SFC Barett Wambli McNabb
  • 33 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 23, 1978
  • Date of passing: Jun 12, 2012
Let the memory of Barett be with us forever

Assigned to Sapper 562nd Engineer Company, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd
Infantry Division, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.
 Barett loved hiking, camping, fishing, parasailing, white water raft
trips,Horseback riding, Jim Cana Riding, zip line trips,spending as
much time as possible with Family,Collecting knives, Riflery and
shooting at range as well as hunting, Archery,Carpentry,woodworking,
swimming, Loved animals and adpoted many with his wife Georgette

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Josh Degneau on 18th November 2017

"RIP SFC McNabb.  You are not forgotten."

This tribute was added by Walter Alford on 31st October 2017

"May God comfort and bless his family forever. This man will never be forgotten. His family’s pain will never go away but with time the pain is lessened. I will pray for them all."

This tribute was added by Candace Haller on 11th September 2017

"Thank you just doesn't seem enough on this Sept 11 day.  I saw the episode again today and am always so very moved. I take this moment to say thank you SFC McNabb for the sacrifice that you made for us all. l am praying for peace and love and an end to the hate so no more soldiers are taken to soon. I vow to be a better person today bc of the freedom I have as a result of brave men and women like yourself."

This tribute was added by Pete Griff on 11th September 2017

"Nothing can replace a lost son, father and husband, but thank you for giving us a person that tried to help those over seas and serve his country as well.  All of us are better for learning about SFC McNabb, his memory will always linger with those of us protected by him and his service."

This tribute was added by RedRed Robin on 19th June 2017

"06/19/17: I was just watching the show on National Geographic on the Medvac crews in Afghanistan. One American was not able to be saved. The name was mentioned at the end, The name, of course, was SFC Barett Wambli McNabb. Thank you for your service, sir."

This tribute was added by jennifer perez on 13th June 2017

"I was thinking of you & your family on your 5 year anniversary, yesterday.  Just wanted to leave a small note honoring you and yours for the sacrifices made in the name of our country.  There are no words that really describe how grateful we are to this brave hero, SFC McNabb.  Sending love and light to your mom & dad."

This tribute was added by Royce Lumpkin on 12th June 2017

"Rest in peace Barett McNabb.  Please say hello to my big brother in Heaven for me, SFC Harmon R. Lumpkin 1st Infantry Division Artillery, Vietnam Vet and POW.  Left to go to Heaven in 1999.  He was my hero and I miss him dearly.  Thank you sir for your service and sacrifice.   From a fellow patriot and USAF Vet.  God Bless our Air Force PJs"

This tribute was added by Georgia McNabb on 12th June 2017

"I wish to leave a note to all of you who have honored my Son with your wishes and good thoughts.  As his mother I find hope in this!"

This tribute was added by Linda Hoffman on 12th June 2017

"I have been keeping Barett and your family in my prayers and thoughts for a number of years now since learning of his sacrifice and your heartwtenching loss. I last posted on his birthday and my prayer and hope for you now is that although the so called "5 Year mark" will never lessen your loss, maybe you can be at the place of remembering the joyful  memories of the years Barett was with you and still is in your hearts, especially his Mom. God Bless You All. Linda"

This tribute was added by Omead Saney on 29th May 2017

"Dear Mcnab

God Bless you will all of my prayers and all my thoughts about you. I pray to you that you'll be ascended to god's kingdom of heaven and in the name of Jesus praise you to be with him and I was sad that I was never been able to see you. but praying for you and your family god bless Amen.

Sincerely Omead Saney

P.S.: Thank you for all your sacrifice and your service to protect our freedoms"

This tribute was added by jennifer perez on 2nd February 2017

"I have been thinking of you and your family ever since I watched Inside Combat Rescue a few years ago.  My heart aches for you & your family to this very day, I cant imagine the pain.  I never knew you in life, but you have truly touched my heart & I'll never forget you or you & your family's sacrifice.  You are my hero."

This tribute was added by Georgia McNabb on 27th December 2016

"Bear did you get the Chocolate cupcake I tied to all those helium balloons I sent up to you on your birthday??
Would have sent a bottle of Beer but I would have had to use over 100 balloons to get it off the ground!   Hope this made you smile, Miss you so dam much son.
Mom & Dad"

This tribute was added by Jared Hassing on 23rd December 2016

"Happy Birthday to a true American Hero, Father, Husband and Son, who payed the ultimate price after dedicating his life to others.  You have crossed over to the other side but are not forgotten by the world on this side...."

This tribute was added by Beverly Bowers on 23rd December 2016

"Today is your special day!!"

This tribute was added by Jose Arroyo on 23rd December 2016

"Happy Birthday to you Sir. I hope you are resting in peace knowing that you truly are not forgotten. I pray that your family is doing OK and enjoying memories of you today and during this holiday season. We are all forever thankful for your sacrifice."

This tribute was added by Linda Hoffman on 23rd December 2016

"Since leaving a tribute to Barett and his family earlier this yeasr I have often thought of this true hero and his family, especially his Mom and prayed she was healing. Today I received a reminder of Barrett's birthday and had not realized how close to Christmas it was -  I'm sure that used to be joyful. I hope that with the passage of time and God's grace the family and his Mom are able to celebrate these days with a little less pain and more shared happy memories of Barett to keep his spirit alive in the hearts of the family forever. You will all continue to be in my prayers and my heart. Thank you for sharing part of Barett with all of us."

This tribute was added by Lori Currie on 21st November 2016

"I am brought to SFC Barnett McNabb after watching Inside Combat Rescue. I cried my eyes out and became extremely humbled and blessed to live in a country where our fellow Americans pay the ultimate price for our freedom. I can easily get caught up in the complaining of things that truly don't matter, but this brave soldier reminded me how humble I should be. May God give peace to your family and may you RIP. Thank you for your service to this country and giving no greater sacrifice, you are truly a hero!! God bless your family!!!"

This tribute was added by Beverly Bowers on 11th November 2016

""The spirit lives as long as the living remember"! Old Indian saying
Gone but NOT forgotten! Thank you for ur service sir!"

This tribute was added by john adams on 25th October 2016

"I too watched the NAT. GEO. program last night and cried when SFC McNabb died.  I wrote his name down and promised myself to research his name and never forget his sacrifice.  my prayers go out to his family, RIP SFC McNabb.  I will never forget your service and sacrifice."

This tribute was added by Robert Estrada on 24th October 2016

"I just witnessed your passing on NAT GEO. Maybe it's that I am from an Army Family with my Father interned at Arlington, or maybe it's just our shared humanity. Either way, I wept. I am so very sorry."

This tribute was added by Bubba McPoopie on 24th September 2016

"I just watched SFC McNabb pass away on the NatGeo series "Combat Rescue".  When the Doctor was massaging his heart and he got a pulse my eyes filled with tears and I was so damn happy and then they lost him and I was devastated.  I served in Afghanistan 2003-2004 and Iraq 2004-2005.  Every single day i remind myself just how fortunate I am to have made it home.  Lord bless SFC McNabb's family and loved ones, give them strength and ease their suffering I pray.  I do not deserve to be here and I pray I live my life in a way that honors their sacrifice...


Pacer 6. Out"

This tribute was added by Zain Nelson on 12th September 2016

"May You Rest in Peace, Thanks For Your Bravery and Dedication, May God Bless Your Family, Kids and Wife!"

This tribute was added by Lesley Roesch on 5th September 2016

"God bless Brett McNabb and the friends and family who love him."

This tribute was added by fra w on 28th August 2016

"Bless you and your loved ones xxx"

This tribute was added by Mark Ritchie on 20th August 2016

"Your passing made me sad I'm from the UK and was watching combat rescue on the television and they paid tribute to you , it brought a tear to my eye as I too lost a friends there , I'm sure you were a brave man even now we are thinking of you."

This tribute was added by Wayne Ashby on 9th August 2016

"May you rest in peace. Bless you for your sacrafice. May god look after your family and loved ones. It pains me to see bad things happen to good people.  - SFC W. Ashby, 3/2 Stryker"

This tribute was added by Steven Lowery on 8th August 2016

"I had a lot of everyday problems in my head as I sat down and watched TV. I then came upon a program that showed Sgt. McNabb's final moments. I chastised myself for my petty troubles and wept as this brave man paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  While some could find fault in showing such a painful scene, I am grateful for it. It reminds the whole nation of the price of freedom that is so unevenly born by these heroes'  families. I am also grateful because it made me take the time to learn about this great man to whom I owe such a great debt.  God Bless Sgt. McNabb and his family."

This tribute was added by Kaleb Baker on 8th August 2016

"Sitting here, after watching SFC Barett McNabb fight for his life on Combat Rescue was a saddening experience. Those doctors, nurses, and pararescuemen did all they could to save and seeing that Barett didn't give up was awe inspiring. Barett's sacrifice is just one of many  reasons for all of to be thankful for our freedom and the lives we live in safety, with our families. I pray for McNabb's family and that God protects him and his family until the day they are all reunited all again. God bless."

This tribute was added by A.J. Ara-guin on 7th August 2016

"May God look after you in Heaven and to also provide your family with the enormous amount of Love that was lost with your loss. Thank you SFC Barett Wambli McNabb for protecting our Country. Words alone can not express my family's gratitude to you and your family. I only hope that I can meet you in Heaven and shake your hand. God Bless You -"

This tribute was added by Jenny Cordrey on 21st July 2016

"Deepest Heart felt gratitude for the debt your family has paid in the name of freedom. Thank you."

This tribute was added by kristi d on 15th July 2016

"Like others, I didn't know this soldier, but watching the TV show.  I am in tears for the loss for your family.  He is truly a hero.  I hope you have been able to find some comfort in the years that have passed.  Thank you for sharing your son, father and husband with the world."

This tribute was added by wendy norris on 6th July 2016

"I didn't know this soldier. I was just laying here, watching tv and the combat rescue show was on and it showed what happened. I am in tears right now. They tried so hard, but it was not to be. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that we will never forget the sacrifices made by your loved one and by you. From an unknown person in Kansas, please know that I will never forget. May you have peace in your hearts."

This tribute was added by Georgia McNabb on 13th June 2016

"Once again I wish to Thank all of you who payed tribute to my Son Barett.  I miss him everyday but finally am trying to move forward now.  Remember he was my Only child and it just about killed me to loss him, but he was doing what he felt was his job.  My hero! My son!"

This tribute was added by diane green on 13th June 2016

"May Heavenly Father Guard, Guide, Bless and Protect you and your family on the anniversary of your going home to Him.  In my prayers at this time both you and you wonderful family who sacrificed so much for America."

This tribute was added by Linda Hoffman on 12th June 2016

"Tears were streaming down my face as I sat on the edge of the couch whispering no no over and over while watching Barett Wambli struggle for life on Combat Rescue. I will never forget him and his sacrifice for all of us and he and his family will be in my prayers always. Barett and his family are not strangers they are part of us all. Thank you"

This tribute was added by Ultimo Chingaso on 29th May 2016

"My thoughts and prayers to the family. No words can express my gratitude for your son and husband and his honorable service. May God bless your family and those around you. SD"

This tribute was added by Doug Jones on 29th May 2016

"To the parents, spouse and children of SFC Barett McNabb
I just finished watching the National Geographic program and felt compelled while holding back tears, to pay tribute and to let you know, that our hearts and prayers will forever be with you; and in memory of Barett.  Although some time has passed, do know that he will live on forever in your hearts; and to his children everyday you look in the mirror, he is with you.

Please know that your Dad was something special; and what he did and was doing thru his service, you will always be able to hold your head high knowing that he loved his country & that he most importantly he loved you.  

Former SP4 Douglas Jones"

This tribute was added by Christine Garcia on 29th May 2016

"My Condolences and Prayers to the children and family of American Selfless Hero SFC Barrett W McNabb. Thank you (if that is even correct) for sharing and allowing the world to see this tragic moment in all your lives. My son is also serves proudly and the spark that these men and woman are born with is unexplainable. As parents,spouses,family all we can do is support them and pray they stay safe. My son will forever try to convince me this is what they prepare for we at home can only try to believe that. God Bless you all and embrace that Soldier Angel you all no doubt have. REST IN LOVE SFC MCNABB."

This tribute was added by J Parker on 29th May 2016

"SFC McNabb thank you for your bravery, strength & courage as you gave your life for so many!  You will be forever missed by those that know you including those who met you through TV. May God Be With You & Your Family!"

This tribute was added by Michelle Nunes on 29th May 2016

"To the McNabb Family,

Your son and husband is a hero and I'm so sorry for the loss of his life. Condolences seem so small when put next to your grief, but from one mom to another, I think the only thing greater than our fears and pain is the courage, bravery and patriotism of our boys. May his Most Honorable dedication give your broken hearts comfort and pride.

Very sincerely,
M Nunes
Northern Colorado"

This tribute was added by Julia Yapell on 29th May 2016

"Thank you SFC McNabb for your ultimate sacrifice.  I learned of you on Combat Rescue and was heartbroken that you didn't make it.  I was inspired at the number of individuals that did everything humanly possible to save you and I've no doubt you know this as well.  Peace be with you, eternally.  McNabb family, my prayers are with you.  Your son, husband,father's life was not in vain.  GOD bless our soldiers and God bless America.  Amen."

This tribute was added by Myrna Ortiz on 29th May 2016

"RIP SFC McNabb, you are not forgotten."

This tribute was added by Jessica Brower-Clifft on 29th May 2016

"God bless the McNabb family! I was just incredibly saddened to learn of Barrett's death. I watched the service men and women trying to save his life and couldn't control my emotion. I had to reach out and offer sympathies after they showed his name. I have also lost due to the ugly war in the Middle East. My prayers and passion are for your continued healing!"

This tribute was added by Jessica Shaffer on 29th May 2016

"RIP SFC McNabb, just saw the Pararescue episode on National Geographic this Memorial Day weekend of the traumatic events that you sacrificed all for us. Rest in peace fellow Soldier!"

This tribute was added by David Deal on 17th April 2016

"My former.wife ,Tammy and I knew Bear and Georgia from Ft.Riley in 2000-2002. We were the best of friends. Our Jack russel dog zee bee  played with their great dane,Ranger, and our children played together.we were neighbors. I had lost touch with them over the years but never forgot Thier friendship and generosity. One horrible fucking way to find out about your buddy 4 years later but here's how it happened , I swear to god. I was on facebook, checking out a girls.profile that I'm interested in, her last name happened to be mcnabb. Ino my head suddenly,popped barret mcnabb,on google,and George popped up. Thanks for letting me know pal
Say hi to my brother Carl the 3rd up there,you guys met at my ets party back in 2002 in Manhattan. Georgia,I'm on facebook.love you all
Daniel is 6foot 2 now and weighs 250. I remarried a Russian lady,and we have 2 girls. Sad godamn day.and by the way,I don't fucking want to see my brother killed by cowardIce goat fuckers on live tv."

This tribute was added by Linda Hoffman on 11th April 2016

"I have watched the heroic and tragic episode in which this brave son, husband, father lost his battle to live. My heart broke and tears are not NEARLY enough to offer his family but please know he is now part of my soul as well. A piece of all of us was lost watching him pass so tragically and bravely. Your words as a mother show us why your son was such a wonderful human being. God Bless You."

This tribute was added by jacqueline malowa on 15th January 2016

"Was just watching NatGeao and saw how brave and selfless you and  the brave men and women in Military are. I pray for strength and peace for your family. God bless."

This tribute was added by Brandie Hassing on 25th December 2015

"We are thinking of you and your family on this day.....We thank you all for your sacrifice and are so happy that this story and many others has been seen and heard the way it should have been.  We should stop and reflect what people have lost so that we can thrive.  We've really enjoyed getting to know your family a little here and there and hope to stay in contact over the years.  Bless you all on this day and have a Merry Christmas. Love the Hassing Family"

This tribute was added by jayne machacek on 23rd December 2015

"Land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave. Because of men like SFC McNabb, we live in the finest country in the world. God rest his soul and watch over his special family. To his parents: you raised an exceptional son. To his wife and child: what a wonderful legacy. May the Lord bless you and keep you. He laid down his life for his country. No greater sacrifice."

This tribute was added by joe trejo on 23rd December 2015

"Then, the soldier rolled over,
In a voice soft and pure,
He whispered, "Carry on Santa,
It's Christmas Day, all is secure."

Thank you Sarge! Happy Birthday!"

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