Posted by wayne webster on November 19, 2022
Blessed 27th birthday Shante. Writing this message feels so unreal. Everyday you make me cry and laugh at the same time. Missing you is an understatement. I can hear you telling me you are almost 30. I love and miss you. See you now now.
Posted by Alison Napoleon-Webster on November 18, 2022
Happy Heavenly 27th Birthday Babygal. Not a single day goes by that you not being missed. I still wish to wake up from this dream. I'm jealous of the Angels celebrating with you, but we will ALWAYS celebrate you. Fly high darling. Love and miss you so very much
Posted by Zanele Myeki on December 12, 2021
Still think about you till this day. it's still so hard to accept my fav is gone hope you can see how much I still cry and miss you so much maybe then you'll visit. I miss you Webbie ur loud and always hungry fav

Posted by wayne webster on November 21, 2021
If i thought every day without you was difficult, this past week was the worse. Even though there is not a day that goes by that I do not shed a tear,but this week was just extra. Today at the family gathering you were missed. I looked at every face but the face i missed was yours. Each day is a battle trying to be strong but i know you would want me to keep on fighting and for you i will do it wholeheartedly. Its like Mason knows when i miss you. His hugs and kisses comes at the right moment when i need it. And i feel you in every hug and every kiss, especially when he say...Love you pa. I love you forever my beautiful angel in the sky.
Posted by Alison Napoleon-Webster on November 18, 2021
Happy Heavenly 26th Birthday my darling Angel. Each day without you is a journey on it's own. I miss you so so much and today's been a bit overwhelming, but I ponder on our beautiful memories. Keep watching over me. Love always #FOREVER24
Posted by Lumka mohapi on July 15, 2021
"Masambe Lulu Chomy"

One of my best memories with Shanté was when we first met back in 2015 she literally came to me and say "look here please text me every morning coz I'm permi late" thats when our friendship started. We use to fight over the smallest thing ever.
I love you forever My Nushie❤
Posted by wayne webster on July 1, 2021
Where do i even start. I am not suppose to write a tribute of my baby girl,because to me you are still somewhere far away on holiday. I am still trying to wake from this dream. Everyday is a struggle.Sometimes i feel like i'm drowning. i'ts a pain that can never be explained and that will never go away. It's a year later but still my heart cant bear the thought of not having you here. I have asked God many times to trade my life for yours but i guess thats not possible. A piece of my heart is gone forever. I will never be okay. I can only imagine the things you would have done to Mason. He is a character is just like you. When i see him its like you never left us. Yoooooor my heart Shante Webster!!! I miss you so much. See you now now. The words echoes in my head everyday...awe Wayne did you miss me. Don't stry I'm your favorite child. I love you forever. Your memory will never fade. You will always be present.
Posted by Shirmel Arendse on July 1, 2021
I have no words I will forever be grateful that I've met you❤️❤️❤️
My childhood holidays was always the best and exciting with you..

We met at the age of 8 and you were 9, really far related but I'm grateful we grew up together.. The things we did oh my, we baked butter biscuits with Milla, riding on your bicycle together singing, cutting our hair short, I remember I chipped my tooth also we use to dance & sing to Michael Jackson's "Man in the mirror" believing singing was our talent, we would spend every school holidays together, oh my
-There's so much more to tell........

We became teenagers and spoke less but our visits was vital. Our last visit was when I was 18 years old in kenwyn, also made more memories... your 21st followed..
You and Milla visited me at work in Kenilworth, we spent our lunch times together when you were working in Access Park, talking, laughing, mocking ... Not knowing it was the last I will ever see you again

The last we spoke, you had a baby I never even met him but that's all on me, I'm upset with myself for not visiting as often as I use too.. I'm upset for not being part of your life as I should've been.
omw this hurts so much
I will love you always, Until we meet again❤️❤️
Posted by Alison Napoleon-Webster on June 30, 2021
A year has passed and it sometimes still feels so unreal. We grief the person we lost, what many don't understand is, that is only part of it. We grief what we had and all we shared. We grief all the important things they missed and will miss. The birthdays the special holidays and everything we used to celebrate together. We grief the future we were supposed to have together. The list goes on and on. Grief is very complicated... I am still grieving, BUT I treasure our unforgettable memories. I miss our daily convos and how you kept me up to date with everything going on back home. When you started with "jirre Al" lol, then I knew this was gonna be a lekker story. I miss the spontaneous karaokes, dancings, movie days/nights and lazy days just chilling together. I remember a time we had a disagreement and you played (very loud from your room) "Grown woman by Beyonce" (I remember being young, tough, brave. I knew what I needed. I was spending all my nights and days laid back day dreaming. Look at me, I'm a big girl now... I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want..) Some hours later, you'd come out the room and say" Al maak a teatjie en so, hoe is jou hart dan?"(sorry this just can't be said in English) You had the most beautiful smile and your laughter was contagious. You had a zest for life. You loved, was the kindest soul and were loved by friends, family and strangers alike. You were always connecting to someone and made them feel as if they were home. You were even too kind to leave without saying a word. You could never leave us feeling like your departure was permanent. You will always be remembered, your memories kept alive and your legacy will be preserved. Thank you for blessing us with little Mason, our bundle of joy. He really has most of your character traits and always reminds me of yourself at this age. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk through my own garden by now.
Posted by Kyle Johnson on June 29, 2021
Thinking of you

You know, one day I jumped over your wall at your Kenwyn home. You were chilling on the couch with a remote in your hand watching a series

Jy bewaar my by die venster. (not knowing it's me. Thought it's a burglar) You jumped so high.. n pakkie chips En die remote fly! Kan jy vi my stil gekryit!???

Your reply: "Kyle you bladdy suspect!!!"

I think I was the only wall jumper at your place...
Yor. The late nights we sat up....just talking. Then your mom spat to sleep already. You always laughed at my korky jokes.. I really love and miss you Shante'

Rest in perfect PEACE my China. ✌️❤️
Posted by Natasha Micheals on June 28, 2021
Ooh Cuz you are so dearly missed words can describe how I'm feeling and everyday I'm looking at your pictures and say to myself " I still can't believe you not here with us " eventhough I dont wanna say this but I believe you in a much better place with Annor and Mamma will always be missed you have the cutest little adorable son ❤love you always cuz...
Posted by Faatimah Samodien on June 28, 2021
It was such a joy and pleasure knowing you. You always made everyday seem not soo bad even on the worst days. You had the most warm smile❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Ashlena Thomas on June 26, 2021
I can't believe it's been a year, i still think about the last time I talked to you and it makes me smile everytime. You're jokes was the best always finding something funny in everything and making me laugh out loud. Your big heart, infectious love and laughter is what I remember the most, and the kindness you had towards others❤. You are missed so very much and your memory will always live on forever Shante'❤

Alison, Wayne, Mason ,your siblings, Kyle, your grandparents and the rest of your loved ones are all in my prayers! May God shower you with much love.

Much much Love, Ashlena and family.
Posted by Shanaaz Mitchell on June 26, 2021
A beautiful soul. Loved by so many people. a loss to so many of her loved ones. You have left your mark on so many hearts a blessing to many. May the ones you left behind be comforted with their precious moments n memories of you
Posted by Natasha Dial on June 26, 2021
You have touched countless lives in your short lifetime Shante.

My heart goes out to parents Alison&Wayne, darling son Mason, grandparents,  siblings , rest of family and friends. Each day for 365 days, you have marked your loss with a memory .
This day is important and how you feel on it is important too.

We are praying that your faith will continue to help you through this very difficult time.

Much love and prayers from the Dialfam
Posted by Kyle Everts on June 11, 2021
Your life was a blessing, your memories a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Forever in our hearts.

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