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Late nights.

Shared by Kyle Everts on July 9, 2021
I am feeling a lil down tonight, but making Mason fall asleep was a cheer up. Remembering times where I used to hum on hours to get him to sleep. Times in the middle of the night, when you used to wake me up cause I am heavy sleeper, saying “Kyle it’s your turn”. We tried keeping synchronised humming so that he gets used to our voice and tones, baby articles were right after all. I still hum the same tune and I guess he gets the humming tune from you too, when he tries to hum himself to sleep. You truly the best mother, I would always replicate everything you do. I remember specifically the day, Mason was with me alone, still very young, damn I was nervous, felt unprepared, we survived the very first 2-3 hours. I remember him crying once, didn’t stop till I video called and spoke to you, while walking up and down the stairs while you were on your way from work. Tonight, watching him fall asleep these memories make me smile knowing you always going to be humming with us forever ♥️. I miss you so much. 

So many stories

Shared by Leighton Marero on July 1, 2021
So Shanté and Marsha were basically the receivers of my kindness all the time at campus. Every morning I would sit in the corner of the computer class just busy downloading series and those two would come in "Hallo Leighton look here did you bring bread? Your bread is mos altyd the best." . You can probably guess they ate it. If it wasn't them it was others so rather them.

The times Shanté and Mr. Cridland would argue in accounting. That time they hustled us for festival movie. That time we walked to the bus but we walked past foodlovers and she told me I never buy her chips so I had to get chips. The time she helped me cheat on a test because she saw I was struggling . There are endless stories of the joy laughter and help that Shanté brought to all of us. Reading these all brought a lump to my throat but more importantly made me realise how blessed I am to have known such a wonderful person 

Meeting my cheerleader

Shared by Zanele Myeki on June 29, 2021
 Lol such an embarrassing story ! 
The first time we actually spoke was at Res(City Edge) well I was drunk she didn't know me she asked me "ohhhhh jy lyk baie dronk where's your room ?" I couldn't even answer her she somehow found out and she took me to my room and made sure I entered safe. From that day we were besties we always had sleepovers at res and her home in Wynberg took late night walks to buy snacks. I literally have thousands of stories about all the fun we had. She was amazing she was kind very kind she had a smile she welcomed everybody she didn't buy face and she liked sharing I thank God that I atlast knew her. I still cry to this day because she was like a diary to me my number one cheerleader she told me I am a dark beauty everytime indeed the heavens have gained a true angel. Continue to Rest Easy my Butterfly when you get a chance please come visit♥️ 

Volgens Rara

Deidre - Realness of Friendship

Shared by Kyle Everts on June 25, 2021
Ah, I have been thinking about a particular memory and waiting for one that stands out to drop in my spirit, but there are too many.

What I can say is my fondest memories has been each and every time that Shante has so lovingly welcomed me into her home and space with an abundant amount of compassion and love. As a friend she has always held mental space for me, with unwavering selflessness.

I will always be grateful for that because it has showed me from a young age what the realness of friendship feels like. 

Truly rare and beautiful she was.

- Deidre 

Michaela Rhoda - 2012

Shared by Kyle Everts on June 25, 2021
I have more than a handful as you can imagine all the years of friendship I was grateful to have with her.

One of my favorites were 12-12-2021, that is the day we thought the day we thought the world was going to end.

It was school holidays already so growing up I doubt we ever spent a day without each other because we were young and always wanted to catch on nonsense.

So that day we planned we going to to spend the whole day together so if the world day did in fact end at least we would be all together (Shante, Didi and I).

That whole day we were at my house in my room literally waiting for anything strange to happen like the ground shaking or a tsunami. To top it all off all of us were wearing shades and even had a little photoshoot as if that would matter lol, but of cause none of that happened which was a bit disappointing because we were mentally prepared ourselves for it!

We had our favorite gatsby (Vienna/Polony) with peri-peri powder and chilli sauce. Do not forget our sourfigs as dessert. 

Later on that day we built up some courage to take a 15-20 minute walk to the nearest park to get out of the room a bit. We had so much fun, just laughing, talking and playing.

Moral of the story: 
Growing up Shante was such an introvert. So shy or verskimmel like most people would say but such a pure personality that could attract almost anyone so it was really such a pleasure to se her change into a more extrovert character. Humour for days and also such a big beautiful heart.

- Michaela Rhoda

Marsha Breda - Campus

Shared by Kyle Everts on June 25, 2021
So my fondest memory with Shante would be when we'd go to the pool area on campus. It would be usually on a Friday and all of us would go (Shante, Pinky, Lulu, Jae and I). We would bunk or literally just go after class and play pool and it was so much fun. We would sit there and make jokes. Shante would talk to everyone and we would just laugh and stuff. The best times.

- Marsha Breda

Joshua Peters - "Moms"

Shared by Kyle Everts on June 25, 2021
If you think about it, we did alot in such a short space of time, so everytime we were together the three of us, Kyle, Shante (moms) and I, then Mason or the entire gang together, it would turn out to be a good memory.

I cannot really say my fondest memory because they were all good memories, however if I would highlight two this would be the two:

1.The day moms gave birth and the reason I say it a good one is because when Griffin and I went to see her and Mason, I sat on the bed and I held Mason, you know that tired look most people would have or they just look defeated after giving birth. She did not have that look at all, it was all smiles, a sense of calmness and confidence that she was going to be the best mom, she could be to Mason and that was heart warming and heart felt.

2.The weekend, Moms, Mason, Kyle and I chilled the all weekend together doing absolutely nothing but lay in bed, yes all of us in one bed, eating the weekend away and watched series. Will forever be grateful that she got us to watch Sex Education. When Season 3 comes out, I am sure she will be watching with us too. This gotta be my favourite! Always loved spending time with ya'll (Shante, Mason and Kyle) as a family.

- Joshua Peters.

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