February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021
They say it gets easier, they say it gets better!!! But there isn't a day that gos by that I don't think about seth!!! My best friend and brother, GONE? He may not be here any more but he's always with me!!! Some people believe in God and thank him for every thing good that happend to them, and they pray for good thing... not me I believe in SETH I thank Seth for everything. Everytime something good happens I look to the sky and give him a tip of the hat. Means nothing to some but everything to me. Every time I think of him I see his smile and it makes me smile. He would hit me if he seen the tears ive shed for him. Ive never met anyone els with the happiness and joy he had even in the worst of times. A great MAN took to soon!!! They say God only takes the ones who have succeeded at what they where supposed to do on this earth. I guess he did everything he was brought here for. I wish he would have taken his time even tho I was proud of the man he had became. He took a huge leap starting the pipeline and he had it all and realized it meant nothing with out the people you love around. And he was over making all that money and was ready to come home. I'll never know what he thought of me good or bad but he always stuck beside me. He's always the one I would call for everything, for a long time I was lost after he passed didn't know what to do but I've come to realize I knew what to do all along just wanted my friend there. So everything I want to call him I sit back and think about whats going on and when it all comes around I give him a tip of the hat and smile. He helped me get thru when my grandpa passed and I wanted to help him when his grandma passed but I never seen his lip quiver he held on tight and held it all in as far as ik he wouldn't show m that side of him. Even in the most peaceful of moments I could see his brain running wild wail he tried to keep a straight face. He would always come up with something funny to say no matter when or where or who was around. 2 years ago I lost apart of my self that I didn't know I had until it was too late. I had no idea what that man meant to me. He may not be here but he will never be forgotten. Till I see you again my friend I LOVE you bro fly high and keep them laughing up there. I'm going to put one in the air for you buddy!!! >"MY BROTHERS KEEPER"<

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