Let the memory of Seth be with us forever
  • 19 years old
  • Born on June 1, 1995 .
  • Passed away on December 3, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Seth Wasilkowski 19 years old , born on June 1, 1995 and passed away on December 3, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Taylor Smith on 10th December 2014
Seth boi. I love you man look down on us with joy and look out for us boi. You where supposed to be there for my wedding an to see my little. Its supposed to have the same birth moth as you dude. I just hope i cab raise it half as good as our moms raised us boi. your moms an amazingly strong person. I saw that at your visitation brah. If my kids even half the man you where ill know i did a great job. Look down on is with anticipation brah and know that we are gonna make you proud. Im gonna do things with my life and im gonna tell you about it everyday. I cant wait to see you next brah, dont worry the first thin ill do when i get up there is gett up with you brah. And lastly look down in us with love man. Know you influenced our life's. Know that you existing for what little time you did made every single one of us better people, and know we will always strive to make you proud. Be good,watch out for the fam and the foolies, and meet me at the gate when its my time boi. Rest easy, stay sleazy boi...
Posted by Abbie Padgett on 9th December 2014
Oh Seth. this is really hard. hard does not explain this. this shouldn't be felt. Im angry, sad, but alive. Alive is a feeling i haven't figured out. But its in the bottom of my stomach. Crying feels too natural. I talk out loud like youre in the room with me. I wrote you a letter wishing i could put it in the mailbox. Seeing your name in my phone hurts "Seff Wafflehouse" Memories have just been running thru my mind. Ill never forget the hug you gave me at Ashtons candle light. It was the saddest yet most comforting hug i got that night. Ill miss your hugs. They could brighten anyones day. Its been fun & its been real. im gunna miss you so much. but i feel so blessed to have you & ashton watching over me. Ill see yall later. <3
Posted by Alina Verenich on 9th December 2014
Seth, I'm so glad I had you as part of my life. I don't ever remember being sad when I was around you because you always made us smile and you brought people together. You protected me when all you really had to protect was autumn. You knew that with her came me and you accepted me into your life and friend group and I greatly appreciate that. I'll never forget class together, charlie snapping at you and you having that scared smile, and all the months I got to share with you. You introduced me to some great people who made a big impact on my life. You helped me realize that there are people who care about me. So many people needed you and we didn't even know it. I hope your smile is lighting up heaven right now.
Posted by Trey White on 8th December 2014
My man what's good homie, I'm gonna miss you, no doubt, got off house arrest today, was gonna be Friday, but shit happens, this was gonna be the first day of freedom in a year and a half for me man, you was gonna be with me for it, but it was a good day either way, wish you were there, a lot of people care about you man, and damn you looked good at the visitation yesterday, we didn't get to chill as much these past couple years, but I'm gonna take the blame for that, can't wait to finally get to kick it again when I get where you are, I'm so happy for you homie, you made it to the ultimate goal, I'm honestly jealous of you, but in a good way, your doing so much better than me, I've texted you almost everyday since you left, I'll tell you homie, years from now when someone else has your number, there gonna hate me or think I'm crazy one, but I'm deffently gonna keep in touch, I'll never forget the conversation we had when you got out a week before I went in, realest convo ever man, true heart to heart shit, we made plans and tried to continue them when I got out this time, but I'd rather you be where you are enjoying yourself, kickin it with Ashton and your dad, like I said that's the ultimate goal, the place of rest, but homie I'm gonna miss you something terrible, made it to your candle lighting and visitation, on house arrest and all, hahaha, but wouldn't miss it no matter the consequences, love you man, I got your number you'll hear from me
Posted by Cody Smith on 8th December 2014
I miss you bro. You took care of us all. The best man I've ever known. I love you bro. Rest easy man.
Posted by Cash Montana on 7th December 2014
My Sethington... Idk where to start. When I think of u... I always picture u with a smile on ur face. I never thought id be here writing something like this. You were the most amazing kid. When I met u at only 15 I never thought we would get as close as we did. I always took up for u and went to bat for u at Captain Ds. That's why they called all u guys my kids... U were always special to me. When I left Captain Ds I took u with me. Any time we lost touch we could pick right back up like it was just yesterday. I just wish I had one more day. So I could hug u & let u know I love u. Every time u went to jail or did something stupid u always apologized to me and hoped I wasn't disappointed in u. I just want u to know I'm angry af but not at u. God had a plan as hard as it is. I'm angry I didn't tell u I loved u. Angry I didnt hug u the last time I saw u. But u already know wasup. I love u kid... Keep an eye on all of us. Wrap ur wings around Autumn please.... I would give anything to just take her pain away. Each and every person that knew u... Loved u. It was hard not to. In only 19 years 6months and 2 days... U lived a hell of a life young man. Til we meet again....
Posted by Maria Rust on 7th December 2014
Seth! You're the one I always went to to cheer me up. But what am I supposed to do now? The only option I have is to think about you and reread our text messages to feel better. It's working a little. Nothing will ever be the same without you. It broke my heart seeing you today. It's not goodbye, just a simple "See you later." I love you and rest easy. I know you wouldn't want us moping around like this.
Posted by Jayy TattooManiac on 7th December 2014
Everyone's going to miss you man! I had fun the last few times we got to spend together!!i Loved tattooing you! Live free king! You can get anything accomplished now!! Rest easy Seth! Gone but never forgotten! We WILL all see you again someday!
Posted by Angela Wheeler on 7th December 2014
You were an inspiration to all of us your smile lights and still lights up People's day this is garret wheeler love ya
Posted by Angela Wheeler on 7th December 2014
I am so glad to have had you and your mother in my life. You were the one that introduced skateboards to my son's. You all meet that day so long ago from across the hall. Have been friends throughout school. You all ways brought a smile to everyone that loved you. You will forever be missed but not forgotten. We love you and will see you again. Thank you for the wonderful memories. R.I.P.
Posted by Autumn Hermosillo on 6th December 2014
Seth, I can't describe how much you meant to me. You were my best friend, the one who had my heart, I love you and I miss you. You were the best at taking cheesy pictures, making me and everyone else smile. You were the coolest cutest sweetest guy I've ever had the pleasure of spending my Time with. I love you bebe
Posted by Brandon Beasley on 6th December 2014
R.I.P. Lil Homie. I'm gonna miss you, dude.
Posted by Tiffany Peel on 4th December 2014
Seth, I love you so much. I can't believe this. I'm still in denial. It's hard without you here. You're missed by everyone you left behind. We all love you. It was too soon for you to go. I'll never forget the memories we shared with each other. Going to West Virginia for your mustang, laying there talking, and you giving me the world. You are truly the most amazing person I've ever met and always will have a special place in my heart. Rest easy Seth Michael Wasilkowski. I love you
Posted by Katherine Caywood on 4th December 2014
Please feel free to send a tribute message or even your favorite memory of my grandson Seth. thx u
Posted by Katherine Caywood on 4th December 2014
My precious beloved first born Grandson The happiest day of my life was the day I saw you being born. But now this is my saddest day your gone & way to soon. I love you Seth Michael & I'm going to miss you so very much

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