This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sergio DeGennaro, 82, born on March 30, 1934 and passed away on March 23, 2017. We will remember him forever. Sergio Vincente Degennaro, a native of Mar Del Plata, Argentina, and son of Antonio and Francesca Degennaro, husband to Sherrye Degennaro of 19 years, died unexpectedly of kidney cancer Thursday March 23, 2017, in the Tidewell hospice care center near his residence in Parrish, Florida. Sergio wished to be cremated and his ashes spread in the Gulf of Mexico. There will be a private memorial near his home in Florida for immediate family. No flowers please. All donations can be made in his name to any children's hospital, animal shelter or any organization that supports our veterans. He was also a supporter of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium of Sarasota, Florida. 

Posted by Susan Banes Loss on March 29, 2021
Sergio is definitely missed!! He was such a special man, friend and I am sure family member. 
Posted by Melissa DeGennaro on March 23, 2020
Miss that twinkle in your eyes! My hero!
I can still feel your warm hugs. Life is not as wonderful as it was when you were here.
I love you!
Posted by Lisa De Gennaro on March 30, 2018
Remembering you today and every day Dad. I love you and miss you terribly.
Posted by Susan Banes Loss on April 21, 2017
We started with Sergio so many years ago. He was very professional, and had a wonderful personality, was so charismatic! THis was and still is a wonderful company, we have always been very happy with the service, and the friendliness of each of the employees. Our condolences to Sergio's family and friends. He will be missed.
Posted by Judy Bess on April 19, 2017
We never knew Sergio personally, but his company -- Sergio's in Michigan -- has been a wonderful supplier of services to us. We pray his family will have many wonderful memories of this gifted man. -- Dave and Judy Bess
Posted by Anna Levin on April 18, 2017
My condolences to the whole Sergio's Pest Pros family. I cannot remember when I first met Sergio; it was so o o o long ago. The next generations eventually took over keeping the same high standards and personal service that Sergio set. Sergio was a very nice person, a good business man, and the immigrant American dream success story. His legacy is his family and his good reputation in the community.
Posted by Nicole Menuck on April 14, 2017
Dear Family, I was saddened to hear of the passing of "Sergio". He serviced my mom's house since I was a young kid and I am happy to still use your services. I remember coming home from school and we always knew he had been there- I am glad the treatments are odorless now :) My mom (Sharon Rakotz) died two years ago, and hearing about Sergio made me sad that the generation is slowly disappearing. Condolences from my family. I know if my mom were still here she would be touched by his passing.
Posted by Gloria Ruskin on April 13, 2017
Dear family,
Your father was a loving, kind man who we had the pleasure of knowing since the 1980's when he first came to our home. My children loved him and his smile and kind heart will be remembered always. We hope you find comfort in his memory.
Posted by Ana De Gennaro on April 12, 2017
These days it is impossible not to be sad .... but your memory Dear Uncle Vicente will always make me smile; Because to share any moment of life with you was a party. I stay with your stories and anecdotes told with that particular form that you had, your advice and your closeness in spite of the distance. Unforgettable Uncle Vicente.
Posted by nancy east on April 12, 2017
We enjoyed the gallery of pictures of Sergio , just beautiful. So sorry for your loss. His memories will be in your hearts to fill you with tears and joy always.   Nancy & Edward Tolley
Posted by Chiara Pennisi on April 11, 2017
I only met Sergio once, and his wisdom amused me. I was only 14 back then and he taught me a lot of things I will never forget. He will be really missed. So sorry for your loss.
Posted by Lisa McLeod on April 11, 2017
I have worked for Sergio's Pest Control in the office for over 5 years now. Customers always ask how Sergio is doing and like to tell stories about when he used to come to their house, It is very apparent that he made a huge impression on them. I don't think there are very many companies out there that have had some of the same customers for over 40 years like Sergio's does. I always enjoyed it when Sergio would come to Michigan in the summer. He was very interesting to talk with and always took time to spend with us in the office.. Sergio will be missed, RIP
Posted by Marshall Bell on April 11, 2017
Sergio was a true gentleman in the finest sense of the word. We have been dealing with him and the company he passed on to his son and grandson 44 years and had the finest of service and response. It is nice to see the company adhering to his sound principles. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends. JoAnn & Marshall Bell
Posted by Lisa De Gennaro on April 11, 2017
Dear Dad, I know in my head that you left us physically and it is hard to imagine I wont be seeing you, hugging you, and hearing your wonderful voice. Knowing this is definitely the worst part of my life. Somehow my grief is overcome by the sweetest of memories that you have given me. These pictures spark memories of the best of times. I am so grateful for them all. Grateful and proud of what an amazing man you were and how proud I am to call you my Dad. I know that when we see each other again it will be like you never left and we will just pick up where we left off. Its not goodbye, its "see you later". I love you forever, my Superman. Sergio Vincente De Gennaro
Posted by Sherrye DeGennaro on April 11, 2017
My dear sweet Sergio..It was an AMAZING life that we shared and an AMAZING love that continues on in my heart. You will always be the love of my life. My life was blessed by having you in it. You will be forever loved and missed sweetheart. Xoxo
Posted by Sherrye DeGennaro on April 10, 2017
It was an AMAZING life we had together and it will always be an AMAZING love that we shared.  My dearest Sergio you are indeed the love of my & miss you sweetheart. Forever in my heart. Xoxo
Posted by carol fridson on April 10, 2017
Dear Family of Sergio,
Ross and I have been customers of Sergio's Pest Pros for over 40 years. When we started, Sergio came out himself and was always friendly and efficient. Then came Tony and a list of other friendly, helpful employees. We never had a moment's trouble with this family in all of these years. We were saddened to hear of Sergio's passing. May you all enjoy the memories of this man for many years to come,
Ross and Carol Fridson
Posted by Colleen McLean on April 7, 2017
I had only meet Sergio a handful of times when he came to Michigan to visit with Tony and Dion. He was always a joy to be around. He had so many fun stories to tell. He would come into the office and talk with Lisa and I about the old days at Sergio's. Sergio you will be greatly missed. I am very sorry for your loss. RIP Sergio
Posted by Anthony Degennaro on March 30, 2017
My dad passed away this morning. We we're not aware of the kidney cancer that was growing inside of him for a year. I came down to Florida 10 days ago to visit him and to help him in rehab to recover from a bleeding ulcer we discovered last week. His conditions worsened over the first 4 days that I was here. We took him to the ER last Friday night. A cat scan revealed a large mass on his kidney. Sunday, we transferred him to hospice. Words can not express the sorrow I am feeling. Those who know me, also know him. Those who knew him, also know me. He lives on through me. My friends we're his friends and his friends we're my friends. He was the best story teller I ever knew. He lived every day to the the fullest. He lived in the moment. He overcame tremendous adversity and taught me never to give up. He was and always will be my source of confidence and strength. He was my mentor. I learned from his mistakes as well as my own. He would not want me to mourn his death, but to celebrate his life. I write to you from our favorite cigar bar in Sarasota. HE IS MY HERO! He made me the Man I am today. I am and always will be very proud to be called his SON. I salute my dad Sergio, THE GREATEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!

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Posted by Susan Banes Loss on March 29, 2021
Sergio is definitely missed!! He was such a special man, friend and I am sure family member. 
Posted by Melissa DeGennaro on March 23, 2020
Miss that twinkle in your eyes! My hero!
I can still feel your warm hugs. Life is not as wonderful as it was when you were here.
I love you!
Posted by Lisa De Gennaro on March 30, 2018
Remembering you today and every day Dad. I love you and miss you terribly.
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