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A Loving Mother

January 19, 2018

Ms. Burks loved her children and wanted them to learn.  She was not the average today's MOM.  She was small framed on the outside, but her insides were filled with old school traditions.  The first time we spoke over the phone I shared a couple of concerns. She did not hesitate, she said send all of his homework.  The next day, her son had completed all of his homework and redid the other.  I did not know he could write so well.  The previous year teacher said "I told you she was a great Mom!"  She always made time for her children.  I can still see her carrying the Kindergarten in for breakfast.  Her arms wrapped around her daughter sharing her love through embrace.  I can also remember her coming in to have lunch with son and sending him all of those extra snacks making sure he would not be hungry.  She left with her children a beautiful memory of love that only a mother could give.   I am sure she is wearing a crown in glory.  

My Sincere Condolences,

Barbara Dawson 

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