well. We are loving him and know that Scott is happy that Sebastian is coping well. He is a wonderful companion and I am sure misses his bed partner but has found that our queen size bed will let him sleep beside us like he did with Scott. We miss you, Scott.
Posted by Alison Canjar on December 20, 2010
I never met Scott, but as the mother of a son with schizophrenia and all of your beautiful tributes, I know that Scott was a kind, gentle soul who lived his life with amazing bravery, strength and grace. My family and I are so very sorry for your loss and that this world has lost such a sweet person who touched so many lives. He has touched ours as well.
Posted by Chris Merboth on December 19, 2010
Scott was always one of my favorite cousins to hang out with. We sure had a lot of good times on the 4 wheelers, skiing, playing basketball and nintendo games. Scott and Steve always seemed to get to the end of the games first they were just so darn smart. Scott will be in my heart and memories forever and I know he is in a better place now.
Posted by Donna Jesch on December 19, 2010
Our family and the Diehl family have been friends for many years. We had visited with Scott, usually at family occasions. What a special person he was! Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the family in their loss of Scott. May our Lord be with all of you in a special way during this time.
Posted by Robert Coulter on December 19, 2010
Through our brief relationship with Dan and Michele, we got to know Scott. His struggle with schizophrenia had been since his teen years. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Schram family through this difficult time just before the Christmas holiday. In Christian love Bob and Marsha Coulter.
Posted by Jacquie Fedo on December 19, 2010
Our prayers go out to Lisa and her family during this Christmas season and every day that you celebrate and cherish your time with Scott. Thank you to each of you for sharing your loving memories of Scott so we can honor and celebrate him with you.
Posted by John Ellis on December 19, 2010
What can I say... Scott and I were attached at the hip from sometime near 6th grade when he showed up as this bottle-cap glassed kid from Nebraska at Campbell Elementary in Arvada until graduation from Arvada West High School. Every single memory I have from that period of my life involves Scott in some way. He will be alive within my thoughts now and forever more.
Posted by BECKY SMITH on December 18, 2010
One candle is not enough! So glad we could spend Thanksgiving together and most recently our trip to Kearney Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert. Scott is very much alive in my memories! Love ya!
Posted by BECKY SMITH on December 18, 2010
I have many great memories of times spent with Scott my nephew. He enjoyed 4-wheeler rides with Chris & David, walking the dogs (great big smile when he let Sebastian off the leash). His fish stories, his adventures jeeping in the mountains. Always those beautiful eyes and big smile that showed he was really listening and cared about others.
Posted by Lou Kionka on December 18, 2010
Lou Kionka lit a candle on December 18 2010

I have great memories of the hours I spent having a great massage, and the wonderful conversations we had about school, his bike rides exploring bike trails, his walks with Sebastion, and his hopes and dreams with what he was learning in his college classes. He was fun to spend time with and I miss him.
Posted by Pamela Haynes on December 17, 2010
Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting Scott personally, I have had the tremendous opportunity of getting to know Dan and Michelle briefly, yet profoundly. The love this couple and his family have for Scott provided, provides and will forever be an inspiration to others. Scott was indeed as fortunate to have his family in his life as were his family to have him in their lives.
Posted by Kurt Gummere on December 17, 2010
I never had the opportunity to spend much time with Scott but You could not forget that smile. When I look in his eyes I see Dan and Michelle and a little twinkle that reminds me of my Mom Nancy Diehl .
As someone who also suffered mental torments I am quit sure Nancy was right there when Scott passed to welcome him to his new serenity.
Posted by Eric Fatovic on December 17, 2010
Scott and I shared many interest and he was always a pleasure to have around. He was a great Uncle to my 2 children. Scott attended many of their athletic events and even video recorded some to share with us at a later date. I will miss him coming by to watch sports and sit in the hot tube. He will be missed by us.
Posted by Carol and John Ellis on December 17, 2010
We will always remember Scott as the sweet little boy who would come home to play with Johnny after school. Michelle and Dan, we know what it is to lose a son, and share your heartache. We'll forever remember your dear child.
Posted by Fred Munson on December 17, 2010
We have wonderful memories of Scott coming to our neighborhood and playing with our son Todd and John Ellis. Scott would sometimes stay for dinner and that he was not very enthusiastic about eating vegetables. On a back backing trip he brought nothing but junk food and Dinty Moore stew. I enjoyed coaching Scott on the YMCA basketball team for several years. Barb and Fred Munson 
Posted by marce olsen on December 17, 2010
What a wonderful site to remember Scott, great stories. Lisa you are an amazing sister. Scott gave me some great massages and really relieved a lot of my pain after my baby was born and riding in the MS ride. He was always so nice to be around. I think Cobe looks alot like him as a child. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by Rita Bose on December 17, 2010
Our memories of Scott are when he was very young living in Stratton. Our families attending the same church and school activities. Though the family has been gone from Nebraska for some time we remember him with love and he will be missed.
Posted by Mary Schram/Wozniak on December 17, 2010
I am Dan's cousin and I want to send my sympathy to Dan and Michelle and their whole family for the loss of their precious Scott. I saw Brian's touching message on facebook last night and I can feel your pain. We just lost our 25 year old Grandson, Erik this April and I know it is one of the hardest things to go through. I am praying that God will give you strength.
Posted by Neelee Glasco on December 17, 2010
Last summer at the reunion, Scott and I relaxed on the deck watching Will play and talking about boating and jet skiing. I am a little afraid of the water, but Scott said I should at least give it a try. I didn't do it but next summer I will get on a jet ski and think of Scott.
Posted by Melba Rife on December 17, 2010
Dan, Michelle and family, Please accept Don's and my heartfelt sympathy on your loss of Scott. We too know what it is like to loose a child and the memories you have shared with him and with each other will make your grief much easier to deal with. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Pam Schram on December 17, 2010
Scott was born when we lived at Ord, NE and I remember how excited we were for Dan, Michele & family. As the years went by, it was (is) always so much fun to visit. One of the last times we were together, I remember working with Scott on the computer. He was very patient with this Aunt Pam. I will always remember him being very kind and considerate.
Posted by Steven Schram on December 16, 2010
I have wonderful memories of growing up with Scott. We spent countless hours together conquering and solving computer and Nintendo games together. He and I shared a love and curiosity of computers. We learned a lot together and carried that knowledge into our adult lives. Most importantly, we shared a very special evening at church where he stepped forward and gave his life to Christ.
Posted by Lisa Fatovic on December 16, 2010
I also have wonderful memories growing up with Scott. Being only a little over a year apart in age, we were like twins. We did everything together. So many memories of our adventures in Stratton and Ord Nebraska where a kid can roam freely. Fun times in high school and in college. Hanging out at my house in Broomfield and trips to Nebraska to ride four wheelers. He will be dearly missed.
Posted by Debra Glasco on December 16, 2010
I'm Scott's Aunt Deb. Scott spent Thanksgiving at our house this year. I am so thankful he did so enjoy my turkey dinner, and I enjoyed seeing him eat!! He told me it was good stuff. When he had a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face, i often thought, he enjoys the simple things. With his difficult world, it was imperative to not expect too much.
Posted by Julie Keller on December 16, 2010
Our whole family was so happy to have Scott come to the cabin this summer for the family reunion. I can still see Scott fishing in his khaki shorts, in-style shaggy long hair, with not a care in the world but catching a fish! Michele, Dan, and Scott stayed a day longer than others so we had a chance to visit. We sat on the picnic table talking and relaxing. Scott you will be missed very much!
Posted by Brian Schram on December 16, 2010
Scott and have so many good memories. For the last several years, we always made a point to enjoy somethin interactive as a birthday gift. On a few occasions we played golf and this last year we went to see a Rockies game. I remember we found great seats from a scalper and enjoyed a Rockies win up close.
Posted by Brian Schram on December 16, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised one Monday afternoon several weeks ago when out of the blue Scott called me up and asked if he come over to my house and watch Monday Night Football. Sometimes its so much more meaningful to get together at an unexpected time. Let's all take a cue from Scott and do that a little more often.
Posted by Connie Henry on December 16, 2010
Scott was a special nephew to me--always so thoughtful of others and helped whenever he could. I never heard Scott complain. Scott had the sweetest smile! I enjoyed the walks with Scott, Sebastian, Duke and I at the farm. Scott was always so patient with Duke. Scott's eyes sparkled when he told his fishing stories. When outdoors, I will feel Scott's spirit because he so loved nature.
Posted by Nancy Schram on December 16, 2010
In a world so focused on materialism, Scott lived a life of minimalism. He's one of the most content people I have ever met. Even when he was hospitalized he was so strong and comforted my daughters by saying, "It will all be okay." We miss you, Scott!
Posted by Michele Schram on December 16, 2010
Our dear son Scott was such a delight to our lives. I enjoyed going on our outings to the Denver Museum where we read every sign and looked at every animal or exhibit. We had only covered a small portion of it and I will miss his comments about the exhibits. I am happy that he is no longer suffering, though, and will sense his spirit with me when I next go to a museum.
Posted by Inna Kuzovova on December 16, 2010
Though i didn't know Scott that well, but he was one of the nicest people i met here. We had really great time at the family reunion in Nebraska. He was a fun person to be around! its hard to believe that i will never see him again.
Perhaps they are not
stars in the sky,
but rather openings
where our loved ones
shine down
to let us know they
are happy.
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Posted by Lisa Fatovic on April 4, 2021
I thought a lot about you on your birthday Scott. So many fun birthday parties we had as kids. All the great cakes mom made us. All of the licking of the beaters and sampling the icing! So many great memories! Love you so much Scott! 
Posted by Michele Schram on March 25, 2021
Scott, I woke up thinking about you and remembering the day you were born 45 years ago. You were such a joy as a baby, young child and as you grew up. You loved your family and were quick to help anyone that needed it. You loved to learn about new things and embraced your education as a massage therapist. You taught yourself to play guitar. You always amazed me with it’s your intelligence and compassion. I miss talking to you and look forward to seeing you in heaven again someday where we can catch up on our conversation. I know you are with God so there is nothing you lack on your birthday. I love you do much.
Posted by Dan Schram on March 25, 2021
It's now been 11 years that we have not been able to be together for your birthday, however I still miss being with you on your day, but it is good to reflect on the knowledge that you have been able to spend 11 years in heaven with full health. So long for today. You are so loved by us all here waiting to join you.  Dad
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Birthday celebrating Scott's life with us

Shared by Michele Schram on March 25, 2012

In March of 2010, Scott requested to go to "The Melting Pot" restaurant in Louisville for his birthday.  So Dan, Scott and I went to have a most delicious meal.  This year to celebrate his life that we were blessed to share with him for 34 years we decided to go back to the same restaurant that he enjoyed so much.  It was so sweet remembering the evening with him.  We were even seated at the same table that we had 2 years ago, without even asking for that table!!  Our waiter, Carl, was so sweet to us.  We told him the reason for our visit to the restaurant and he went out of his way to make it a special celebration.  He asked his manager to make a special presentation of strawberries cut to look like roses.  He also provided a complimentary chocolate fondue for us at his expense and without knowing that Scott loved cheesecake, included a piece for us.  We were also given complimentary glasses of champagne.  All in all, even though it brought tears to our eyes, we were able to really remember being with Scott in a very happy time and feel his presence with us.  We remembered that Scott was such a gentle, loving, patient person.  The times that he was so helpful when Dan was sick after his brain cancer was discovered and when I was sick and he was concerned about me are only a small example of the wonderful son and friend that Scott was to us.  We miss you so much, Scott, and look forward to joining you in heaven someday. 

Happy birthday to our loving son!  We will celebrate again.




Shared by Michele Schram on January 13, 2011

This picture of Lisa, Woody, Brian and Scott was taken one Easter in front of our Arvada home.


Shared by Michele Schram on January 13, 2011

This is a photo of Scott, Michele, Brian and Steve.  All our children started out skiing when they were young and they all, except Steve, still like to ski.  Scott started snowboarding in the last few years.  Scott and Lisa were the snowboarders in the family.