Let the memory of Serlenar be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on January 24, 1917 .
  • Passed away on June 30, 1977 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Serlenar Suggs-Jordan 60 years old , born on January 24, 1917 and passed away on June 30, 1977. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jackie W. on 30th June 2017
I miss you Big Momma. I know you are watching over us here on earth and those with you in heaven.
Posted by Martha Robinson on 24th January 2017
Momma I come to you with tears flowing down my face,this 3rd anniversary of Gene's murder on the 22nd,the passing of Lena Mae Jan 3rd,the first anniversary of Lettrice death,its just been too.too much to bear Momma,i am in so much pain from the sorrow of death,no one can ease it ,no words can help,i die a little each day of the week,wishing I was with you all,but knowing I cant leave my BIG BROTHER SAMMIE,he needs me here with him he is in pain also.,,cant believe I'm the big sister now.,,have to keep trying to get justice for my child's horrific death,that's one of the things that pushes me to continue..MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH,MY DEAR LOVING MOTHER....
Posted by Krystle Triplett on 24th January 2017
Hey Big Momma!!! I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! I wish daily that I would've had the honor and pleasure to meet you!! I've heard such wonderful stories about you!! I've longed to meet you and to just be in your presence!!! I'm sure that you're looking down from heaven smiling on each of us!! Please say hello to my Mommy, Aunties and Uncles!! Tell them that I miss and love them dearly!!! Please give my Mom a big hug and kiss!! I miss her sooo much daily!!! It has been absolutely terrible not having her here!!! I know that she's with you and the Lord dancing and praising God!!! I love you so much and always!!
Posted by Kevin Colbert on 30th June 2016
Hey Big Mama I know that you are very proud of your family and we all miss you. We've had some new additions to the family and some have been replaced. We ask that you continue to watch over us and protect us from the things that means us no good. I don't have to wish that you were here to help me celebrate this day because you are always there right beside me. I love you.
Posted by TaVonna McRoberts on 30th June 2016
Forever in our hearts❤️ We love and miss you
Posted by Krystle Triplett on 26th January 2016
Happy Birthday Big Momma!!! I miss and love you sooo much!! I know that I did not get a chance to meet you in the physical form; but I already know that you have visited me in spiritual form. My mom Lettrice has often spoke to me about the love you had for God, Family and Friends. She has instilled those same values in her children. I want to thank you for your prayers. It's because of your prayers, that I am the woman that I am today. You would be sooo proud of me. You would also be proud of your Grandson In Law Sam. He made this beautiful cake for me with your picture on it to celebrate your birthday. I cried because I thought about how you were such a strong woman that loved the Lord. Please kiss my Mommy for me and tell her that I miss and love her sooo much!!! I have the best Grandmother on the planet and in heaven!!
Posted by Kevin Colbert on 24th January 2016
Happy birthday Big Mama I remember as a child sitting next to you watching the evening news. I know by now mama has found you and both of y'all are watching over this family very close. Now I understand the pain mom felt after losing you and like she would say this is not a pain you get use too and it never goes away but everyday you just deal with it a little bit more at a time. I'm so glad you are my Big Mama and I know you will always be there for all of us whenever we need you. Auntie Marthie has truly been a very big help during all this and please send her a very big hug and sweet kisses on her cheeks for everything she has done. We love you Big Mama and continue to watch over us.
Posted by Carol Harris on 24th January 2016
Happy Birthday Big Momma. Missing Y'all continue to Rest In Gods Arms. Kiss My Mommie for Me.
Posted by Martha Robinson on 24th January 2016
Momma I come to you on this 99th birthday with a heart full of pain and sorrow,your sweet angel Lettrice has joined you in heaven,i'm so heartbroken ,didn't know I would not have her here to lean on for the second anniversary of Gene's death.,,missing my child and sister so much Momma,for awhile didn't want to carry on,still havin doubts.momma,,,...,,,
Posted by Krystle Triplett on 24th January 2015
Happy Birthday Big Momma!!! Oh how I wish that I had the chance to meet you. I know that you would be extremely proud of me. I love you soooo much. My mom has shared many stories about you to me. I thank you for all of the prayers that you have prayed. I just know that you're shining your light down on all of us daily. I always think about how wonderful it would have been to attend church with you. You are awesome and thank you for having my mom. She's the best. I just pray that I be just like you and her when I grow up. Have a wonderful birthday!!! Love You Always!!!
Posted by Martha Robinson on 7th December 2013
hey there MOMMA, just had a small scare on a recent hospital visit, thanks to you instilling in us that thru GOD all things are possible i was able to overcome my illness and am a stronger person for it..missing you especially now that i dont have Frances shoulder to cry on any more ,,,LOVE U NEED U
Posted by Martha Robinson on 5th September 2013
I am so blessed to have had you and daddy as my parents we didnt always see eye to eye but i know i was always loved by you both,i am fortunate to have the love of all my sisters and brothers and other family members near and far, thanks for putting up with me when i was miss marthan to you, i understand a lot more now than i did then ..LOVE YOU MISS YOU NEED YOU SOOOO MUCH
Posted by Bettye Sherrod on 4th September 2013
The older I get the more I see you, Momma and Aunt Tig in myself. Thank you for the love and patience your showed me. Missing you more than words can say, you left too soon. But I am glad that some good folks have joined you, Glenda, Big Mama, Uncle Sam & Daddy. I know that there was a party in Heaven when they arrived. Looking to have my own party with you guys after while. Much Love
Posted by Carol Harris on 4th September 2013
Hey Big Moma this is Carol, I know, you forgot my first name; i'm so glad auntie lattrice was kind enough to let me share my meomories, I remember her daughter ( frances mae), My Moma she would send me down to your house so you could measure me for some skirts you made for me. Everytime you wasn't feeling your best you would say,"Take Me To Church". That's just a couple of things.i recal
Posted by Lettrice Jordan-Smith on 1st July 2013
Dearest Mama, No matter how much time passes, you live on in precious memories. You were the best Mom who went against dragons for your children. You had a simple way of living: Jesus, Family, Church. You raised us to love each other no matter what & we are doing that. We know that we came this far only because of your stored up prayers. We love and miss you Mama more than you know.
Posted by Martha Robinson on 6th April 2013
thinking of you momma wishing u were here to share some of my pain, i am missing M.T and Francie i know they are keeping you and daddy company now but the pain of losing them is still great, i cant call my sister anymore, Sylvester has lost his best friend and hanging buddy his pain is overwhelming him please if possible pay him a spiritual visit he needs u more than i do rite now, lov
Posted by Wanda Caridine on 27th January 2013
Wow!!!! This is so "Awesome"!!! Thanks Tee Tee for creating such a beautiful acknowledgement of our "Dear Big Momma". I so remember the first of the month when Big Momma would go buy a 2 liter Pepsi, Dolly Madison Cinnamon Rolls, with Liverwurst!!!! That was "Da Bomb". Gone Way to soon, but will forever be Cherished and Revered!!!
Posted by Martha Robinson on 27th January 2013
gone but never to be forgotten ,our mother instilled great family values and lots of love and support in all of her children and it has been passed on to the younger generation some of whom never saw her or got to know her but due to the older generation keeping her memory alive all these years and sharing our memories of her she will indeed never be forgotten. love you salena, ms.marthan
Posted by Antwan Spates Sr. on 27th January 2013
My Beautiful Big Mama! I was 4yrs old when you past on, but your love for family is still shining brighter than ever!! I love the memorial! To me, it's a beautiful thing, so to the family, my family, Suggs, Jordan, Spates....ect, ALWAYS REMEMBER GODS FALLEN SOLDIERS!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!
Posted by Jackie W. on 24th January 2013
Big Momma I miss you. I miss growing up without you. I miss you guiding me to the correct path. I miss you scolding me for making the wrong choices. But of all I miss having you in my life. Love Always
Posted by Jumica Scott on 24th January 2013
Big momma,I am lena's granddaughter. I have heard so many great things about u. I wish that I could have gotten the chance to sit at ur feet. I hear that u were a very wise woman and full of love.I need u to know that my grandmother is just like I would imagine u to be. I also am teaching my girls the things that my grandma taught me. I wanna say thank u for the impartation and I love u.
Posted by Maranda Collins on 24th January 2013
Posted by Lettrice Jordan-Smith on 2nd July 2012
Mama, the love you had for your children has kept us throughout the years. We are staying close like you taught us; never forgetting to check on each other. We are teaching our children and grand children to love each other and God like you taught us to do. We believe you are with God and is at rest. We love you beyond words.

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