Posted by Olumuyiwa Olusanya on March 27, 2021
Mr B- a perfect gentleman with strong family values and a great business leader.I pray the Lord comforts you Mrs B and the girls.

May your gentle soul rest in His perfect peace Mr.B.
Posted by Melinda Lamb on March 26, 2021
I’ll never forget how very kind Seyi was to me, when I was going through a bad patch in my life. A compassionate man, I’m grateful to have known him.
Posted by Victor Onyenkpa on March 20, 2021
Seyi had the memory of an elephant. Yes, he did! I doubt he ever forgot someone
he met, no matter how briefly. I certainly know he didn’t forget whatever you said to him!
I remember when OBJ assumed office as civilian President in 1999 and had made a dear friend, Solomon Giwa-Amu (may his soul rest in peace) his ADC. I had casually mentioned this to Seyi in the course of a conversation and promptly forgotten it. You can therefore imagine my surprise when Seyi told me about a year later that...
Posted by Gabriel T. Akindeju on March 19, 2021
LordSeyi was an inspiration to me.

I will never forget his words to me at our last meeting before I left AA/KPMG NG... “Never forget what brought you so far... Remain strong and focussed” he said to me. He also taught me the proper pronunciation of “Yorkshire” :-).

Posted by Ngozi Adebiyi on March 18, 2021
*Tribute to lordSeyi!*

I usually mostly know what to say but I have no words…..was a sentence in the email I sent to Seyi Bickersteth aka OTB aka lordSeyi which most of us who joined Arthur Andersen in the late 90s called him….
It was much easier than calling him Seyi. The most senior person in the firm by his first name!

This was 2nd Nov 2017 in response to his supersonic revert of writing the foreword for my book Grow!
Thanks to Catherine Bickerseth and Roli Pogoson who tag-teamed to make this happen but trust unassuming Seyi - he picked up the phone and called me – why didn’t you ask me yourself? I sort of tried to respond but stuttered…how could I ask you directly to write my foreword….lordSeyi?! Of the Arthur Andersen to KPMG to Andersen fame? I was too small….

He did write it in the few days time I gave him and reverted in record time. Now these are eternal words in marble and a guiding light for us all.
Didn’t realise his death would hit me like it did…but it did.
Seemed like losing a godfather….I referred to him a day after he passed as my godmother’s husband and it sat pretty with my soul.

I went to the tribute page on forevermissed severally but couldn’t bring my self to write anything.
Went back to my emails last year and re-read a number he was in copy and on some he quickly responded to. Didn’t know him from adam yet he was so kind and nurturing.

From the smiles at stop-overs for life-giving CB advice or on RP visits, he always knew how to “give the room” to others even in his own home.

I can never forget the call on 20th July 2020. CB called…said he was so proud of me and my colleague for the pitch we had done earlier that day. Elation cannot quite describe the feelings that washed over me…..for a girl who had lost her dad six years earlier it was so refreshing to hear the iconic Seyi Bickersteth say such encouraging words.
They both stunned me with further personal conversations that day… I can never forget 20.7.20.

On Nigeria’s independence day we were out for a 9ja@60 21km walk with my runcation sisters and we saw lordSeyi on Queens Drive which meant CB (Mrs B now Aunty C to me) was in the vicinity! Maybe I should have hugged him that day…long. hard. Said thank you again for the umpteenth time and taken a picture but covid protocols didn’t permit nor how I think I may have made him feel.

 Note to self: Be MORE expressive and care less what others may think. You never know if it may be the last time you see someone….

In November 2020 he was in copy of a mail to Leye and he jumped in – leye include her in the upcoming so and so. His responses asking I be included in a project and work being done which gave me exclusive preserve. Ever so fatherly but never in a patronising way.

I missed the opportunity of seeing him this year as I couldn’t make an “Aunty C walk” sometime in February. Now what I missed it for pales in comparison but who would have known?

This is not an epistle – just my way of expressing my goodbye to lordSeyi – a reflective tribute of some sort and a thank you (again!) in absentia!

You rock lordSeyi! Rest in peace, rest in power. May your legacy live on in your daughters and all you impacted in your lifetime!

The memory of the righteous is blessed (Proverbs 10:7a)

Ngozi Zoe Adebiyi
18 March 2021
Posted by Grace Krobo-Edusei on March 18, 2021
We thank God for the example Seyi and Catherine’s lives have set for their peers and those coming up. O Seyi! The life you lived is a testimony for us. May your gentle soul rest in Abraham’s bosom.
Blessed are those who die in the Lord. May the God of all comfort comfort Catherine, Melody, Amy and the rest of the family in Jesus Name.
(Papa Yaw and Grace)
Posted by Bodunrin Adeyemi on March 17, 2021
An exceptional yet private professional left us.
May God continue to hold Catherine and the young ladies close, and give them peace and joy.Amen.
Posted by Rotimi Omololu on March 17, 2021
An exemplary gentleman and a shining mantle of moral uprightness.
Thank you for touching so many lives in your amazing journey through life......

Eternal rest sir.
Posted by Kunle Abodunde on March 16, 2021
Oluseyi: Thank you for giving me my first job. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Well done! RIP.
Posted by Niyi Adebayo on March 16, 2021
Seyi was such a gentleman and a professional. I remember his ever smiling face as he walked past the pool in his suspenders in those days in Andersen. He had a huge sense of style! Seyi was so friendly and approachable. He interacted very well with everyone in the firm regardless of position.

Seyi, you will be sorely missed.

May your soul rest in perfect peace. And may the Lord comfort and strengthen Catherine, Melody and Amy. In Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Biodun Ajibodu on March 16, 2021
Dear Uncle Seyi,

It took a while for this to truly sink in, especially because I saw you a couple of weeks ago when we spoke at length. I remember our conversation that day. A very unexpected encounter but as always, you took a keen interest in how my family and I were doing, and how I was getting on with the recent changes in my life.

You were very fond of me and you were one of the few people that I could truly count on. You always told me you had my back if I ever needed you. You showed me kindness in many ways. There are so many experiences I would've loved to share with you, but I guess I left them till it was too late. I just thought we had time. How wrong I was

You left big shoes to fill and my heart goes out to Aunty Catherine, Melody and Amy. Rest well Uncle Seyi, I will miss you dearly.
Posted by Mark Anthony Dike on March 16, 2021
The news of the passage to eternal glory of my friend, Mr. Oluseyi Bickersteth came to me like a thunderbolt. Though we saw last in April 2017 when he was the keynote speaker at the 2017 Annual Tax Conference of The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, we had cause to talk once in a while on phone on tax matters for which he was very passionate about.

I first got to know Seyi, who l gave the sobriquet, "Seyi Sheikh", in 1981 or thereabout when l was a greenhone Innspector of Taxes at the then premier incubator and biggest tax office of the then Federal Inland Revenue Department of the Federal Ministry of Finance. A number of my bosses, notably Chief Titus Aiyewumi were his classmates in the Department of Economics of the University of Ibadan.

We always had healthy and titillating arguments on tax matters which culminated in healthy and friendly debates over time such that we had cause to agree and disagree. Over the years, he would call me occasionally to brainstorm on some tax issues.
I recall his epic inprint on the Nigerian Tax System was his Chairmanship of the Review Committee on the report of the Professor 'Dotun Phillips-led Committee on the Review of the Nigerian Tax System between January and April 2004. His Committee's Report formed the basis of the Federal Government's White Paper and the consequent overhaul and professionalisation of the Nigerian Tax System. He will be sorely missed.
I extend my deepest condolences to his widow, children, relations, associates and the entire tax community. May his soul find eternal rest and peace in the Lord. Amen!
Chief Mark Anthony Dike, Retired Director, Tax Policy, Federal Inland Revenue Service and Past President, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria.
Posted by Omakolo Ugowe on March 16, 2021
Uncle Seyi, I am so glad our paths crossed through Aunty Linda. The last time we saw, my husband Omo and I approached you at Heathrow airport and you treated us like we have known you all our lives. We talked about different topics in such a short time, but the thing I remembered most of our meeting was your humility, despite all your accomplishments, you were interested in listening to us instead of speaking about yourself. Before we departed to board our respective flight, you called Aunty Linda and told her we were with you, then you passed your phone to me so I could speak to her, while you continue speaking with my hubby. My heart goes out to your beautiful wife, amazing daughters, Aunty Linda, and your family. I pray they will be comforted by cherishing the good times they had with you. You were indeed a great and gentle soul, goodnight Uncle Seyi.
Posted by Omayuli Wale-Ajayi on March 16, 2021
A great Boss, Mentor and a true Professional. Seyi was many things to so many people and it’s still a shock that he is gone. We thank God for the impact he made during his lifetime and pray that his soul will rest in perfect peace. May the Lord comfort and strengthen Catherine, Melody, Amy and the entire family during this very difficult time. All is well in Jesus name amen.
Posted by Simi Nwogugu on March 16, 2021
Dear Mr. B., I have started and stopped this tribute so many times because I get caught up in the realization that I never properly thanked you while you were alive. Still makes me tear up and I wrote some thank-you notes to people as soon as I heard of your passing. You were just one of those people I took for granted because you were always there when I needed something. I first met you in 1999 when I moved back to Nigeria to start Junior Achievement and you joined the board. You saw this idealistic 24-year-old and took me under your wing. You knew I knew nothing about setting up an organization so you put all of Arthur Andersen on the matter — from the accountants who set up our accounts and payroll systems to the consultants who helped set strategy to all the members of staff who volunteered in classrooms (often carrying projectors from their offices to make presentations at schools!) we became the adopted child of AA and that strong foundation that AA set for us is what carries us till today. I still meet random people in meetings who say “Simi of JAN! I remember when I volunteered for you at AA!” And these are now CEOs of major institutions across Nigeria! As if that wasn’t enough, you also opened your home in VGC to me and I met my dearest Mrs. B who I watched raise strong daughters from Corona School to boarding school to Uni and now strong women! Thank you for everything. Even after years away, when I came back and told you I was writing a book on Dick Kramer, you sat with me for hours, not just telling me stories about Dick and AA but counseling me about the conflict I was feeling at the time — should I continue pursuing the life of an NGO executive or should I do something more lucrative as a Harvard MBA or should I just quit it all and write books. I remember how you reduced me to tears with your humility in sharing your story and encouraging me to do it all — express all my gifts but but do it humbly! As I remember this and many more times, I am envious of Melody and Amy, to have grown up with such a father knowing just the right words to say to give you wings!!! Adieu, Mr. B. And thank you! ❤️
Posted by Ladun Omojokun on March 15, 2021
O death where is your sting! This one hurts too too much.

How I wish this was one giant greeting card we all had to sign for Uncle Seyi to read on his birthday.

When I joined Catherine as a bussinness partner 12 years ago, she said to me, I come from a background of partnerships. It will be a friendship, a family relationship. And yes more than partners we became. We became friends and family. The age difference didn’t matter, he was our egbon who was also a buddy that cheered us on. We were in and out of each other’s homes having lunches and enjoying the serenity of our gardens. He loved nature. “Tell Catherine I want more of this,” he would say pointing to an anthurium. That was who our uncle Seyi was. Easy, jovial and relaxed.
Somehow, I didn’t realize how big he was until his send forth at KPMG, how he had “multiplied” the company. Even with that he was still our uncle Seyi.
He always had a glint in his eyes when anyone was speaking and then a smile formed gradually as he waited to drop a bomb shell. And we would all burst out laughing wandering where did that come from? He always liked to take a dig and he never forgot anything.
The past week has been tough on us all but the Lord will see us through. The Lord will see my “Precious Senior” through this painful time. The Lord will mend her broken heart and uphold her and the girls through this season and beyond.
We miss him. We miss the swag, the different sunglasses for the different levels of UV rays. We miss all the jives - “you know”; “let me tell you something”; “absolutely”... In your characteristic manner you exited without any fuss. You left in “stealth mode”.
They say it is not how long one lives but how well that is the main thing. God knows we would have wanted your life to be longer and well lived.

Good people pass away and the Godly often die before their time.(Is 57:1-2) Sleep on our uncle Seyi, the Baron!

My dear “Senior”, Melody and Amy, the melody will play again and we shall dance again. God’s got your back and all around you. We trust Jehovah to do what only He can do.

Yomi & Ladun OMOJOKUN
Posted by Mohammed Adama on March 16, 2021
To leave a lasting legacy is to live forever!

Thank you very much Seyi for giving me the opportunity to be part of the firm that you led with so much tenacity, candor and humility. You once told me in your office that I had a career in the firm. Thank you for believing in me. The exemplary leadership style and those little things that you noticed are invaluable. You made people feel so comfortable around you but very firm when you needed to. You were a gentle giant in every sense of the word. You were an extraordinary leader who churned out great men and women who are making giant strides in different spheres of life. You stood out in every crowd and would remain indelible in our minds. I'm still shocked from your sudden exit. You lived a good life and impacted so many lives. I pray almighty God to grant you eternal rest. Adieu!

May God comfort Catherine and the ladies and give them the strength to go through this very difficult times.
Posted by Dapo Okubadejo on March 15, 2021
Lord Seyi, my mentor and role model gone too soon but God knows best! I believe you’re in a better place with the Lord!
You were an epitome of purposeful leadership, integrity and hardwork. You lived an exemplary life of service and you inspired generations of young professionals to work smart and achieve their dreams. You’ll forever be missed. May God comfort the family you left behind and grant you eternal rest. Amen.
Posted by seun minakiri on March 15, 2021
Seyi defined leadership. He was humble, with no airs. He made everyone comfortable around him.

May God comfort his family,
Posted by Lanre Akinbo on March 15, 2021
Leader, Intellectual, Role-Model... an all-round giant. 
What a man!

You offered me my first job, exposed me to a world of opportunities; and almost 8 years later, at my exit interview, you assured me of your support and told me to reach out to you if I ever needed any help.

I will never forget you!

May the Lord comfort your family... and the very many lives you have touched and shaped
Posted by Funke Okubadejo on March 15, 2021
Thank you Lord Seyi for being a role model in so many ways to so many of us. Your legacy lives on. Rest In perfect Peace
Posted by Debi Williams on March 15, 2021
It was a privilege to know you and your wonderful Catherine as members of Cycology during my Lagos days. We were all blessed to encounter your quiet strength and dignity. Yours was a life well lived. Sun re sir.
Posted by Akinyemi Ashade on March 15, 2021
Dear Seyi,

The reality of your passing still appears like a dream. You epitomised Leadership, Sacrifice and Vision per excellence. Our world and profession have lost an extraordinary and compassionate Leader. Personally, I have lost a Leader and a Mentor. You taught us Integrity, Courage, Professionalism, striving for Excellence and much more. A great Iroko tree has fallen, and gone to be with his maker in a better place. I pray that God Almighty will grant Catherine, Melody and Amy the fortitude to bear this loss.

Rest In Peace, My Boss.
Posted by Muyiwa Oseni on March 15, 2021
What a shock to hear you are no longer with us!!!

"Like favorite teachers we had as children, good leaders are never forgotten" You are one such leader: who helped me to develop and encouraged me to grow while passing on valuable lessons, albeit from afar. Thank you!

I remember my first contact with you at the new hirer program (KBAC at that time), you walked in with your large self, spoke with so much confidence and pride about the firm. Inspired and assured us we were working for the No.1 firm in the country. Your words "Every time I stand before a client, I stand as a professional with hundreds of years of experience – my own experience, experience of my colleagues and the firm as a whole" and "Always strive to get it right the first time"... have helped and guided me over the years.....

The world would be a better place with more leaders like you: genuine leaders who bring everyone up. I’m honored to have worked with you and for you.

May the Lord comfort your family...... Amen.
Posted by Anthony Isunuoya on March 15, 2021
Seyi was a very Dear and Highly esteemed Friend and Encourager. He was a bright light giver to me and my Household.
He was always willing to help and counsel where and when ever needed.
He was always asking about our progress in Our career and always willing to give references and job placements. 
A gentleman, full of humility and life.
We are missing him.
We know He is at peace and rest.
Posted by Amani Momodu on March 15, 2021
We lost a gem – very shocking and saddening.

I worked with Seyi for 2 years, between 2004 and 2006 as an EA. I found in him a leader instead of a boss. He was also a teacher and one who encouraged staff to 'educate me' on issues even as he had the answers. He appreciated all and every efforts... very effusive with 'thank you'. Seyi saw to it that people took self-development as a priority at the workplace and he created paths, networks and opportunities for people to excel.

Seyi's simplicity and humility were exemplary. He saw people as human beings; equal beings who have dignity and deserved to be treated with respect. Regardless of where one sits on the organisational pyramid, Seyi’s choice and use of words will not discriminate between when he speaks to a senior executive or a staff assistant, or cleaner. He also had a great sense of homour, which he chimed into conversations from time to time.

What I also found most profound in Seyi is his empathy. He never forgot to ask after people’s wellbeing and what he could do to assist. I lost an elder brother in 2010 and was away from work for a period. On return, Seyi called me into his office for a discussion that lasted almost an hour. His words on standing strong, how to carry on, looking after the family, among others, were soothing balm that put some closures to the issues I was dealing with at the time.

Although I heard Seyi speak about a month ago, our last encounter was at one of the send forth events for Dick Kramer at WheatBaker. Throughout the period we spoke, he held my hand (shifting to my shoulders for a moment). Always interested in how I was doing; because he is someone who birth leaders.

We lost a very good man! But as we know: “Every soul shall taste death” – Quran 3:185; and “Indeed, we belong to God and to Him we shall return: - Quran 2:156. May God Almighty have mercy on your soul, Seyi. 

Amani Momodu
Posted by Akanimo Ekong on March 15, 2021
The gentle smile...
The warm handshake...
That humble look...

I didn't know Mr. B much. I just admired how he and Mrs. B looked together - like childhood sweethearts. Like intrinsically close friends. Content in themselves yet flowing with warmth and genuineness towards others.

I felt devastated when I heard the news. Because I knew how much he meant to our dear Mrs. B and their daughters.

May God grant Mrs. B, Amy & Melody comfort. May you overcome this period with strength and have sweet and pleasant memories of your husband and father.
Posted by Juliet Anammah on March 15, 2021
My Chair,
Words don't come easy so let me just remember you with some words from Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If'. "If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same. If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue Or walk with Kings and not lose the common touch. If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone and so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them "Hold on!" Yours is the Earth and everything that is in it and which is more, you'll be a Man, my son!" Indeed you were a Man, my brother. sleep well and good night!
Posted by Acha Leke on March 15, 2021
What a shock to hear you are no longer with us ... Thank you for being a quiet inspiration to so many of us in the way you lived your life - both professionally and personally .. we will miss you - but promise to continue your legacy! May the good lord give Catherine and the girls the strength they need to accept his decision .. and may your soul rest in perfect peace
.... Acha.
Posted by Ayotola Jagun on March 15, 2021
To a consummate gentleman. May your precious soul rest in God’s Presence for all eternity.
Posted by Moses Kgosana on March 15, 2021
It was a very sad day when I received the news of your passing my friend.A man who had a healthy lifestyle, and always watching what he eats.

An astute Businessman, hard worker, action orientated and results driven. I learned a lot from you as colleagues on KPMG International, EMA and Africa boards.

I will always remember the lighter moments that we spend together with you at a farm in South Africa, how I used to tease you about snakes and how “Otto” a bull in the farm will come and chase you.

I always admired how you loved Cathrine and the girls wherever they were, a true husband and Father.

Rest In Peace my friend and God be with you.

Posted by Josphat Mwaura on March 15, 2021
Seyi Bickersteth

I received the news of Seyi’s passing with shock and disbelief- I couldn’t believe that the man who had such a zest for life was no more. This consummate business leader with an uncanny ability to keep all balls in the air from wherever he was in the world, initially inseparable from his smartphone, would no longer be sharing a witty exchange with me. It was hard to take.

Seyi, Moses Kgosana and I covered Africa and the world. I was looking after East Africa, Seyi West Africa, Moses in South as well as the Chair of Africa and representing Africa on KPMG’s Global Board and Council. It was Moses who got Seyi and I to sit on the Global Council and in that capacity traveled the continent and the world together. From Sun City and Cape Town in South Africa to the landmarks of the world in Portugal, Kenya, Mauritius, India, China and the US. Taking that walk from Cabo da Roca, strategy discussions in the Maasai Mara and learning from the eating hierarchy of lions, a day’s excursion to the Grand Canyon, and another to the Great Wall, taking to the ocean in Mauritius and a performance put up by dolphins - we had many unguarded moments when men tend to reveal who they are. And the man loved life, his joy was palpable especially when Catherine joined us on some of these trips. You could immediately see the love and adventure they shared. There was lots of laughter and twinkles in the eyes.

It was not all fun and games though, we had some challenging times leading the business and clamouring for Africa’s place on the global table. Seyi listened a great deal, and when he spoke, he expressed himself with passion and earned the respect of all around that table. On Africa, we had some robust conversations, and being two strong-willed individuals, we did not always agree. But we were clear that Africa had the potential and all that was required was leadership to truly transform our business, our respective countries and ultimately the continent as a whole. Seyi epitomized such leadership.

Seyi has left his mark, and as happens with such an unexpected death, we are in shock and will continue to wonder. But as I reflect on the time we shared, I discover I have more and more of him to remember him by, to celebrate his life and to immortalize his memory. And I know his family enjoyed his full attention and therefore so much more of him than anybody else. They will miss him most, but also have the most to remember him by.

May the Lord grant you strength and comfort to both mourn and celebrate his life. May he rest in your hearts and minds for ever, and may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace.

Josphat Mwaura
Posted by Nduka Ikeyi on March 14, 2021
Seyi was a great leader who led by example. He drove people to be the best they could. And in his humility, he made friends with very junior and younger colleagues. The loyalty, which developed from the friendship, provided additional reason for one to strive further to do well.

Seyi did not just preach integrity: he lived it.

Seyi will be missed on earth. But I believe he is now happier in heaven - where integrity is practised by all; and not just "touted" by many, but practised by a few.

May his kind and gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Adaeze Balogun on March 14, 2021
Seyi! Words fail me. I remember that interview your questions and I sat confidently throughout in response with answers that met your expectations! You brought out a new me! A confident me! A resilient woman! Thank you for your positive impact in my life. You were a great mentor and coach... silently leading me through storms I didn’t understand but with your positive words always I came out better, stronger. You made KPMG a great workplace for me! Thank you. I learnt about true leadership from you... thank you. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace Amen.
Posted by Rotimi Oyekanmi on March 14, 2021
Sir Seyiii

Some times God puts us (the living) to test. 

God has given us the strength to meet whatever challenges he puts in our paths.

When He takes away, it's because the work on earth has been completed. We then have to accept His decision - Seyi's work on earth is completed and over. 

He ran a very good race (physical, emotional, professional, spiritual, etc) as evidenced by all the accolades.

Now, we have to thank God for bringing us in contact with Seyi, us being a part of his life and him being part of our lives. 

While it hurts, we will continue to have wonderful memories that will be with us forever. We thank God for these memories. Lots of memories for many of us.

These are lots of memories for us to thank God for. 

I am proud to have known Seyi from 1983 when I worked in AA and our lives after AA/KPMG (for Seyi) especially when we both served on the board of Diamond Bank. 

There are lots to talk about his sense of integrity and professionalism. 

Interesting that I called Seyi at 5.37pm on March 2 2021 and he didn't pick my call nor return the call. Now I know why........

God knows best.

For Catherine - please be strong for the gals and for us all. We want to see you being strong. God will be with you and the gals. He will be there with you opening all doors for you. Amen.

Adieu "Sir Seyiiiii"


"Rowtime" (as he calls me)
Posted by kabir okunlola on March 14, 2021
Seyi B, you brought joy, happiness and laughter to all who met you. You will be sorely missed by everyone. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can steal. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. That was your love to everyone. You were bold and determined to achieve and taught all of us the value of hardwork.

My first encounter with you as a manager in KPMG changed the course of my career. You believed in me and encouraged me to always believe in myself.

Time may pass and fade away but memories of you will always love on. Rest in peace.
Posted by Yinka Wey on March 13, 2021
Brother Seyi , the news of your death was a big shock to the family . I remember your smile and voice vividly. We pray that God console and comfort your family and grant your soul eternal rest.
ADIEU  our beloved cousin.
Posted by Akinpelu Browne on March 13, 2021
Looking back at our beginnings in the infant years, neither of us knew how things were going to turn out.
Thank God for good upbringing which has reflected in the vast outpouring of positive testimonies.
You did touch lives, which is part of the essence of life itself.....mentoring, nurturing, always eager to help.
You were full of life, even till your passing.
The entire members of the family of Emmanuel J. Akinsanya Browne (Daddy Alaja) will miss you.
May God give Catherine, Melody & Amy as well as the rest of the families fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
We take solace in the belief that you are resting peacefully in the bosom of your Creator.
Adieu Seyi.

--- *Akinpelu Browne*
Posted by Akin Andrew Akinola on March 13, 2021
Oga Mi, Lord Seyi, OTB, it is still like a dream that you are no more with us on this side of eternity.

You were all that many people say you are, and much more. You were a professional per excellence and yet humane, humorous, and kind at the same time. A great man has gone to be with his maker, and I reckon that our loss is heaven’s gain.

May the Lord comfort your wife Catherine, your children, and all who mourn your departure. Amen

Rest on my Oga, till the day when all who have slept in the Lord will rise to meet the Lord Jesus.

Posted by Ebenezer Ale on March 13, 2021
Lord Seyi, the news of your death was too sudden to be true. I assumed it was a wicked dream from which I would wake up. It was indeed a privilege learning the ropes from you. You were a leader per excellence. To live in the heart of men is never to die. The lives you touched and transformed will never forget you. May the Lord comfort and support your family. It is well
Posted by Rebecca Bamfo-Okine on March 13, 2021

When I received the news of Oga Seyi’s untimely passing, I went through a lot of emotions namely shock, immense sadness, and regret because I had presumed that he will be around for a long time.

I was privy to concise accounts of his exemplary greatness as illustrated by his work ethics, achievements and compassion towards his employees and mankind in general.

A couple of years back, when my junior brother decided to relocate to Africa from the US, I was initially not on board because I thought it was a risky venture to go to a foreign country and start all over again.
Shortly after my brother’s arrival to Nigeria, he called me and told me that his boss had informed him that his wife was also an old student of my Alma Mater -Achimota school. Not only did I find out that he was married to my high school colleague, but a particularly good friend of mine, with whom I shared great memories of living in the same area and visiting each other’s homes in the past. I knew then that God had answered my prayers and my initial fears of the unknown, suddenly dissipated.

My brother never stopped praising Oga Seyi, who was without doubt his role model. I gathered from conversations with my brother that, he made it a point to coach and mold the up-and-coming young men to achieve success and greatness in their field. He continued to impart knowledge and when he thought his job was done, he decided to take a step back and pass the baton to the younger generation to continue where he left off. 

Oga Seyi had all the markings of a great leader. On the personal level, he was a devoted and loving husband and father, diligent and dedicated at the professional level, selfless and unwavering support of his employees that would propel his subordinates to attain greatness, as well as kindness and compassion towards all and sundry. 

My biggest regret is not having met this awesome man in person, but I heard so much about him that I admired his greatness in absentia. I did not think it would be enough to text or communicate my gratitude by phone, because I thought his kindness warranted a trip to Nigeria to show my personal gratitude. 

Oga Seyi, you are receiving tons of love and praises from a multitude of people, because you touched so many lives including Ours. We All Love You but God Loves You More. Oga Seyi ………May your Kind, Gentle Soul continue to Rest Peacefully in God’s Bosom. May your Family- Catherine, Melody & Amy ,find Comfort in God’s Infinite Grace.

Posted by Tomi Adepoju on March 13, 2021
We received the news of your death with shock! How could Seyi that looks so healthy, always exercising be gone so soon? But God knows best, who are we to question him.
Seyi, you were so simple but great in your ways. A gentleman to the core and great supporter of women! We saw this in action in KPMG and your encouragement assisted a number of us qualified ladies to strive and work hard to make partner during your era. You were a great and exemplary leader, breeding talents all around. You were compassionate, fair, firm and a stickler for excellence. We will surely miss you but your legacy lives on. The Lord will surely comfort and grant grace to Catherine, Amy, Melody and the entire family.

"Brothers and sisters, we want you to know about people who have died so that you won’t mourn like others who don’t have any hope. Since we believe that Jesus died and rose, so we also believe that God will bring with him those who have died in Jesus". 1 Thessalonians 4:13‭-‬14 CEB
Posted by Maryann Oluremi Jemitola on March 13, 2021
A Rose for you too my Uncle Seyi...
My darling uncle Seyi I just sent a Rose; we just sent Roses forth and now I am sending one to you!!!!
I hold dear to my heart our last meeting, though sad, I however never imagined it will be the last! We will all surely meet again.
You and my Sis Catherine and indeed the whole family were just always around; never left my side , always just there.
Always with love.
So, it is no surprise that my last connect with you (to Sis Catherine) was your refreshing, highly satisfying and excellent appraisal of a deliverable, hours before you passed. You encouraged me always and to the very end.
That’s who you were; an Enabler, Helper, Teacher...
We will miss you dear uncle, you were a great man, always doing good; always spreading love.
And my dear Sis, as you, Melody and Amy start a new phase in life without your beloved husband and Father, I pray God’s Power will be upon you; his favour, counsel and might will be upon you.
You will be okay in Jesus Name. Amen.
Good night dear uncle Seyi, Rest in Perfect Peace. Amen.
Posted by Cycology Cycling Club on March 12, 2021
Mr Oluseyi Togunu Bickersteth - Mr. B as we called him- joined the Cycology Cycling Club several years ago together with his amiable wife Catherine - Mrs. B.

Mr B, was a much loved, respected and admired addition to Cycology. He and, Mrs B were always available, providing emotional, physical and mental inspiration. There can be little doubt about Mr Bickersteth’s vigour; here he was, in his 60’s cycling along the uncertain streets of Lagos with men and women decades younger than himself – and keeping up! His insouciance at the age difference between other members of the club and himself bore testimony to his supreme confidence in his abilities, his humility and his self-assurance. He was an atypical Nigerian, the erstwhile managing partner of the KPMG and board member of one of the nation’s foremost banks who was nonetheless absolutely comfortable with men and women most of who were certainly not his peers. 

We admired Mr B and had immense respect and affection for him .  He spoke little but when he did speak we all saw why he was an unqualified success in the business sphere. He saw the essence of things and made issues clear to those of us. Uncommon wisdom. Yet he did so without condescension but with often quiet humour.

Indeed his kind will be hard to replace. Our thoughts are with Mrs. B and the girls.

Rest in peace, sir.

For: Cycology Cycling Club
Tunde Laoye (TL)
Posted by Ijeoma Emezie-Ezigbo on March 12, 2021
Rest in Perfect Peace Seyi. Thank you for being an impactful and passionate leader. I have great memories of you from KPMG. I pray that the good Lord will comfort your family in ways that only He can. My deepest condolences to Catherine and your children. Rest at the Lord’s bosom. You ran an excellent race
Posted by Wole Obayomi on March 12, 2021
OTB, “how could this be?” “It’s not possible!” These were my reactions when the shocking news of your passage first broke out on Wednesday, 3 March 2021. With your healthy lifestyle, personal discipline, and physical exercises that made you so fit, strong, energetic, and full of life, no one could have imagined that you would pass at the time you did. I had wished your so-called death (really?) was a bad dream, but sadly that’s our reality!
Working together with you for 26 years and three months before you retired from KPMG in 2016 was a remarkable experience for me. I had the singular privilege of being the only staff in my generation that reported directly from the onset to a partner in our firm, and that was you. You poured yourself into me in my early years that accelerated my personal and professional development. On a few occasions when I thought of leaving the firm to pursue other interests, the thought of you made me to shelve the idea knowing that not all bosses were like you. We stuck together as colleagues (not as boss to subordinate), brothers, friends, confidants and trusted partners. You were my buddy, and age differential was no barrier between us.
At the personal level, you never stopped telling me that you married my wife (your Bos-bos) for me! Thank you for making her way and mine to cross each other in the course of work that culminated in our marriage. Almost twenty nine (29) years after, I could never have wished or prayed for a better wife than the one God gave me through you! And you were live there at our wedding in Ibokun (about 350kms from Lagos) in the company of your friend, Joe Uwagba, who I met for the first time then. That struck me and my wife, and that singular gesture was the emotional connection she needed to our firm that has remained with her since then. 
Thank you for remaining close to us and checking on us from time to time. You last chat with me on 2 December 2020 was “And am ready to FLY” after the theme of the 2020 Holy Ghost Congress of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Little did I know that that would be your last word to me, and that you were talking to me proverbially, as you have now flown above the clouds into the presence of your Maker where you will now be forever.
My dear “egbon”, “Big buroda”, “Baba Eko”, “Baba Kekere” and “Alagba”, as I variously fondly called you, you will forever be in my heart and in the heart of your Bos-bos. The lives of your “Omo Oba”, “OOO”, “Triple O” and “WO” (all your various pet names for me) and Bos-bos will never be the same without you. In no small way, you were a destiny helper to us. For this, we are very grateful.
Catherine, Melody and Amy, accept our heartfelt condolences. Your husband and father passed because his time came because no one will die without God’s permission. If not, he would not have slept his final sleep that fateful day. God knows best why He let him go so soon and, quietly so, without anyone suspecting. But we must say that he died well! Indeed, if he had been asked how he would like to die, he probably would have said “painlessly in my sleep” (just as it happened). As painful as his death is, you have a lot to be thankful to God for. Remember “In everything, give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die. May Seyi’s legacies live on and may his memory be a blessing to you and the rest of us. It is well with you all in Jesus’ name. Amen
Wole & Bose Obayomi
Posted by bisi lamikanra on March 12, 2021
Oluseyi, Seyi, OTB........

- compassionate but firm and never hesitated to   demonstrate tough love
- fiercely private but very social
- the smartest in the room but will always let others go first - never one to show off ..
- extremely competitive but willing to wait his turn
- a loyal friend with a facade you could not always read 
- you could not ignore or miss him; he dominated the room but he never wanted to hug the limelight or be the centre of attention
- jolly and fun. Naturally the centre of the party but at the same time happy to be in the background

In all, somethings never wavered - his love for his family, his forthrightness, the ability to go for the jugular and saying it exactly the way it is.....

Catherine, what can one say? - you brought out the softer side of him, you loved him deeply and stood for his best interest at all times.

Mel, Amy - your dad was so proud of you both. He shared every milestone, every key achievement.  The joy you gave him could not be covered or hidden in his bosom like other things.

Seyi was my own oga but a loyal friend
my greatest challenger but at the same time, my greatest supporter
He lamented so loud about Nigeria but never gave up
He pulled the strings - being audacious was never enough, it had to be at the cusp of the unreal. However, he listened and understood when you had put your all into it.

God, we know you had him covered and took Seyi straight to your bosom ...

Extracts from my exchange with him just after he retired.

Dear Seyi how are u today ? We can never appreciate how much u made us all successful in many ways . I never dwell on the no of partners until Saturday night and then appreciated again your pushing us to breed, to breed, to delegate ( u pushed me in particular and u were the reason for my wake up call before it was too late). I can go on and on about the many things - but most of all is your humility, it's never about you ............. ......................................................

Bits of his reply ( it was much longer) —Bisi am so overwhelmed with emotions about your kind words . Am truly appreciative ........

God you know best and called my boss, my mentor, my egbon, my pitcher man into glory

su rere OTB ..

‘Adebisi ‘ ‘Olami - Kanra’. 

Posted by Ariyo Salami on March 11, 2021
It was shocking and very devastating to hear that Seyi has passed. I worked with him at Arthur Andersen between 1982 and 1989. He was very easy to work with. He was very funny as well. My condolences to Catherine and his daughters. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Seni Hazzan on March 11, 2021

In our eyes, you left too soon! Though Our Maker knows best.

There were news you heard and you would forever remember where you were when the news was first broken to you: such was your translation to glory. I literally called everyone I knew was close to you to be sure I heard right.

I never knew our conversation during Dick Kramer’s birthday in Nigeria would be our last on this side of eternity: though I always speak about you every time I cross paths with ex-AA/AC guys across the globe.

Why that: you were the first partner to interview me at the then AA office at Adetokunbo Ademola. What struck me was your gentle mannerism, soft voice and hearty laughs. 

When I was leaving for Yale in 1994, you spoke words that stood with me and gave me confidence that I could hold my place among the best. I was so eager to have lunch with you in New York to share my exploits.

Interestingly,, my experience is not unique. That's how you touched everyone along your path. And comfort all who are weary or need guidance.

So now, may the God of all comfort, comfort your family at this difficult time. May they begin to enjoy and be surrounded by a multiple of comforts you have provided for others.

While this sudden departure is painful, we look forward to that glorious Day when we shall be reunited with you, all the saints and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Rest in Perfect Peace, OTB

Posted by Alice Agyiri on March 11, 2021
Uncle Seyi brought our family hope and inspiration.

As a family man, he was such a great example to look up to; how he doted on Auntie Catherine, Mel and Amy, how he made time to vacation as a family every year – which always looked like a great time from the photos, how he made his family laugh with his humor, how he worked together with Auntie Catherine to exercise often and eat right, and how he and Auntie Catherine were so generous and involved when it came to extended family and in-laws.
As a business person, we were so proud of his accomplishments and he gave us hope that our dreams were valid and attainable. That we could work hard and have a life of impact like him.

We are hurting very deeply for the loss of Uncle Seyi and the shattered promise of a wonderful retirement with his family. While no one can ever fill Uncle Seyi’s shoes, we will always be there for Auntie Catherine, Melody and Amy.

May Uncle Seyi’s soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of his Maker. He will never be forgotten.

Alice and Maclean Amlalo
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