Justin's infamous hunting day

Shared by janet duffy on November 20, 2011

When Justin was in 9th grade he, his dad, Bob Coenen & his son and Tim Wolf went pheasant hunting one Sat morning. After hunting two fields uneventfully they went to a field owned by Tim's friend. The was a large area of tall grass that they surrounded - forming a horseshoe (hint). Well, the pheasant flew and the shots rang out and then Justin yelled - "hold up, I've been hit - been shot". They all rushed to find Justin and he indeed had several pellets imbedded in his forehead and just over his right eye. Joe and Justin treaked back to the truck - Joe carrying both guns and laboring heavily. When they arrived back at the truck they found a farmer had blocked them in with his tractor and was none too happy that they were in "his" field and shooting when he had his cattle out feeding.

Justin ended up at the doctors office to have the pellets removed and a stich or two added to his forehead. Joe ended up finding out that he had a 90% blockage in an artery of his heart (from the laboring back to the truck and the cold air hurting his lungs). We still don't know if Bob Coenen or Joe were responsible for "shooting" Justin, but it kind of points to Joe. 

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