Let the memory of Shanti be with us forever
  • 11 years old
  • Born on October 5, 2002 .
  • Passed away on January 12, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Shanti Lanza 11 years old , born on October 5, 2002 and passed away on January 12, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Anita DeYoung on 12th January 2018
Shanti you are so loved and miss you so much. You are still remembered and cherished. Give my grand baby a kiss for me and hug David. Keep my spot for me and I will see you when I get up there.
Posted by William McIntyre on 5th October 2017
Happy Birthday to another angel...Please do not forget her.
Posted by Katie Strong on 5th October 2016
Happy 14th Birthday Shanti! Although you aren't with us to celebrate, I know you're celebrating and letting the whole world know that today is YOUR day! I hear you roar all the time, precious! Keep on singing sweetie because we're all singing along with you. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Nija Love on 7th March 2016
i miss you so much .
Posted by Donna Williams on 12th January 2016
Shanti Me and the kids miss you so much the world just isn't the same with out your smile
Posted by Vince Lanza on 12th January 2016
even tho its been 2 yrs, i still miss you just as much as the day you left....MMFL
Posted by William McIntyre on 20th November 2015
I passed by your school today while I was at work. I thought about you. I hope that if your friends see this they will think of you and remember how much they love and miss you...
Posted by Anita DeYoung on 5th October 2015
Happy Birthday baby I love and miss you. I know one day we will be together again and laugh and sing like we use to. Until then honey keep singing with the angels and looking down on us. RIP baby girl. Love always and forever Aunt Anita
Posted by Anita DeYoung on 6th October 2014
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Baby. I'm a little late but just got internet. I thought about you all day and I know you heard me at the concert. I acted like a fool like we use to do. God that was suppose to be the concert I took you to. I told you the next time I won tickets. It would have been on your birthday too. I hope you know how loved and missed you are. You are always loved always remembered and never forgotten. RIP Pretty Little Angel
Posted by Katie Strong on 5th October 2014
Good morning Miss Shanti. Happy Birthday girl. Thank you for the beautiful sunrise this morning to celebrate your birthday. Have a giant celebration and let us hear you roar, okay? Happy birthday girl. Sleep well.
Posted by Kelsey Analyse on 9th August 2014
hey Ashanti we all miss you and we still wish you were here but god has a special place for you.I remember when you said to me be strong.we all miss you.love you shanti
Posted by Alexia Lanza on 6th July 2014
Dear shanti, I am truly sorry for the mean things I've done and said I wish I could take them back but you didn't let me hurt u U said you were far to gorgeous to be took away by jealousy And you still make me breathless and look at you every body smiles and shoot to the stars when they look at u not to mention your seat and stage at the grammy's is waiting for you as an angel to take ur spot light with your style and music as a matter a fact your helping me stay strong wit my music group and your taking up as our leader
Posted by Kyky Daniels on 21st January 2014
Shanti was a beautiful young bright young lady I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the memorial I wish I would've gone though I miss sofa ti so much prayers to the fam
Posted by William McIntyre on 18th January 2014
You have left a world that was never meant for one as beautiful as you... I don't know about Heaven or hell but I know there is a place where beautiful souls go. You are there...
Posted by Dontae Causey on 17th January 2014
dear. friend and family of shanti i want tell yal i so sorry to hear about you guys lost i want let you guys know that we are praying for your family you .
Posted by Kanysha Depriest on 17th January 2014
Dear Shanti , i never new you untill jayah and adreyanna told me about you i was like i think i remember seeing that little girl , in pricehill with some people and i was like that little girl is pretty and i would never think in 1 million years would think you would die in 2014 . its kinda crazy that this is true but i is ! #LEt The Faith Be With You R.I.P SHANTI <3 Youu Wil bee missed babygirl
Posted by Katie Strong on 16th January 2014
Hi Shanti, Remember me? It's Katie. Do you remember when I came down with Anita, Shawn, Josh, Sam, and Damian to hangout? Sam, Josh, you, your brother and your friends all played in my big red blazer. You were all playing cops and robbers. You were all running around and pretending to drive my car and laughing.. Some of you were on the roof of my car. Some "locked up" in the back of my car. I remember when it was your turn to play the cop. Girl you played one hell of a sassy cop! You weren't taking no for an answer! I remember later that day after we stopped playing in my car I heard you and your friends in the basement. You were singing your heart out with no regrets, and it was beautiful. You sing like a pro! You're ganna make it one day, you know. You're ganna be a star! I remember the first day I met you. Do you remember that? I walked through the door and set my purse down and was just standing there, unsure of what to do. You came high-tailing it around the corner and you stopped. You looked up at me and said so blankly "Who are you?" I said "My names Katie! I'm Damian's friend." you looked at me and said "Are you his girlfriend?" I laughed and said no that we were just friends from school and you said "oh" and ran off outside to play. It was the cutest thing. You know, I keep hearing everyone say their goodbyes to you. I'm not sure why!! I can still hear you singing, which means you're still here with us! And I can still see you smiling so vividly in my head. I can still see you with your hand on your hip smiling because you were happy you caught the bad guy in your game of cops and robbers. You're not gone. No. You're still here. And we can all feel it. Keep singing, girl! We're all singing along with you.
Posted by Alexis Johnson on 14th January 2014
rip baby girl we all love u and u will be missed <3
Posted by Bridget Smith on 14th January 2014
May peace be with you.
Posted by Mandi Bain-Brautigan on 14th January 2014
I will always miss the great big smile that would great me at your door! You will be truely missed Shanti but never forgotten!! My prayers and love go out to Kristy and her family, I love you guys and am here for you no matter what you need!
Posted by Courtney Perrin on 14th January 2014
good morning baby girl we all love you and miss you you was to young to die your gone but never forgotten ball in paradise shanti's world
Posted by Julie Galbraith on 14th January 2014
Bless your beautiful, little heart!! May you shine in heaven!! My prayers go out to your mother, family and friends!!
Posted by Chereana Adkins on 13th January 2014
" ANGEL IN THE SKY " Every day and every night, When you feel the need to hold me tight, Just blow a kiss into the sky, For I will be that close by, In the heavens throughout the day, I watch over you and hear you pray. I see you smile and shed a tear,for you know that I'm still near. I'm the angel of your eye, YOUR ANGEL IN THE SKY
Posted by Anita DeYoung on 13th January 2014
I love you Shanti and will always remember the way you would shake your head around when you were talking smack to someone then when I look at you, you would smile so big and enough to say I wasn't doing that. lol I miss you lil buddy. You were such a great singer, dancer, such a great person. My heart will always ache for you. We will all miss you and will never forget you. RIP Shanti.
Posted by Daonna Ronnebaum on 13th January 2014
Man 11 Years Old . Shanti You Are A Pretty Lil Girl Man Its Crazy That U Couldn't Even Sit In Your House Without Someone Acting Crazy , Mann I Didn't Know You But You Seemed To Have Things Going For Yourself Ina Future . Shanti You Know You Will Live In Paradise Now That Your Gone , EveryOne Will Miss You . Baby Girl You Are A Guardian Angel Now . IWill Pray For You Mom & Family . I Hate Saying This But Man R.I.P Shanti . <3 #BALL IN PARADISE BABYGIRL :'(
Posted by Mariah Glenn on 13th January 2014
Hey Baby Girl , Words Cannot Express How I Feel. You've Changed SOO Many Lives With That Beautiful, Bright Smile Of Yours . I Am So Heartbroken That You Were Only Able To Be With Us For 11 Yrs. It Just Wasn't Enough.. I Love You With ALL Of My Heart . Keep Smiling Down On Us Baby Girl . <3
Posted by Jalyn Ronnebaum on 13th January 2014
Rest Easy PRETTY GIRL !!! <3
Posted by Quiana Lanza on 13th January 2014
I can't even put into words how I feel, you are a beautiful young lady that was taken way too soon...I am so blessed to have spent the last 9 years as your Aunt, and getting to watch you turn out to be a beautiful reflection of pure love. I will always carry you with me and so will everyone else that was touched by your beautiful smile..I will always cherish the times we had and I promise you Shanti you will never be forgotten. I love you lil lady..Rest in Paradise
Posted by Nichole Perkins on 13th January 2014
My beautiful angel Shanti. You are going to be missed by so many. It was a honor to know you. I hope the journey to heaven was peaceful and your resting well. Kristy, my best friend I've known since 10 yrs old. I can not express enough my sympathies. Please know I am here for you anytime. Love Nichole

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