His Life

Sergio was born in Argentina on March 30th, 1934 in Mar Del Plata, a resort and fishing town. He grew up directly across the street from his Catholic Church, where he served as an alter boy as well as a choir member, which later lead him to singing professionally on the radio. Being the eldest sibling, Sergio finished secondary school and chose to go work as a commercial fisherman at the age of 16 to help support the family.

Desiring a change, and hope for a brighter future, Sergio's dream was to go the United States. His family was very poor, but his uncle Gegino scraped up enough money to buy him a plane ticket to the United States. He embarked on this journey and did not speak one word of English. He stayed with his aunt and uncle in Detroit, Michigan where they found him employment at the Chrysler factory. A few months later he was drafted into the United States Army where he served 2 years in Korea. After serving his country, he became a United States citizen.

In 1960 he returned to Michigan and eventually got a job at Awrey Bakery where he met and married Carmeline Steele (a beautiful Indian Princess) and started a family. His son Anthony Glenn Degennaro was born January 6th, 1962. His daughter Melissa Lynne Degennaro was born September 6th, 1963.

While working at the Awrey Bakery factory lifting 50 lb. bags of flour into giant mixing bowls, he met a pest control technician exterminating the "bugs" at the bakery. His curiosity led him to an interview with the boss at Rose Exterminators. He was hired and became an expert in his field. Working there over 10 years, his charisma and charm would help advance him in the company, leading to an offer to promote him to a management position. He turned down the promotion because he preferred the service end of the business and looked forward seeing his customers everyday. Sergio worked two jobs to make ends meet. Eventually, he started a janitorial business and would clean buildings until 10:30 at night. His son would often accompany him and they formed a tremendous bond.

In 1976, Sergio divorced from Carmeline and was granted custody of their children. He started Sergio's Pest Control company that same year. With the assistance of his good friend and neighbor Jean Campbell, he worked hard with laser sharp focus and direction, his young teenage children both contributing. Again, his charisma and charm helped him to build a successful company in a very short time. In 1981, his son Anthony, who had been working with his dad since the beginning, committed to work full time with Sergio in the family pest control business.

Sergio had a few "loves of his life" and eventually married a second time to Donna Degennaro. They divorced a few years later but remained friends. In January 1996, at the age of 61, Sergio had enough of the cold weather and wanted to live near his daughter in Altamonte Springs, Florida. His son Anthony purchased the family pest control business from him, which gave him the freedom to do anything he wanted. Soon after moving to Florida, wanting to fulfill a dream of owning a restaurant, he bought a pizzeria business for him and his daughter Melissa. They named it Sergio's Delight. Discovering the restaurant business isn't all its cracked up to be, he eventually sold it and decided to move closer to the Gulf of Mexico, finally retiring in Bradenton, Florida.

It was on this day 11/22/1997, that he met his beautiful soul mate, twin flame......"Sherrye" (a Florida native) on the beach. It was love at first sight. They married 4 months later and were together for the rest of his life, 19 wonderful years. Sherrye is a talented piano teacher and built a successful business teaching piano out of their home. Sergio loved to visit with the parents while they waited for their children to finish their lessons. Sometimes he would even teach them the Argentine Tango in the garage while they waited. They always looked forward to hearing the stories he shared with them. Every year, Sergio would come back to Michigan for a month in the summer and stay with his son and his wife. He enjoyed hanging out with his son and grandson and visiting with customers and friends. He loved to golf with Tony and all of his friends,

Sergio had a zest for life and always lived in the moment. He was a wonderful father, husband and friend. He was always a very joyful and giving person who loved to make others happy. He loved animals, he loved to cook, travel, go to fancy restaurants, dance and sing and joke. No matter where he went, near and far, Sergio never met a stranger.

Sergio's earthly journey ended Thursday March 23, 2017. He was preceded in death by his brother Humphrey, Brother Mario, Sister Marta. Loving memories of Sergio will be cherished by his wife Sherrye, son Anthony, daughter Melissa, grandson Dion, Sherrye's 2 sons, Shaun and Shane and Sherrye's granddaughter Alyssa, Anthony's wife Susan and her son Kelly and her daughter Jaclyn and her father Albert, Melissa's wife Bonnie, also his very special family in Argentina and many friends across the globe.