His Life

Like my brother...

I first met him in High school. He caught my attention because he was so tall. We had serveral classes together and I eventually introduced myself. We bonded almost immediately in this fucked up place called HIGH school! Since then we partied hard countless times...Once at The Zoo when we were 17 cause I was big and he was tall...a dynamic drinking duo! only once did we duke it out. It was to test each others dont know a man till you fight him...our strength was equal, but he had the obvious reach advantage!LOL! He had so many friends and I remember jumping into the bed of his dad's old truck, we had packed it full and I had no where else to sit.We even pulled a couple all nighters...for days,but right down to it, he was like my blood brother. I'll miss him dearly for the rest of my life...R.I.P. Shane, your partying with Biggie and Pac now!