Let the memory of SEGUN be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, SEGUN ADEWUSI . We will remember him forever. Segun is a beloved classmate of the Federal government College Idoani 1994 Set. This memorial is created by the classmates to reminisce the time spent with our beloved. 

Posted by Bimbola Faminu on March 2, 2019
Dear Segun.... it pleased God to take you from this sinful world at this time and though we question why, we know His plans are always best. I pray He comforts the loved ones you left behind. Rest on Segun.
Posted by Orhue Fortune on March 2, 2019
The man Segun....
I knew of the boy called Segun from another friend,he was highly spoken of and i was enthralled by his personality and looked forward to meeting this enigma. I remember seeing him from afar and his gait was what i first noticed,he walked like someone in a hurry and on a mission.
Then last year, he sent me a message out of the blues and then i saw a new form of the man Segun.My next meeting with him was graced by the presence of another friend.In those few moments of reconnecting with this old school friend,i learnt life's lessons that couldn't be taught by no man.
He spoke as of old and recounted events that happened in the gaps and made fun of himself as referencing his beards he kept as a look to honour the black race and he wanted to look mature and do away with the baby face.He joked and even when it was time to leave,he asked for nothing but that we spend more time with him. The visit was reflective as the boy and man were peas in a pod,different times but same spirit.
After the news of his demise,it dawned on me reading through his resume that here was a man on a mission, he accomplished so much within a short period and even after all the health scare,he just wanted to be known for who he was.
I remembered on that visit we were about to drive out he stopped us and said,SP, you can't leave without we praying together.The drive home wasn't same but the lessons learnt will live on with us about this God's masterpiece that was simply himself and lived life as a trailblazer.
Segun came,saw and conquered grounds still not trod by many.
Adieu to a dear friend.....
Posted by Shawller Iyoho on March 1, 2019
I will dwell on the beautiful days; your funny comments always lightly thrown to make us all smile. You never whispered or held back anything, instead you spoke your mind boldly and freely but never to upset anyone. You wanted to live and you lived as best as you could.
I have to say you took us all by surprise Segun, you left too soon but we dare not question God.
Always in our hearts forever.....
Posted by Muizz Salaam on March 1, 2019
Segun you are truly an embodiment of learning and character. Despite the storm you kept your calm. Your achievements speak of someone who was dedicated to creating a better world. You might have left in your prime, but your achievements, contribution and impact have made marks in the stones of time
Muizz Oyetunji Salaam
Posted by Otusope Suyi-Odejayi on February 28, 2019
Rest on. So young, too sôon.
Posted by Doyin Talabi on February 28, 2019
Its been 25 years now since high school. I remember you as the quiet, intelligent fellowship president of our set. I wish I can turn back the hands of time to avert this terrible loss to your family and to Awesome 94. You will be sorely missed.
Posted by Kayode Samuel on February 28, 2019
My encounter with you in FGC Idoani was beyond that of a classmate or school mate, it was more of a mentor and protege, I met you for the first time through Wande Ogunsanya in company of Hope Okhuoya (which remained my circle till I left Idoani) . Raw and rough, I was, from my village never have I been alone without my parents, everywhere I went was with them, here I was, trying out living without them 'faraway' in Idoani. Your first question to me was, "are you born again" to which I answered "yes" and you stood there wondering how a "born again" could live with such tendencies for violence, lol.. For the first time I had someone spoke about "Spirit controlled temperament" and the rest is history. Strangely, I have never been able to call you by your first name, it was from Bro Segs to Elder, even when the spiritual storms raged against you I could remember nothing but the early morning prayers (especially the ones during harmatan) behind Ose house, the impartations in your inner room, the accurate words of knowledge in the fellowship we had in the dining hall, several healings that took place by your hands, the Holy Ghost service that left all of us gasping for more of God's presence and the most outstanding one was the boy that the parents were to come and pick for surgical operations two weeks to when you called out his case by the Spirit of God, he had appendicitis and was healed right there, so sad you had to leave so early, I ran up the stairs of your house shouting Elder Segun in company of Sola Fawole, Wande Ogunsanya and a pastor friend hoping to have nice time with you but alas, a call to your younger sister was to discover where your remains is buried, I can never forget you my mentor in spiritual things.. I love you even as I type this with tears running down my cheeks, I am comforted with the fact that I will see you someday never to part again. .. Sleep on beloved!
Kayode Samuel (Olowu)
Posted by Bunmi Aje-okotore on February 28, 2019
Segun Adewusi hmm!!can remember back then in idoani we were in same class all thru, you stood out academically,easy going and a good Christian. We joked together at d last Reunion,never knew that was d last time I would see u,but God knows best.
May your soul RIPP.
Posted by Akinyele Akinrimisi on February 27, 2019
We had a close personal relationship as we shared the same B class almost all through. U were one of our best in the set. Will not forget how I worried u and ur front seat mate bukky fanimi in class. Your goodwill will leave beyond u. Rip a great man.
Posted by SEGUN ADEWUSI on February 27, 2019
Bro Segun, We always thought there will be more time. Isn't it? As if we have control of our time. Anyway, the time was too short for me to see ya on this side again. One of the best gifts I have in life was given to me through your laying of hands that night, the last fellowship meeting at Idoani before we left to face the world.
2 decades later, this gift of the holy spirit remains with me and its more valuable than my certificates and earthly treasures. Thank you for serving the Lord and being that instrument of empowerment for me and family
Oluwaseun Kuteyi(nee Isinkaye, FGC Idoani, 1994 set)

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