Let the memory of Shannon be with us forever
  • 42 years old
  • Born on February 19, 1971 .
  • Passed away on September 21, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Shannon Egly 42 years old , born on February 19, 1971 and passed away on September 21, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Manmohan & Daisy Sethi on 24th September 2018
Although five years have gone by, you are always remembered. Your smile is missed and your giggly laughter resounds in my ears.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 7th August 2018
Hello Darling, You would be proud of Mom, with the help of your dear Son, I have been able to let go of the resentment of losing you Don't get me wrong, I miss you every moment of my waking life. Also, you are still in many dreams. I love when I dream of you. It will be five years on Sept.21,2018 that you fell asleep in God's arms as you were sleeping. I remember the exact words I said when your brother told me you were gone, "NO, NO, NO not my baby." I stayed mad at the world that you were gone. It just wasn't"t fair. Now I know that life is not always fair. This I do know, our God is fair. I will see you again, very soon, I cannot wait until I see your beautiful smile and hear your sweet voice again. We will be together soon Shannon. Come quickly Dear Jesus.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 21st February 2018
Not a day goes by that I don"t think of you, We will be together very shortly dear daughter.
Posted by Nancy Chadwick on 19th February 2018
I will always remember Shannon's beautiful smile and heart for God's kids!
Posted by Nancy Parker on 19th February 2018
Miss you, Shannon.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 19th February 2017
I have been waiting all day today for you to open the door and say "it's just me Mom" I would answer back and say "Come on in dear" Happy Birthday to the sweetest daughter in the world. We still miss you so very much. My heart aches at the thought of your name. To think you would be 46 years old today. The grandmother of two of the most beautiful little girls you ever could imagine. One is even named after you and her other grandma in Texas. Shannon Denice Egly. Mis. Lillie is about the most beautiful read head you ever saw. In fact, they are the most beautiful children you could imagine. They would love you so much. Your Son Eric graduates as a license journal man in June 2017. We are so proud of him. I know you would be proud too. Now you lay in your watery grave just off the pier in Oceanside, one of your favorite places to go in the world was the beach. Sleep well my daughters, Jesus is coming soon.
Posted by Nancy Parker on 19th February 2017
We will never forget you and always miss you.
Posted by Stephen Santangelo on 19th February 2017
Those who enter our hearts are long remembered through the passage of time. Sharon is certainly remembered and will be forever!! Steve Santangelo
Posted by Duane Shockey on 19th February 2017
Shannon, You and Troy were the greatest gifts to your Mom and Dad. Those early years of your life when you were a baby Shannon, Shoni, Stacy, and myself had many good times with your family. We watched you kids growing and it was unbelievable how fast the years went by. Right now I am trying to remember what mischief you and Malia got into. I'm sure your Mom can tell me. It was a treat seeing you as an adult, but the times were too few. We miss you and Stacy.
Posted by Katrina Swartzlander on 19th February 2017
Happy Birthday! I love and miss you! Always thinking of you! Especially when I play cards! :)
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 23rd September 2016
The day has come and gone, the third anniversary of your death. It hurts as much now as it did then. I cannot begin to put in words how deep it cuts my heart to think of you . Then, on the other hand, I smile ear to ear just remembering the joy you brought to my heart watching you grow up. Good times and bad times we laughed and cried together. We would hold each other tight and tell each other we loved each other. As a little girl, you would come and sleep in Mama's bed, This never changed when you got older. Even at 42, I remember holding you in my arms in my bed. You crying and Mama letting you know I was there for you. Everything would be OK. Then on a beautiful September night 2013, Jesus let you fall asleep in his arms, where you will stay till He comes and resurrects you from your grave. We will meet each other in the air, as the rest of our beautiful family all join hands together, to live in the family of God forever and ever. My heart longs for that day. While I am here, I will continue to tell others of our great God's love. In hopes, I can hasten up His soon Coming, and we will be with Him forever. Till then sleep well, my dear and beautiful daughter. Love Your Mother.
Posted by Nancy Parker on 22nd September 2016
Miss you Shannon!
Posted by Troy Egly on 21st September 2016
I cannot wait to see you again my sweet sister! Of course this is a tribute to you but this is really for us that are still on this earth. I am so glad we have the hope and will see you again soon! I am very much looking forward to that day! Let's continue his work to hasten the second coming so we can see all our lost loved ones.
Posted by Katrina Swartzlander (Nea... on 20th February 2016
I miss you. I missed you before you were gone, I miss you more today. You lit up the world with your smile and laugh and, together, our laughs made this life pretty awesome! Yes, we got into trouble but, that made life more interesting! Then we grew up (a little!) and had beautiful baby boys (we were meant to raise boys!). Thinking on SPA days, fishing in Big Bear with Eric, hanging in the OC, Riverside crazy with Margie... Such good times! I know you're there for me, you come in my dreams, watching out for me! I love you girl! Can't wait to see you again!
Posted by Nancy Chadwick on 20th February 2016
Remembering when Shannon did the crafts for the children's program in our last Evangelistic series. She was so attentive to the children and was there especially to help the ones who were most challenging. We are missing her and her love for children during this series and praying that God will raise up someone to share their gifts in our church with her spirit of compassion and care for kids.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 20th February 2016
We have worked in the garden today sweetheart, your plants are looking amazing, your butterfly lights still shine each night to remind us of you dear daughter. Each year is just as hard as the other to accept the fact that you are gone from this earth. Daddy and Mama are looking so forward to the return of Jesus to see your face again. We pray each day for God to make us ready. What a day of rejoicing that will be. You also have a new great niece. We know how much you would love all three of the Nixon girls. We all look forward to being all together in heaven soon. Love Mom and Dad 2-19-2016
Posted by Linda Parker on 19th February 2016
Think of you today Shannon.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 22nd September 2015
Yesterday 9/21/2015 Your Dad and Mom went to the end of the oceanside pier and talked to Our lord and savior. We told him that we recognize that we as humans are all sinners. we are as filthy rags. we also know God that in your word, the moment we believe, and be baptized and give our hearts to you, we are wrapped in your righteous robe. We also know that even though we continue to sin each day all we have to do is repent and white as snow you wash us again. Grace, sweet and wonderful grace is something we will never understand, but that is what you cover us with. See you real soon our beautiful daughter. Love , Mom and Dad
Posted by Troy Egly on 21st September 2015
I miss my sis!!!! But I have hope I will see here again!
Posted by Nancy Parker on 21st September 2015
Miss your sweet Shannon.
Posted by Bryan Gunter on 21st September 2015
She is remembered.
Posted by Manmohan & Daisy Sethi on 21st September 2015
Our time with Shannon was always filled with joy. We love her and miss her. May the Lord continue to give strength to the family.
Posted by Nancy Chadwick on 20th February 2015
Every time I go into the young adult room at our church I think of Shannon. She gave so much of herself to provide not only crafts for the children at the Evangelistic series, but love and warmth. The children who were the most challenging gravitated towards Shannon and she gave them a sense of calm and happiness. She had a gift with children because she really loved them. I will never forget her and can't wait to see her smile and hear her laughter as she dances around the tree of life with the One who created her and loves her so much!
Posted by Nancy Parker on 19th February 2015
I remember many shared birthday parties with Linda Parker. We miss you, sweet Shannon.
Posted by Bryan Gunter on 19th February 2015
To the memory of a beautiful daughter, mother, grandmother. She gave a lot of joy for such a short life and struggled bravely with life's curves.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 19th February 2015
Hello my beautiful daughter today you would have been 44 years old. We would have been watching you blow out the candles unsuccessful as your trickie brother would have made sure they were the ones that would relight themselves. Yes we would have all been together and would have partaken in a nice dinner. Instead I set here at the computer remembering how blessed to have had you in our lives. So thankful for the time, was much to short for me and Daddy but we praise God for each day we could hear you call us Mom and Dad. Rest in Peace sweet Daughter, we will see you soon. Love Mom and Dad
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 22nd September 2014
Our Dear Precious Shannon Cathleen Egly. One year ago today Our Lord called you to rest. Yes at his second coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord will come with a shout with all the angles with him. At the time of Jesus return No matter where you have been resting You will rise from your grave and we all will meet him in the air, what a glorious and wonderful day that will be. Baby girl I miss you so much. Some people have told me it gets easier for us living here without your presents. I have a hard time believing the hurt will grow less as it was as hard today as the day your brother told me the terrible news. I am comforted knowing that Jesus weeps with me. In loving memory of my dear Daughter Love Mom. .
Posted by Juanita Dollahite on 21st September 2014
Shannon was such a lovely child & young woman. you will always be in my heart. You were very special to me niece . You are missed & never forgotten. You are in heaven with my beautiful daughter Cammie. God has taken to angels to live with him in a better place. Love you (aunt Juanita)
Posted by Bryan Gunter on 21st September 2014
Nothing can make up for Shannon's absence--to her parents, her brother, her son and his family, her friends. But she brought many joys to everyone in her life, and now her life is always filled with joy and light--remembering that eases the pain of her loss.
Posted by Ramona Greek on 21st September 2014
Shannon was a beautiful woman whose inner being shined forth in quietness and kindness. We miss her!
Posted by Autumn & Randy Clark on 21st September 2014
"I still can see her beautiful smile, and I do miss her hugs. I was blessed to know her. I praise the Lord for the blesses hope in Christ Jesus our Risen Savior. You are forever miss my dear Shannon. Love. Autumn and Randy Clark"
Posted by Manmohan & Daisy Sethi on 21st September 2014
A year has passed since Shannon went to be with the Lord, but memories linger on. We miss Shannon.
Posted by Joshua Roberts on 21st September 2014
I've never met her wish I would have. Lot of good things I hear!
Posted by Manmohan & Daisy Sethi on 24th February 2014
It was always a joy to be around Shannon. We miss her a lot,
Posted by Autumn & Randy Clark on 23rd February 2014
We miss her beautiful smiles and hugs at church and she was sitting behind us., and all the conversation we were sharing with her. I know she is sleeping and awaiting for the day of the coming of our God. But still sad that she was gone. Our prayer are with the family.
Posted by Forrest Collier on 20th February 2014
Shannon was a bright light turned off too soon. She is greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. Eleanor
Posted by Jennifer Kegley on 20th February 2014
My beautiful cousin, you are so missed. I think of you often, your smile, your laugh, your kindness. I wish we had been closer, that you had let me in. I wish that I had known the right words to make you believe in yourself. You were so much better than the rest of us and yet you never knew. Like all of us, you stumbled and you fell. I wish that I had known how to help you back up. I hope with all my heart that you are safe now in God's company and have found peace with yourself. I hope you know how much you meant to all of us who shared this life with you. I will never have anyone in my life that fills the void you left behind. Love you, always.
Posted by Nilda Da La Torre on 20th February 2014
Shannon was such a delightful person. I miss her smiling face.
Posted by Leona Garrett on 20th February 2014
We so much enjoyed all the time we spent with Shannon, she was a great person. Just wish we could have been closer with her. We miss her very much but God had different plans for her.
Posted by Ramona Greek on 19th February 2014
Shannon was a blessing to be around. I especially enjoyed her infectious humor. She left wonderful memories when she came to my home. We miss her, and look to that moment when we will reunite with those we love when Jesus returns again!
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 19th February 2014
I remember when she was a little girl and I was holding her next to me heart to heart.I remember joyful laugh it made you happy all over. She was such a gentle soul and gave of her self so freely. My little girl made my life so complete!! There is such a big hole in my heart left by her. I loved her more than she knew,
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 19th February 2014
Today would have been your 43rd birthday baby girl., how much you are missed. We had gravy and biscuits in honor of you, I remember how you loved it. Your brother said he and his family had chicken and dumplings and he actually liked them. We miss you so very much. See you soon in Heaven. Love Mom and Dad
Posted by Nancy Parker on 19th February 2014
Miss you baby girl.
Posted by Duane Shockey on 18th October 2013
I think back to 1971 easily. And I think of the photo I had of you at the doorstep at the Ramona house in 1973. I believe I gave that photo to you a couple years ago. Your smile as a 2 year old was much the same of the one you showed me in early 2013 when I saw you at your Mom & Dads in early 2013. I wish that you and your family were still living in San Diego and not so far as Hemet.
Posted by Linda Parker on 15th October 2013
Dear Shannon, Though we didn't see each other much as adults, you and your family were a big part of my childhood and my memories of growing up. I remember you as sensitive and giggly; loving and a good friend. Can't believe you are gone so soon. Love, Linda
Posted by Bryan Gunter on 14th October 2013
We remember Shannon as a baby, at family Christmases--she grew up to be a beautiful and resourseful woman, a great mother, a wonderful daughter. We grieve for a life cut short but admire all she accomplished in the time given to her.
Posted by Nancy Parker on 14th October 2013
We will miss your sweet smile and happy giggles. You are missed and forever in our thoughts and prayers. Know you were loved.
Posted by Nilda Da La Torre on 14th October 2013
Every time I saw Shannon she was always so cheery, smiley, and energetic. It was infectious. I was blessed by that.
Posted by Paul And Cathy Egly on 13th October 2013
Our beautiful daughter Shannon Egly, shown on your right with her friend Kim Winkler ,San Pasqual Academy. This pic. was taken while she was only in eight grade. Kim had come home to spend the week-end with Shannon. Our lord and Savior Laid Shannon to rest September 21st 2013. Shannon was 42 yrs old. We look forward to seeing Shannon in heaven.

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