Let the memory of Seth be with us forever
  • 22 years old
  • Born on February 13, 1992 .
  • Passed away on January 31, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Seth Clark, 22, born on February 13, 1992 and passed away on January 31, 2015. We will remember him forever. Please join us February 8th at 2 at Christ Church in Columbia station (Off Royalton Rd.) for Seth's Memorial service.

Posted by April Lovern on 31st January 2016
Hello lil brother. Today has been a year since God has taken you home. It is bitter sweet because I know you are in a better place but we all miss you very much. It brings a smile to my face knowing how many people you have impacted and how many lives you have changed. "James 5:16 - Confess [your] faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
Posted by Justine Davis on 4th February 2015
Seth, there's so many things I could type and none of them would do justice. You were so amazing, caring, funny, and loveable. We had so many memories together and you were my best friend and will always be important to me. I'll never forget you. I knew you like nobody else did in the most intimate ways, I can still picture us laying in your room watching all the star wars movies for my first time and I remember when we were loyal true blood fans. We took many trips and went on Lots of adventures, went crazy at so many concerts and you were always there for me when I was in a bad place. I remember when everyone was scared of doomsday and we said that as long as we were together and had your family all together on doomsday that we would be okay regardless of what happened. I always thought we would run into eachother Years from no. And talk about how our lives have changed. I wish you knew how much everyone loves you still. Rest in peace Seth
Posted by Olivia Waldvogel on 4th February 2015
We were close for a short amount of time, but in that time I saw how good of a person you were. You were such a fun, outgoing person when people really got to know you. You were so genuine. You had many ambitions and would have succeeded. I will never ever forget the times we spent together. God had a plan for you and although he took you too soon, you are now one of his beautiful angels. It saddens me deeply and I truly can't believe that you are gone. You will forever be in my heart and I will forever cheeish the memories I had with you. My prayers go out to your family during this difficult time, but if they are as strong as you , they will be able to pull themselves through. May you rest in peace, Seth
Posted by Marissa Blackburn on 3rd February 2015
So sorry to hear about this loss. He seems like a really awesome guy - family & friends are in my prayers <3
Posted by Sarados Pipinias on 3rd February 2015
Seth,your good kid and you always been such a great friend to me from the first day that I went to Summit. We had a lot of chill last times I will never forget the memories R.I.P. man you will never be forgotten.
Posted by Brittany Dusenbery on 3rd February 2015
I am so sad to hear this. I went to summit with you. And you lived right down the street. We used to hang out. Deff a life taken way to early. You had your whole life infront of you. Fly high buddy
Posted by Tammy Nevel on 3rd February 2015
May God bless you and keep you, my cousin Seth. May you rest in peace. Sleep in Heavenly peace.
Posted by Angelo Mastri on 3rd February 2015
I guess the old saying is true: the good die young but pricks live forever. Seth, there wasn't a nasty bone in your body. I didn't know you well, but when I did see you it felt like I knew you for years. The world is a bit darker because of your passing. Rest in peace my friend, álsgald mir roendien ein salbraig.
Posted by Stormy Sabo on 2nd February 2015
I've known you for at least ten years Seth. I knew you before I went to summit. You were such a wonderful person. Always on your adventures. You tried to look forward to the good in life.
Posted by Julianne Clark on 2nd February 2015
I love you Kiwi! Forever and ever. I will miss you so much! You just wait to see the tattoo I get for you Sethy boy ♡♡♡ Love your sister Julie
Posted by Kim Oneal on 2nd February 2015
I remember the first time we met was at brittanys st patty day party :) you were such a good person and clowning with the guys. You may be gone but youll never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts and our thoughts ♡♡
Posted by Mehgan Darko on 2nd February 2015
I remember the first show we went to it was the browning me you and my sister met McBee and you always saying you hated coffee but you tried the dirty Girl Scout at commons you changed your mind we all had some good times rest easy man
Posted by Keith Frank on 2nd February 2015
seth, buddy. you were a good dude. i'm lucky to have met you and got to know you. it's a shame you had to go so soon but, so it goes. i remember the good times we used to have at reitz' old apartment at pleasant lakes, chillin' with rob and jon. good times. peace and love to you and your family. here's to meeting up in the next life.
Posted by Sarah Hudson on 2nd February 2015
Seth, where do I even start? God you were such an amazing person, one of my closest friends. I just keep hearing your contagious laugh in my head. Remember when you would drive all the way from North olmstead to Parma almost every night just to make sure I didn't have to sit at home by myself when my parents first split? Or how anytime me and Hector fought you were there to hug me and tell me he was an asshole and didn't deserve me? Whenever I was bored you'd come pick me up and we would go on an adventure. Even if we werent doing anything at all you could make it fun. Remember going to the movies with Brittany and you ran through the theatres with me on your back like a freakin rebel? God Seth why did you leave me here in this Shitty world to live on without you? I miss you so much already. I know we havnt talked in awhile but don't ever think I forgot about you. I still have every letter you ever wrote me. You will forever and always be missed. I love you Seth. Please watch over your family and help them through this. Until we meet again! See you later bud
Posted by Kendal Mackay on 2nd February 2015
Seth, I know I don't know you as well as many people do, but I don't need to be your 'best friend' to understand what kind of person you were and the struggles you dealt with. I've hung out with you a number of times and those few times we've hung out, I got to know what a smart, funny, high spirited person you were. You made me laugh instantly when I first met you and I will never forget that. You had that smile that could light up a room and that personality that could brighten someone's day when they were down. I know it's been a while since I last saw you and talked to you, but I will forever cherish those moments I got to spend with you when you were still here with us. It is such a terrible tragedy that you left this earth the way you did, but I pray to God that you are at peace now and looking down on all of us. I wish I could have been there for you! And I'm so sorry I wasnt. I will never get to go back and help you! And it hurts that I couldnt. At least you're in a much better and happier place. And I will always miss you! Rest easy Seth Andrew Clark. We all love you so much!
Posted by Steff DeRenzis on 2nd February 2015
it feels like just yesterday we were all in high school now we all grown up we're on our separate ways before you to be gone is so hard We love and miss you always and forever
Posted by Danielle Rote on 2nd February 2015
This all saddens me so deeply. This man was very sweet. And wonderful, and I only knew him for a short while. We went to the parade together in summer and we hung out a couple times after that too. He seemed truly genuine and wanted only the truth from people. He told it how it was, and was so honest about himself too. Right off the bat. And that's more than most people in this world. He was there for people when they needed them - he made that clear right away with his actions and self. I regret not spending more time getting to know him. It's scary that you can know someone and feel something and then just like that, they are gone forever. Rest in peace Seth - we'll never forget
Posted by Laura Everett on 2nd February 2015
Posted by Laurenn Faith on 2nd February 2015
Seth , we only hung out a few times but we talked over facebook often , you were such a nice caring young man that's now an angel in heaven who will be forever missed. Please watch down on us and keep us safe. Rest easy Seth. You'll forever be in our hearts
Posted by Yung Mo on 2nd February 2015
Posted by Katie Alai on 2nd February 2015
R.I.p seth. I hope you can hear us ,you will missed .<3
Posted by Zachery Puckett on 2nd February 2015
Love you bro, I'll never forget you.
Posted by Emily Debth on 2nd February 2015
It seems like just yesterday we were driving around, rocking out living life like nothing bad could happen. You were such a great person Seth always someone I made a point to saying hi to in the hall or when I saw you anywhere. I regret not staying closer and talking more you were the best listener. You always went out of your way to help when someone needed you and to me that is one of the best things in a friend. Rest easy, you'll be missed by many.
Posted by Caitlyn Wiesinger on 2nd February 2015
I'll never forget the many nights we spent together. Concerts, with friends. Wherever we were, we had a blast. You were my best friend. I'm sorry I fell off the face of the earth and we didn't talk much recently. But I'll never forget your big heart and warm smile. You were always there when I needed someone. You were such an amazing person and I will ever forget that. Thank you for being you. Forever in my heart. Rest easy, my friend!
Posted by Sarah Podskalan on 2nd February 2015
I remember calling hundreds of people with you , asking who they were voting for (Obama) . All so we could get our free tickets to go see RHCP . Which even though was a super long wait, and super packed inside , was all well worth it . And cruising thru the metro parks listening to taking back Sunday :b good times with you Seth , it's extremely sad and Unfortunate that you are no longer with us . Rest in peace Bud .
Posted by Hope Davis on 2nd February 2015
I love you buddy. You were always talking to me when I was down and always knew how to put a smile on my face. We never got to hangout like we said we were going to so many times... But I hope your rockin up there in heaven. Watch over all of us. Rest easy sweetheart❤️
Posted by Alex Iaconainni on 2nd February 2015
i didn't know you too well but you where a pretty cool dude . RIP man .
Posted by April Lovern on 1st February 2015
The strength you showed through it all amazes me my friend. May God bless you with open arms at the pearly gates. May all your worries turn into sunshine. May you rest in heaven as you are layed to rest. I may not know your whole story as only the all high and mighty does. I thank you for blessing me to be apart of your life. You will live on in peace amongst the Angel's of heaven. Your smile will be remembered upon the lighting of a candle and your spirit will cause remembrance and brighten souls. This is not a goodbye but a see you later my brother. You are free, soar within the music that inspired you.

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