Shared by Lillian Gault on April 4, 2011

Never a dull moment with my bro Shane it could be all chaos in the world but it would still be funii if you were involved

Squeegy DaiZ all kindsa days :))

Shared by Becca Ouellette on April 2, 2011



Shane.... Wow our time here is so short, and your have left us all too soon! i haven't seen you in years, but i have known you my whole life.... i still remember back in kindergarten growing up with you around my whole life, and all the crazy things we did when we were kids....and not kids...sometimes i wish it was easy to says good bye when you know its the last one but it never is.. all i got now are memories of all the things we have done.... like remember the first day of kindergarten?? or that time at new-dale i know witch one?... or hanging out in st.V..... or even chilling at the O spot wont say the things we did but they were always good times! you always knew how to make me and everyone else laugh and have a good time... its funny because i always kinda picked on you but you always stood up for me. and to tell the truth most people didn't bug me after that consider you stand up to 6 and a half feet..I am sorry for all the things i did but you know it was all in good fun..Lil.. thanks for being a part of my life and a great friend! You were a good guy man, and will be missed!

My heart goes out to the family.....

growing up with Shane i know his time here was to prayers are with you in this time of need and may he always be remembered for that happy goofy smile he always had on his face
.Rest in Peace Young Man!



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