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Shared by Sherman Schlichting on August 17, 2021
Seth Evins

I haven’t known Seth very long, just a few years. He was one of the first people I got to know after our two churches combined to become One Hope Church. He came regularly to our adult Bible study on Sunday mornings, and he listened intently and always had something to add to the discussion. It became very evident to me that he had a loving relationship with his Savior, Jesus Christ! And also that he wanted to tell everyone about the joy he felt in Jesus. He wanted everyone to share that joy!

In our class he told us about talking with people at work and other places about his Lord. Seth was definitely a “people person.” He loved all people and wanted them to share the joy he felt in knowing Christ. He knew that we are commanded in scripture that we should “go and tell it on the mountain,” that we should tell others about Christ and what He did for us on the cross, but I believe he told people about Jesus, not because we are commanded to, but because of his love for people.

Seth not only loved his adult Christian brothers and sisters, but he loved the children! He and Rachael volunteered for Children’s Church with the toddlers and babies. He loved spending time with them and he wanted to make sure that the little ones learned about God, even at such a young age. He knew that they are never too young to know God’s love.

Seth enjoyed being an uncle, and he was a good one. Jeremiah could tell you what a good uncle looks like, and I could see that Seth loved spending time with Jeremiah. I’m sure that is true about Jameson and Eliza also.

A few days ago I had the privilege of meeting Seth’s family. I knew Rachael, but had never met his Nicole & Travis, grandparents Fred & Jeanie, or siblings Ian, Alli, and D’Lani, and of course Jameson and Eliza. I went to his parent’s house, and they invited me in and made me feel like one of the family. They were looking through boxes and albums of pictures, trying to select just a few to be used in Seth’s memorial, and they allowed me to be there as if I were part of the family. I felt so privileged to be there, and I felt like part of the family. I guess that’s how it is in God’s family. We are all connected by that bond of love.

I cannot imagine the feeling of loss that Rachael, and Nicole & Travis, and Stephanie & Paul, and all the family are feeling. But our comfort is in knowing that Seth is with his Savior, even now. If Seth could speak to us now I think he would say “if you are here today and don’t have that security of knowing you belong to Christ, then consider Jesus!”

A brother in Christ, Sherman Schlichting

Shared by Nancy Bartels on August 16, 2021
Love describes Seth. We cannot think of anyone we know who represented Jesus more than Seth. A passion to know God and His word, he had a depth of spiritual insight that seemed to surpass his young years. He connected God’s Word to daily life with a fearless confidence knowing God has a perfect plan and it includes His children! And now he’s in His presence;we can only imagine how glorious it must be seeing our God face to face. While our time together here has been  short, Sam and I have been abundantly blessed knowing Seth.  A faithful witness and one from whom we learned much; we love him, will miss him intensely and  until we see him again, he will remain etched in our hearts. 2 Timothy 4:7

Seth, my smiling friend

Shared by Ronnie Mullins on August 14, 2021
Robin and I remember Seth from the time he was young.  I will never forget he always had a smile on his face.  He was always so helpful and ready to do what needed to be done which he learned that from his mother and father.  I never saw a judgemental bone in his body.  He was a kind, loving person to all people.  He always acted grown up beyond his years.  He was a leader and not a follower.  He was an example to the other teenagers because he never complained and always did what was asked of him.  Most of the time he did it before he was even asked.  As a man, he worked hard and steady. He was the kind of young man that any father or mother would be proud to call son.  
Seth, we will miss you and look forward to seeing you in the kingdom.  We love you very much as we do all of the Evins family.  

My brother for too short a time

Shared by Amanda Kalo on August 13, 2021
Seth thank you for being there for my sister, for breaking her out of her shell and filling her with confidence and independence. You would be so proud of her, she is showing her maturity and grace. I wish I would have told you this and thanked you for all you have done for my family. Thank you for being a great uncle to my boys. They love you and how you took the time to get to know them, play with them, and love them just as much back. You were our kind of people and you just fit in our backyard hangouts, book/pop shopping trips, and beach days. You were my brother even if only for a short time. Love you, see you later, not goodbye.

Heavenly Paws

Shared by Jerica Trajkovski on August 10, 2021
Seth took great care of Kyle’s bird Charlie. While our son was in the NICU his bird of 17 years had passed away. Seth had Charlie put in a box and left some of his feathers for keeping,as well as footprints. When we got Charlie back and asked about the payment Seth had it taken care of it. The act of kindness and care from Seth made a sad time during an even more difficult time, one less thing to worry about. We are forever grateful and think of that often as Charlie sits on our mantle. Thankyou Seth!


Shared by Samantha Leal on August 9, 2021
Working at Petsmart was the first time we've met. We've made a lot of great memories. I will miss your random text messages to see how me and my kids are doing. You were always my go to when things got hard. You always had a listening ear and always had us in your prayers. I can't believe you're gone. Fly high my friend and it's not goodbye it's I'll see you later. Love you much Seth❤

Chocolate Cake

Shared by Stefanie Bedner on August 8, 2021
Last year for my birthday the ladies at work brought me this decadent chocolate cake. I brought it home knowing I couldn't or I shouldn't eat it all. We'd eaten a small amount of it at work so there was a lot. Seth seemed to know when I had sweets in the house. I told him to be sure and take a piece of cake because otherwise I'd eat it all. When he came out of the kitchen he had a plate in his hand that I couldn't see what was on it. After he left I went in the kitchen and saw that he had taken all the cake and left me one piece. ONE PIECE! Lol, well I know he was just looking out for me, I definitely didn't need all those calories. 
Shared by Ayden Jaramillo on August 6, 2021
I grew up with Seth and to me he was always an interesting character. He was so funny and always had me laughing. I cared about him so much and it absolutely breaks my heart to see go, but happy that he's with Jesus. I will FOREVER carry him with me. I still can't believe that he's gone. I love you Seth. I always did ❤

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